15 Beat Making Apps to Make Your Own Beats

Making music is an art that has become an interest for many individuals in today’s time. In the past, people often had to make various instruments to come up with something good. But with the technological advancements in today’s time, people don’t have to worry about that. Several apps have eased the overall process of music-making. In this article, we will discuss the best beat-making apps for music enthusiasts.

1. Beat snap – make beats & music

beat making apps

This is a great app for making music for a whole song. It is quite easy to use and can be freely downloaded too. It allows fixing beat, dram, and also the music for almost 30 times. It has a step sequencer for bringing out the best of your creative self while making music. There are over 200 instruments and 500 different sounds to use from.

Apart from these features, there’s a 16 responsive pad with 2 grids. There is also a loop sequence and metronome available in this app.

Download (Android|iOS)

 2. Tunable

This app allows aspiring musicians to make their music with some amazing visual toolkits. It is an innovative model and makes the whole music-making experience a lot more creative and interesting. It supports several instruments to make the music better.

The codes can be easily played with the code and tone generator. It has a superb audio recording system and also horizontal & vertical turning displays. There are almost 18 tuning temperaments and it is quite large and colorful.

Download (Android|iOS)

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3. MixPads – Drum pad & DJ Audio Mixer

Cool beat making apps

This app has the option to compose various remixes and music grooves. DJs can get started with this app. Along with original music loops, there are more than 30 drum pads. The user can also record their voice and mix it with different audio tracks.

There is also a reverse effect so that you can reverse your music as many times as you want. There is a finger drumming option too available here for creating rhythm as it gives you a great music-making feel.

Download (Android|iOS)

4. uFX loops Music Studio

best music making app for Android

This app is a mini music studio for music lovers. The only thing it is missing is a huge equipment room, other than that there is every type of instrument you would need for creating music.

This app provides over 200 projects and 3000 samples of instrumental sounds, all free of cost. The volume can be mixed into four layers. With its pitch shifting process, you can turn to several different modes.

Download (Android)

5. n-Track Studio DAW 9

beat making apps for iphone

This app has some audio sounds and songs that the users can use and manage with a MIDI tracker. It is free of cost to be downloaded and used. One can easily enjoy the 2 effects of every track with this app.

There is a 64-beat audio engine available. This app also supports multichannel USB and has a step sequencing system too.

Download (Android|iOS)

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6. Hip-hop producer pads

beat making apps

This is a great app for all party enthusiasts. It allows users to compose hip-hop music and remix sounds. There is a dram machine that helps in controlling the beat and tones for free. One can also make various loops to arrange the music.

There are a metronome and many samples and one-shots available here. It has made producing music and sharing with your close ones quite easy.

Download (Android|iOS)

7. Song Memo

For those who like making music daily and keeping a proper record of it, this will prove to be a great app for them. It is free of cost app and has many features that you can use. There is a multi-track audio recorder that helps in recording tracks and keeping your notes in one place.

It is quite easy to input music on its list. Also, recording songs as you go and adding lyrics to them has never been as easy as this app has made it for its users. It also provides external media storage support.

Download (Android|iOS)

8. Music maker JAM

beat making app for Android

This app is for people who are into r&b, hip-hop, and beat-based music. It has ready to use sound loops, beats, and studio-quality audio samples that can be easily accessed when you need them. Its user interface is quite easy to use and understand.

This app helps you connect with a huge number of music enthusiasts. You can easily get regular updates and new ideas for improving your music. Some studio-grade loops and beats help in better mixing overall.

Download (Android|iOS)

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9. Soundtrap

This app has a great community of people with the same musical interests as you. For the ones who like collaborating with people, you will be able to find great support here with ease. This is easy to use, has professional-grade tools and advanced sharing function too.

There are several quality loops and ready-made samples that assist you in making music. It supports several operating systems, so connecting with your devices is easy. Also, you can easily save your work in the cloud.

Download (Android|iOS)

10. RD4 Groovebox

beat making app for Android & iOS

This app provides its users with an amazing music-making experience with its drum machines and synthesizers. Its UI is quite user-friendly and gives you easy access to record vocals, notes, or anything else that you might need for your creative music-making.

This app also supports multi-touch options that help in producing loops, sound effects, and virtual musical instruments. It has a quad-channel rack mixer with volume control that has a level meter. Live session recording has been made easy with it.

Download (Android|iOS)

11. SongSpace

This app provides a compact system interface and is ideal for quick note-taking, recording vocals, saving lyrics, and sharing. This app also provides a great platform for connecting with collaborators and working together with ease.

The users can easily work both in online and offline mode in this app. It provides advanced sharing options too. You won’t have to worry about the privacy of your data as it ensures its security in its cloud storage facility.

Download (Android|iOS)

12. FL Studio mobile

This app acts as a pocket studio as there is everything in this that you will ever need. It is suitable for all operating systems so you can easily download it wherever you feel comfortable. It has all major instruments and allows taking notes too.

This app has the industry’s best synthesizers, samplers, and many functional sound loops too. MIDI files can be used with ease, whether you want them for input or output. Its built-in mixer helps in controlling volume, solo, effects, and pitches.

Download (Android|iOS)

13. BandLab

This music-making app is more than an app, it’s a mini music studio and social network wherein you can connect with your friends and make music together or do a solo. It has a variety of master grade tolls and functions that the user can make the best use of.

With its fully functional 12 track mixing editor and more than 100 guitars, bass, and presets for vocal integration, the user will be able to create the best possible music and also share with their friends. It is a great way to start your band.

Download (Android|iOS)

14. Groovepad – Music and beatmaker

As the name suggests, this app helps in adding the best beats to music and that is why it is quite famous among DJs and remix makers. It also allows producing one’s own music and mixtape with ease.

There are several FX effects like filter, flanger, delay, reverb for the users. They can also share what they create with their friends and get their support. Also, the sounds are separated by their genres, so it has eased making music.

Download (Android|iOS)

15. Drum Pad Machine

This app allows making unlimited music and melodies with the help of different beats, loops, and instrumental sounds. There are many samples and their compositions available in this app that the users can use.

The launchpad can be easily used with its finger drumming option. The music created can be easily shared with friends too. Also, if you want, you can change tempo and make your music via the beatbox recorder.

 Download (Android|iOS)


These were a few of the best music-making apps for the rising music makers. They can simply start creating at the comfort of their homes, without having to purchase several pieces of equipment for the same. So, download the one that suits your needs the best and get started!

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