How To Mass Unfollow on Instagram? 15 Mass Unfollow Apps

Instagram is a popular social media app that has eased the way people find sponsors and build their businesses. It has made it easy to reach potential customers and also interact with them on a first-hand basis. However, for the sponsors to notice your profile, you need to first create an attractive and meaningful profile i.e., need to have quality content and enough followers.

One of the most preferred ways to gain followers is by following people back. But research says that is one thing aspiring content creators and other business houses should avoid. This looks to the brands/sponsors as if your only goal is to have enough followers instead of creating something worthwhile.

So, to ensure that your profile grows naturally on Instagram, there are several unfollow apps that a person can use to maintain a proper follower to following ratio, without compromising on the quality of your profile.

1. AiGrow – the best follower service in 2020

Unfollow Apps for Instagram

This app offers an all-in-one Instagram marketing service to its users according to their needs. It provides a professional Instagram scheduler, all-in-one bio-link tool, automated DM, DM to email, and also engagement pods.

Apart from this, it has a pro package that is operated by an account manager for everything. It makes use of an AI-powered algorithm to help in generating a potential list of followers to your page, with whom the account manager will interact manually. You can be in touch with your account manager and ask them to makes the changes accordingly. Its price differs for the different services it provides.

Download (iOS | Android)

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2. Mass Unfollow for Instagram

Mass Unfollow for Instagram

Following many accounts manually can be a bit tiresome. This app has made it easy for the users to mass follow as well as unfollow accounts. It also allows the user to keep a track of ghost followers. It also allows the users to block and unblock accounts, delete and unlike posts, all in bulk that reduces the overall manual job.

However, it is only available in English and is for iOS users. It is free until you want to use the unfollow option unlimited in a single day. Then you will have to pay for it.

Download (iOS)

3. Unfollow for Instagram

Unfollow for Instagram

You can’t always track who is unfollowing you but you do notice the decrease in your list of followers. To sit and search it all manually is both times taking and exhausting. But worry not. With this unfollow for the Instagram app, you can easily unfollow the users who don’t follow you back. You don’t have to search it all on your own this app will provide you the right insights for it.

This app is available for iOS users only and isn’t highly-priced for availing its premium features.

Download (iOS)

4. Follow cop

Instagram is all about gaining enough followers and reaching to your potential customers for increasing your visibility on social media. This is the way influencers have brands and other sponsors notice them. This app helps a great deal in achieving that. Apart from tracking the follow-unfollow activity on your profile, this app organizes your profile well enough to get noticed for a global shoutout.

This app is for android users only and is free of cost. However, sometimes it also leads to getting fake followers, so beware of that.

Download (Android)

5. Unfollow for Instagram – non followers and fans

5 1

This app is a great option for tracking the follow and unfollows of your account. Every time someone does that, you get a notification and you can decide whether you want to follow or unfollow someone.

However, the unfollows are limited to up to 200 per hour. Also, the user can unfollow only one person with one tap. It requires a bit of manual work.

Download (Android)

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6. IG Master followers analyzer

Instagram Unfollow Apps for iPhone

This app is for iOS users and helps them keep a track of their regular followers, people who check out their profile but don’t follow them, and also the ones who unfollow them. You can easily discover your best followers and interact with them. This gives a personal touch and makes your followers want to stay more loyal to you.

It is available for iOS users only and is not free of cost. After a week’s trial period, the users will be auto-charged.

Download (iOS)

7. Followers insight

Unfollow Apps for Instagram

This app provides you with great insights about your profile and its followers that help in improving the quality of your profile. These insights include the followers insight, multiple Instagram account monitoring, all media-related analytics and will also tell you the best time for posting on Instagram.

However, this app has been deemed as a bit slow as compared to its competitors and is only available for android users.

Download (iOS | Android)

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8. Unfollowers and followers analytics for Instagram

Instagram Unfollow Apps for iOS

This app alerts its users about the follow and unfollow activity happening in their profile. It is a good app for finding and clearing out all ghost Instagram followers. It also provides proper analytics for Instagram posts, which you can use to your advantage.

This app needs to be download from the website as it’s not available on the google play store anymore. It is only available for android users.

Download (Android)

9. Followers tool for Instagram

Instagram Unfollow Apps for Android

This app allows you to mass follow and unfollow from the app itself. It provides insights about followers’ activity on your posts and profile, which you can use to make your content better and more interactive. It keeps a record of the blocks and unblocks as well.

This app is available only for android users, however, not on the google play store.

Download (Android)

10. Unfollowers and ghost followers

Instagram Unfollow Apps for iOS

This app uses a dashboard to relay all follower related information to you. Be it the followers, unfollowers, ghost followers, or mutual followers, you will get to know all insights about them in detail in this app.

It is for android users only and is a bit of time taking.

Download (Android)

11. Followers Track for Instagram

This app provides useful insights about all the activities and its followers in the profiles such as the follows, unfollowers, and also loyal followers who interact in your every post religiously. It supports various languages, so that isn’t a barrier here. It provides proper analytics for your posts on Instagram too.

It is not available for the desktop version and also needs to be downloaded on phone. This app is basically for tracking activity and doesn’t help in really gaining any followers.

Download (iOS)

12. Ghost unfollowers for Instagram and fake IG clean

This is a great app for unfollowing your ghost followers and cleaning them out to keep only genuine followers in your account. It allows you to track who is following/unfollowing you so that you can mass unfollow people when needed. The only issue is that there is no filter for unfollowing people, it is several people at once.

This app provides proper post and profile statistics which helps in increasing productive activities in the profile. The features are mostly free but only available for iOS users.

Download (iOS)

13. IG analyzer

This app provides real-time information about the activities on your profile. It helps you in tracking your followers, both loyal and ghost. It also allows you to mass unfollow accounts that are not fruitful in any way. It helps you to filter out inactive accounts.

It is available only for iOS users and takes quite a bit of space. While few features are available for free, its premium version needs you to pay but it isn’t that big an amount.

Download (iOS)

14. Follow meter for Instagram

This app is good for tracking new followers and unfollowers. It also provides great insight into the likes and comments in total and also your most viewed post. However, it is not completely free of cost and its good features can be accessed post subscription. Also, it is for iOS users only and has to be downloaded and installed on the device.

Download (iOS)

15. Crowdfire

This is a useful app for users who want to manage their social media accounts well. It allows you, team members, to work within the management of your account and is free up to one account. You can also schedule your posts with this app and it sends you daily reminders regarding your different goals for your Instagram profile.

Its free trial doesn’t cover every feature provided by this app, so users will have to upgrade it a bit but it isn’t too costly.

Download (iOS | Android)


Social media accounts need to be well managed and looked after if you want sponsors to notice you. The presentation matters a great deal to them as that is the content that you are selling to your followers. You can use one of these apps that suit your needs the most to take care of it and make the best of your account.

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