12 Best Instagram Highlight Covers Apps

There’s no denying that we all live in an Instagram culture. And, like everywhere else in the world, this app is evolving, and it is now mostly about Instagram Stories and images that only last 24 hours. Adding Stories to Highlights is a great way to maintain them everlasting.

There are several Instagram Highlight covers applications available for both Android and iOS that will enable your account look a little more trendy. These applications have a variety of pre-designed samples for you to use. You may also create a one-of-a-kind Highlight icon from either a blank canvas or your own photos.

Canva: Graphic Design, Video, Invite & Logo Maker

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This is a website designed to encourage and facilitate the work of graphic designers. T his tool is ideal for creating the Instagram highlight icon and is extremely convenient to use.

The most important thing to understand about this platform is that, while being specialized tech, it is still simple to be used for any person. The app features a multitude of page and project types, including an Instagram page. When it comes to highlight icons, you’ll want to go with the Instagram Story page theme and you are going to have everything, you just need to explore!

Download (Android | iOS)

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Pics Art Photo Editor: Pic, Video & Collage Maker

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Like the previous app, this one focuses not just on creating Insta highlight covers, as well as on editing in general. As a result, you can use all of the app’s tools to make an exclusive Instagram highlight coat. As you would imagine, you should experiment with double exposure and other unconventional elements to make your photograph stand out.

It should also be noted that the app has various picture layouts and formats, so you’ll have to pick the best orientation appropriate for an Insta story. Furthermore, the application has a huge base of design types and items that you can use. Any keywords and tags can be used to find these items.

Download (Android | iOS)

Adobe Spark Post: Graphic design made easy

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All who enjoys photography, drawing, and imagination has used one of Adobe’s services at some stage. This one is intended for some sort of design project. Furthermore, the app is designed for users with varying digital skills, but even though you’ve never edited anything like a highlight cover before, you won’t have any major issues.

It should be noted that the app contains a range of Pre-made samples, so a lack of creativity is not an issue. The app also features editing tools such as color filters, unusual graphics, and custom typography styles.

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Highlight Cover Maker for Instagram Story

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The app offers hundreds of different pre-designed samples which you can download for free. Furthermore, each item in these samples can be changed separately, allowing you to use either of them as a framework for your highlight icon.

It should be noted that the app contains a large selection of stickers and overlays that can be used in your designs. There are also a variety of backs available, ranging from marble to watercolor. You may also use double exposure or graphic elements to merge several images and backs in a single project.

Download (Android | iOS)

Highlight Cover Maker for Instagram – Story Light

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this one includes a variety of dark and much more neutral templates. There are numerous marble and watercolor highlight cover choices. There are several layout and sticker choices to choose from. It can also be noted that if an item has been put on your Instagram highlight cover, it can be immediately replaced. The downside of this app would be that all concept elements are available in packs and are either charged or free.

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Story Highlight Icons – Cover Maker App

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The main purpose of this app is to help you quickly and easily develop a template for an Instagram highlight icon. Basically, all facets of this app are automatic, so coming up with a project would be easy. However, unlike previous apps, this really doesn’t have thousands of pre-designed templates, so you’ll have to begin from a blank canvas.

Download (Android )

Story Highlight Cover Maker

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It goes without saying that the app is indeed very basic, but it does have a variety of fascinating samples to try. That said, this app has always been on the Pinky and girly side, so users won’t be able to locate something masculine here. When you begin your design, you can choose items from four simple parts – form a back to writing. Besides that, the app’s typography category is very broad, so you’ll have more than enough styles to pick from.

Download (Android)

Story Art – Insta story editor for Instagram

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It does have a variety of trendy designs and features that are appropriate for both males and females. Not only can you develop a highlight cover, but you can even share trendy stories directly from the app. It should be noted that not all models are free to use, but the ones that are have a lot of nice choices. In addition, all of the samples in the app are provided as collections that are divided into groups. As a result, you can really see the cinema-themed collection, the retro collection, and even the Polaroid collection.

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Highlight Cover Maker for Instagram Story

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And if you’ve never attempted to design anything before, you won’t fail with this application. The application has a multitude of pre-designed samples which you are using for free. The method of making a highlight icon is therefore as simple as it can be. You just need to pick an object and position it as desired. After you’ve put an object, you can move it to some other from the offering by clicking on it.

Download (Android)

Mojito – Story Art Maker, Story editor

This app, like the previous one, focuses on highlight covers and does an excellent job at it. There are a range of pre-designed highlight icons available for download. After that, you can adjust any element from the template you’re using to create your own unique design. Furthermore, there are not just girl-themed features in this app, but you can quickly generate something neutral and minimal.

Download (Android)

Story Maker – Insta Story Editor for Instagram

First and foremost, all aspects of this app are automatic, making it easy for you to start up with a design. In addition, the app includes a multitude of pre-designed samples that you could use as a starting point with your own project. Another fantastic feature is that you can save the highlight symbols you’ve already created and use them as templates in the future.

Download (Android)

Story maker- Layout for Instagram

This app is really effective and is one of the best  editor and story maker. It consists of around 500+ unique and attractive designs that are surely going to get you in the trend. You can use different elements of each collection separately and there are many templates including Film, Magazine, Ripped paper and so on.

Download (Android)

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