How to Boost Gaming Performance on your Android Device

Mobile technology has come a long way but so do modern games. While the game developers are trying hard to keep the games optimized for it to run on all sorts of android devices, chances are yours is not one of them, otherwise, you wouldn’t even be here in the first place.

But before you let your hopes down and think about upgrading your phone, there are some other ways you can boost your android device’s performance to run your favorite game like a charm, hopefully.

So, today we are going to look at the top 3 ways to boost the gaming performance on your android device. However, not every android device is the same but these 3 tips will work on most of the devices. Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Restrict Background Usage 

One of the easy and quickest way to up your gaming performance is to make sure that your mobile device is running only the essential applications and you should turn off the background usage for the others. This will help ease the burden on your mobile’s RAM and dedicate more space to the task at hand, your game.

Change Game Settings

This one is one the most effective way to boost up gaming performance on your device, at the cost of losing graphics quality a bit. Most games include settings that you can tweak based on what your device can support. Here are a few common settings that you can play around with to boost the performance:

Disable Anti-Aliasing: Most of the 3D games, including PUBG or CODM let’s you enable or disable this feature. When enabled it smooths out any rough jagged edges around the objects but requires more power and hence slows down the game a bit. So, you could disable, as it’s not something many of us actually worry about.

Disable shadows/reduce quality: One other thing that you can do to boost up your game’s performance is to disable the shadows altogether, especially for competitive games where graphics isn’t your first choice.

Lower resolution: Mostly the games run on 1920×1080 resolution by default, but you can totally downscale the resolution to get major bump up in performance.

Other Settings: Besides these common settings there are others too, like showing blood in games, you can disable it if you want, maybe even the hit effects or bump down camera’s field of view (FOV), just like in Rocket League.

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Boosting Apps

Now with many factors contributing to the game’s performance, chances are you’d end up forgetting a few or you might be too lazy to change settings every time you boot up your game. Well, that’s why there are a ton of applications out there that you can use to boost up your game’s performance, they take care of the background apps for you, clean the trash from your mobile, optimize some the settings in your game, especially the one’s dedicated to a particular game.

These are just a handful of tips to level up your gaming performance and speaking of which, you can level up in games as easily with Eldorado, the most trusted in-game trading site to get help from professional players, buy/sell accounts and so much more. 


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