10 Musical Apps to Jam Online: Make Music Jam

Music has been a salvation to many. It brings us joy most of the time, other times it gives us company. Jamming to favorite songs releases stress and makes people happy. However, we might not have people with us to jam songs to every time. In that scenario, you can use several apps to jam online with different people, even musicians across the globe.

Listed below are the top-ranked apps that you can use when you wish to jam online:

1. JamKazam 

Musical Apps to Jam Online

For the music enthusiasts out there, this is one of the best online jamming apps. You can easily play live in real-time with several other band members. If you are only using its hardware, then it won’t cost you anything. However, you might have to pay for the add-ons. Also, it has a JamBlaster feature which allows a person to use the phone as an audio interface. Then, you can easily use this app with ultra-low latency and broadcast to YouTube.


2. JamLink 

jam apps

If you are an upcoming band and want something to practice with, this is the right app for you. All you need to do is purchase a special JamLink box and then connect it to have a session along with other band members. All the band members should have a jamlink box to even listen to the music created. However, this is a great solution to purchasing hardware.


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 3. Ninjam 

music jam apps

This is a bit different from apps as it is a multi-platform app for aspiring musicians to start jamming. They can easily set levels for the music they listen to and also while recording their tracks. It works on several public servers, which are near and also have forums. The users can also have a personalized ninjam server for their band members. However, for this, they need to have a creative commons share-alike license.


4. Jammr 


If you can’t find a place to jam together with your band members, you can do it over the internet with the help of this app. Not only can you practice with people you know but here you can also connect with other musicians from across the globe. The service is free of cost, for now, so you should give it a try and make the most of it.


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5. Jamulus 

usical Apps to Jam Online

If you loved ninjam, you will love this one too. The users/musicians need to have client software to use this one effectively. Then, all of them connect to a common server and jam together online. They can also host their servers if they wish to maintain the privacy of their band. This app also allows the users to label their instruments and adjust their levels so that there is no interruption during the jam.


6. Soundjack

Jam Music Online

In this app, you get a server-client and also a peer-to-peer connection. However, they work well if used within a LAN connection. There is no lag delay as the users can easily chat and communicate while jamming online. There are also several tutorials available on this website for newcomers in the music industry. They will help them set things up and manage them properly.


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7. JackTrip

jam apps

This is open-source software that has made it easy for musicians to collaborate and jam online. It reduces the audio latency and maintains the audio quality so that people enjoy jamming via this online. It also supports several channels be it computer or network for uncompressed audio signal streaming. It can be used between the different combinations of machines too i.e., one person using Linux and other mac OS, etc.


8. Jam whenever

Just like the name suggests, this app allows you to jam whenever you want. All you need to do is download it and create your bio. Then, you can add some information about yourself and get started. While this one isn’t for live jamming, it is a collaboration tool. People all over the world can easily search for you and collaborate for creating music.


9. Endless

Just like jam whenever this app is suitable for collaboration over the internet and not live jamming sessions. It is available both as a mobile app and system application, you can choose one at your convenience. It boasts of a huge library of instruments and performance FX that can be easily played on your system without having the equipment. You can also sync your account to other devices so that there are no interruptions.


10. ConnectionOpen 3.0

This is another amazing app that allows users to jam with musicians online with ease. It offers zero latency and helps in retaining the audio quality. You can easily connect with musicians from across the globe and share ideas and collaborate. It is cost-effective and has been used by several businesses, professionals, schools, etc., for several purposes.



These were a few of the most loved apps that users use to jam online. They have proven to be a great source for aspiring musicians and also those people who like to create music for fun. Many have been able to connect with several artists and learn new things too. We hope you enjoy these apps and create your best pieces with them.

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