10 Best Apps to Animate Photos on Android

Ever since smartphones have become common, the craze of clicking the best pictures for social media has increased. No matter where people go and what they do, they want to click pictures for the sake of memories and posting them on their social networks too.

While pictures were taken earlier too, now with the introduction of quality editing tools, everyone wants their photos to look different from the rest. This has given rise to animating still images to post on Instagram. These animations give pictures a different look and also adds an aesthetic look to your feed. In this article, we’ll discuss the 10 best apps you can use to animate photos on your android device:

1. Pixaloop

Best Apps To Animate Photos On Android 1

If you go by ratings, this app is one of the top-rated photo editing apps on the google play store and for the right reasons too. You can easily animate, edit and even freeze few parts of the image you are editing. It also allows you to add beautiful filters available in the app to add something extra to your pictures. It is easy to use and understand, hence quite popular among users.

Download (Android)

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2. ImgPlay

Best Apps To Animate Photos On Android 2

GIFs are rather trending at the moment and we all love sending them back and forth. So, if you want to create one of your photos and videos, this is the best app for you. It is easy to understand and use and has amazing features too. The only con of this app is that its watermark will be visible on your GIFs until you have purchased the premium version of the app.

Download (Android)

3. Movepic

If you want to create live photos, wallpapers, and GIFs with animated effects, movepic is the app for you. As the name suggests, it animates anything into alight motion photos. You can easily adjust the speed of the photo loop animation manually. However, the app’s watermark will be visible until you upgrade it to the full version.


4. StoryZ Photo Motion

Best Apps To Animate Photos On Android 4

With this app, your pictures will move and come to life. It is one of the best photo animators available in the play store. Though this app is advanced, it has several amazing features that make it stand out. This app uses programmed paths of movement, overlays, and color filters.

You can even add music as this is a photo video maker for your social media network.


5. PixaMotion Loop

Best Apps To Animate Photos On Android 5

This is another popular app that people use to create live wallpapers, background pictures, etc., that can be used on android phones. It also has a video maker that helps in making short videos, if that’s your thing. There are several overlays, geometric effects, and other things that make this app worth using. This is a great app for making eye-catching and stunning animations of pictures.


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6. Zoetropic

For those who like showing their pictures as if edited by a professional, this app is for you. It has several 3D effect tools and camera FX that’ll add special effects to your photos and make them look surreal. For animating your pictures, all you need to do is to set the motion points, while masking the area you want to keep still. You can also customize these motion points with different overlays, effects, and audios.



Best Apps To Animate Photos On Android 7

This app has won several awards owing to its animation skills. It can easily turn your beautiful still pictures into moving images. There are several effects, filters, presets, overlays, etc., that you can add to your picture to make it more beautiful. If you are someone who likes telling stories with their pictures, this app might be the right one for you.


8. Lumyer

This one is both a video as well as a photo editor application that allows its users to add several effects to make their pictures look stunning. For animating your pictures, you just need to take a picture from your gallery and add animation effects to it available in the app. If you want, you can also turn it into a GIF or a video. The effects are free of cost and look beautiful when applied to pictures. They make it more stunning and gives it a unique look.


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9. PixAnimator

Best Apps To Animate Photos On Android 9

PixAnimator is the right app for turning your pictures into video loops. You can either choose pictures from your gallery or any social media you are using and animate them with ease. New loops are added to this app every day so that your pictures get the desired new effects. You can also write messages on your photos or videos, if you want to.


10. Photo Animator & Loop Animation Editor

Best Apps To Animate Photos On Android 10

While this is quite a new app, people still love it for its different effects and animation it provides. There are several overlays, motion effects, and other tools that you can use to make your image picture-perfect. There are multi-direction pointers to help you transform your image. Also, you can select the areas you wish to keep still while editing the picture.



These were a few of the most popular and effective photo animator apps available on the google play store. Now, you can easily animate your picture on your android device and use it either on social media or just as a background on your phone.

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