7 Best Live Wallpapers for Windows 10 (Minimalistic)

We all love decorating our PCs by setting different wallpapers and arranging items a certain way. Live wallpapers are preferred more by people than the normal ones that were used back in the day. So, in this article, we have compiled a list of the best live wallpaper apps that you can use on your Windows 10 computer.

1. Wallpaper Engine

live wallpapers for windows 10

This one, without a doubt, has the best live wallpapers available for windows 10. There are several options that you can select from such as graphics, videos and also allows you to personalize the animated wallpapers present here.

This app also has interactive wallpapers that are fun for some people. These wallpapers react when you use your mouse.

This application supports all ratios, so you don’t have to worry about it not working on your system. Be it ultra-wide monitor or multi-monitor setup, it works well. As a bonus, this application also has a feature that will pause the live wallpaper while you are playing games. This way, your system runs uninterrupted as there is less load on it.

It supports several video formats such as mp4, webM, avi, m4v, mov, and wmv, so you don’t have to worry about that either. The only con is that it isn’t free of cost.


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2. Lively Wallpaper

3d live wallpapers for windows 10

This is for those who want to enjoy live wallpapers without paying for them. Yes, it is free of cost and has several attractive wallpapers to keep the users hooked on to it.

There are several features such as interactive webpages, audio visualizers, video wallpaper to keep the users entertained. Also, when you are running a full-screen application or a game, the wallpaper is paused.

Whether you have a multi-monitor setup, HiDPI resolution, ultra-wide aspect ratio, etc., this application supports everything. The only thing it doesn’t have is the live wallpaper editor, so you can’t personalize your wallpaper. It is a great option as a free live wallpaper application.


3. RainWallpaper

download live wallpapers for windows 10

If you love animated wallpapers, this is the right application for you. It supports 3d as well as 2d live wallpapers. You can easily use websites, videos, animated and interactive wallpapers with the help of this application.

The best part about this application is that it doesn’t slow down your system as it uses the bare minimum of the CPU and RAM. The system’s performance isn’t hampered at all as it also pauses the wallpaper in case any game or full-screen applications are running.

You can also personalize your wallpaper with its inbuilt wallpaper editor and even use static images for creating a new live wallpaper. Apart from that, you can also choose from the premade live wallpapers available on the application.


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4. DeskScapes

live wallpapers for windows 10 free download

There are several animated wallpapers available on this application. You can even customize them and use them as per your liking. In addition to this, you can use your WMV files too as your live wallpaper.

To make your wallpapers eye-catching, there are more than 40 special effects available on this application for the users. You can easily recolor your current wallpaper if you just want a change from the regular style.

You won’t have to worry about the wallpaper’s resolution either as deskscape supports different resolutions along with multi-monitor support. It is intuitive and quite easy to use, so the users don’t face any difficulty.


5. WinDynamicDesktop

4K Live Wallpaper Windows 10

Though it is a simple wallpaper app and might feel limited as compared to other applications on the list, it still has some good features that make it a good option as a live wallpaper app.

There is no need for configuration in this app, you can easily download it and use the live wallpapers available in this app on your system. This app also changes the background depending on the time and day of where you are living. The location-based customization makes it quite an interesting application.


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6. Waifu: Live Gaming Wallpapers

3D Moving Wallpaper for Windows 10

Gamers like to decorate their system with gaming-related wallpapers, rather than a common one used by most people. If you are looking for amazing gaming wallpapers, this is the right option for you. While it is not an application but you can download wallpapers from here and apply them using any live wallpaper application.

It’s compatible with windows 10 and your system looks like a gamer, just when you switch it on. This website has several wallpapers to choose from, so you got a lot of options.


7. MyLiveWallpapers: Live Anime Wallpapers

For all anime lovers out there, this website is a treat for you. It has several anime live wallpapers that you can use on your Windows 10 system. It is a website that is especially dedicated to live anime wallpapers.

Few of the most famous characters such as tenki, tanjiro kamado, etc., and many others can be easily found here. You can download the application to use the wallpaper on your system.


How to Use Animated GIFs as Live Wallpapers on Windows 10

If none of the above options worked for you, there is another software that you can use to use an animated GIF as a live paper on windows 10. This software is called plastuer and it allows you to set GIFs, videos, HTML5 web pages as your wallpaper with ease. However, you will have to purchase to use it. Once you have done so, here’s what you need to do:

  • Open the zip folder and double-click on plastuer.exe. After that, tap on the monitor where you want to apply the live wallpaper.
  • Now, select a live wallpaper by clicking on ‘browse gallery’. In case you want to use your GIF, you can go ahead with the ‘select file’ option.
  • Select the GIF you want to use and then the wallpaper fit for your system.
  • Once you are done, you will see that the wallpaper is applied to your monitor.

How to Use Videos as Live Wallpapers on Windows 10

Many people like putting videos as their live wallpapers instead of GIFs. You can use VLC for the same. It is a media player but has a wallpaper tool that helps the users in setting a wallpaper on their Windows 10 computer. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Open the file that you wish to use as your wallpaper, on the VLC media player.
  • On the menubar option, click on video>set as wallpaper.
  • Your video will be applied like wallpaper.

However, this isn’t the most ideal way to set up live wallpaper as you might face some performance issues in your system. But still, you can enjoy them for a while.


These were a few of the best websites/applications wherein you can find the perfect live wallpaper for your Windows 10 PC/laptop. They offer a wide variety of live wallpapers so that you have many options to choose from. Do let us know how these websites/applications worked out for you.

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