8 Best Infrared Camera Apps for Android & iOS

Thermal infrared cameras are an important invention. They help people interpret thermal heat into an image, which allows a person to see objects or a person. It is used in several industries for different purposes. Since it uses advanced technology, it is quite costly too and not everyone can afford it.

But if you are interested in having the effect of infrared cameras without purchasing one, you have come to the right place. In this article, we have prepared a list of the best thermal camera app for iPhone and Android users.

1. Thermal Camera FX: HD Effects Simulation/Prank

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This tops this list as it’s undoubtedly one of the best thermal camera app available. There are several effects available that you can use on photos/videos from your gallery. You can also apply the effects while recording a video and change it if you want to.

It has been tested and worked successfully on several devices. The images can be easily saved and it works with the front camera, camera flash, etc. You can also record videos in different resolutions ranging from low to HD.

Download (Android|iOS)

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2. Seek thermal

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This has been featured in many press articles and also touted as the best product of the year by popular science and this old house. It gives users a visual treat in terms of experiencing and visualizing thermal energy anywhere and everywhere.

This app allows you to turn your phone into predator vision with ease. The details that are visible due to the effects make the images seem too real. There are several viewing modes, color palettes, effects, tools, etc available that you can use.

Download (Android|iOS)

3. Thermal scanner camera VR

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This app has made it easy for the users to apply the color gradient to the videos/images you record/take in your camera, depending upon its intensity. You can easily view everything in the thermal filter effect. You can also change the appearance of the colors by using the built-in wheel.

The color palettes in this app include thermal, mono, heat map, fire & ice, iron man, etc., so that you have many options to choose from.

Download (Android)

4. Thermal Camera Photo Filter Simulator

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This is another amazing thermal camera filter simulator for android users. It processes the video streaming in real-time and generates a view that looks like a visual from a hardware thermal camera. This app makes use of a technology algorithm for pixel luminance detection for color gradient mapping.

There are three different gradient map color schemes, a live thermal power amplifier, and several other tools that you can use for doing pranks with your friends.

Download (Android)

5. Predator thermal camera

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This application gives an amazing infrared thermal vision effect. You can either directly apply the effect while taking the picture or after you have taken the picture. The graphics are detailed and smooth, which makes the picture look real.

There is an image viewer too, in which you can edit, delete or share the pictures in which you have applied these effects.

Download (Android)

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6. Thermal viewer

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This application has several functions that make it an app worth having on your phone. These include adjustable thermal imager real-time picture zoom, image brightness, image contrast, image enhancement, etc.

You can easily apply the images on real-time images/videos or the stored picture in your phone’s gallery. In addition to this, it also allows you to adjust the thermal imager automatic sleep and shutdown time.

Download (Android)

7. Thermal Camera VR Simulated /Prank

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If you wish to explore your world in virtual reality with thermal effects, this is the app for you. It makes use of tonal mapping to stimulate an infrared spectrum. It is quite easy to use. Just start the application, select the effect of your choice and then go to VR mode.

This app also supports autofocus, camera glass, multiple thermal camera profiles, real-time effects for the video, and several other things.

Download (Android)

8. Thermal camera effect

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Thermal effects look pretty cool and that’s why people love applying them to their pictures. This app has made it easy for them to do so. Be it your selfies, group pictures, or a video, you can easily apply thermal effects with this app.

There are few other things that this app allows such as changes thermal heat as per your style, switches the camera even when you are recording, shoots vertically as well as horizontally, and lets you share these pictures.

Download (Android)


These were a few of the best thermal infrared camera apps available for smartphone users. They get you the best thermal vision without actually owning a legit thermal camera. However, keep in mind these only give the thermal effect and aren’t real thermal cameras. Download the app and have fun with your friends.

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