10 Spy Camera Detector Apps To Detect Hidden Camera’s

There are always instances in one’s life where no matter what the occasion, there is a fear of spying eyes. A fear of cameras hidden and watching your every move. It is natural; anybody would be anxious of unknowingly being watched by strangers, especially in a hotel or a changing room at the mall. But, once again per the norm, technology has got your back! We now have apps that are able to detect such hidden cameras anywhere, and these work on both Android and iOS! So today, we have got a list of such apps to help ease your anxiety.

Top 10 Spy Camera Detector Apps


Hidden IR Camera Detector

This app, available for Android devices, works by detecting infrared emissions from the camera that cannot be seen by the naked eyes. All you need to do is open the app and move the phone across the room and see through the specialized camera filter to detect any unusual magnetic activity. Such an activity could be caused by hidden cameras. In case such cameras are present in the room, they show up as bright white spots. This app also doubles up as a way to detect if your IR remote is working as well using the same method. Just point it at the remote and check if you see the white light!

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Spy Hidden Camera Detector

This iOS app ensures the user’s safety in more ways than one. The user can detect hidden cameras either in manual or automatic modes. The user has to point this app at the suspicious device. The app then turns the camera flash on and off multiple times in an effort to catch a lens reflection. If the app detects a reflection, then a hidden camera is present. Further, the app also has an EMF scanner built into it which allows it to detect magnetic fields present in such hidden devices. It is also capable of scanning for devices emitting Bluetooth information.

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Hidden Camera Detector

This app made for the iOS platform this is aimed at identifying any hidden cameras that you need to be wary of. The app is extremely useful as it provides the user with real-time lens detection which means the app can identify the hidden cameras that even your eyes can miss. The app provides an all in one tool to find such hidden cameras on WiFi, Bluetooth or even local networks. The option of privacy sweeps lets you find devices on a network that are remotely accessible over the internet. This app is indeed a one-stop-shop.

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Detect+ Hidden Camera Detector

Similar to the app above, this app also lets you scan for hidden cameras in the room by simply moving the phone around with the app open. It detects magnetic activity in the room, and you can judge if this activity is legit or suspicious and act accordingly. Unfortunately, even this app is available only for Android devices.

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Hidden Camera Founder: Spy Device Detector

This app is different from others in what it offers the users. In fact, it is something that sets it apart from the rest. Using this app lets you see the distance between you and the hidden camera. It functions in a manner similar to the others where you sweep the room with the app active. Any cameras show up on the screen of your device and guarantee you safety from unwanted surveillance.

Detector Secret Camera – Hidden Camera Finder App

This is perhaps one of the best apps available for identifying hidden cameras. It gives the user the option to choose where he or she is currently located, like a bedroom, changing room or bathroom; this specifies to the app where it is looking. For the app to work, simply aim it at the suspicious object and get to know if it is a camera.

Hidden Camera Detector 2019

This app for Android is one of a kind. It lets the user of the app detect the various kinds of surveillance devices be it spy microphones, spy bugs, and hidden cameras. The spy-detection app comes with the choice of choosing how the user detects these devices. The user has the option to identify the devices either by the sensor, by meters or by graphs giving more data for the user to play with and understand.

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Real Hidden Cam Finder

This app is available only for Android users. It uses the magnetic sensor in your phone to detect any unwanted and hidden cameras or such other spy devices. Simply sweep the room with this app as it uses the magnetic sensor in the users’ phone to give the best results. Because of this, it is important to remember to have an accurate magnetic sensor as that would offer the best results.

Hidden Camera Founder 2019: Anti Spy Cam Detector

This spy detection app offers good reliability in aspects of detection. The detection in this app works in two ways: either by camera or by radiation. However, when using this app, the user needs to be mindful of the fact that the app’s effectiveness is limited by the presence of electrical equipment such as TVs, PCs and such. Such presence can cause disturbances in the working off the app and give you wrong output.

Best Hidden Camera Detector: Anti Spy Camera Finder

This app also works off on the magnetic sensor in your device. Launch the app and sweep the room with the device which lets the app identify any suspicious devices and brings it to your notice. The app also works on hidden microphones as well. In short, it is a trustworthy app to use when there is a lack of safety.

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