12 Best Soundboard Apps for Discord

Using a soundboard in Discord can be a great way to have fun with your teammates in a game. It can also serve as a way to engage with your viewers while streaming. You can change your own voice or add custom sounds to be played with the press of a button. A good soundboard app can make boring sessions much more interesting.

There are a lot of soundboard apps available on the internet, with some of them being free to use and some of them paid. It can be a daunting task to choose from these options. So, first you will need to know what features you expect from the app. Take a look at these points you need to consider before trying to choose a soundboard app for Discord.

Choosing the Best Soundboard Apps

You can narrow down your list of choices by following this list of things to determine the functionality you need from your soundboard app.

  • When choosing a soundboard app for Discord, you should check if the soundboard interferes with your microphone. In some of the older soundboards, the input had to be manually changed between the mic and soundboard. This can be an issue while using voice on Discord. Although this issue can be solved by using a virtual audio device, it can be a pain to set up.
  • If you want a soundboard system that other users can interact with on your discord server, then Discord sound bots are the way to go. These bots can play sounds when one of your users use the chat commands to interact with it. Basically, you need to consider if you need the soundboard for your personal use or for other users.
  • Basic soundboards play audio from your local device storage. This implies that you need to download the audio samples you need to play on your device. It is possible that you may prefer to play sounds from the internet. There are a few soundboard apps that feature marketplaces where you can stream sounds from.
  • Determine the level of customization you need. Generally, for soundboard apps, the more complex the functionality, the harder the learning curve. So, if you just need basic functionality from your app, then choose one with simple features.

Now let’s take a look at the 12 best soundboard apps for Discord that take your engagement and streaming to the next level.

12 Best Soundboard Apps for Discord

Discord enables the user to send text messages, voice calls, voice chats, and much more. A soundboard can be a great feature to add to the app. Check out these feature-rich and simple to use soundboard apps for Discord.


main playing enSoundpad provides support for recording and editing. It is considered by many to be one of the most robust soundpad apps available. Even though this software is not free, the inclusion of many features justifies the cost. This soundpad app features custom hotkeys, mic toggles, device toggles, a sound recorder, voice normalization and much more. The app comes with a free trial version that you can try out before purchasing it.


  • Sound normalization to get similar audio levels for all sounds.
  • In-built sound recorder and editor
  • Custom Hot-key support
  • Sound list implementation for more functionality


  • Memorizing hotkeys can be cumbersome
  • Less user friendly than some of the options available

Download – Soundpad

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images lV7c1dThis is perhaps the most popular soundboard solution available for Discord. The app also works with other programs that support voice chats and audio input. It is completely free to use. You get a load of great features like a dedicated button deck, support for a wide variety of audio formats, manual volume control, and an option for simultaneous audio output to different devices.


  • The button deck allows the user to assign sounds to specific keys.
  • Simple and user friendly to set up
  • Manual volume control for different devices
  • Support for most audio formats available


  • Possible compatibility issues with some versions of Windows 10

Download – Resanance


1 3Mixere is one of the most feature rich programs that you can use as a soundboard for Discord. The user interface of the app is quite complex, but it provides a great amount of features to fine tune your sounds. Mixere is mainly intended to be a sound mixer, but it works wonders as a soundboard.  It provides features like sliders for volume and panning, dynamic looping, crossfading and much more.


  • Great for making complex mixes and DJing on Discord servers
  • Powerful features for better control of your sounds
  • Provides the user with automated sliders


  • Not meant for just simple sound playback
  • Outdated user interface

Download – Mixere

EXP Soundboard

imagesIf you are looking for a very simple app to use as a soundboard for Discord, then EXP soundboard can be a great choice. It allows you to add audio files of your choice, and you can assign hotkeys for them. You also have the option to select the audio output device from the app itself. But, you do need to set up a virtual audio device to use this app with Discord.


  • Custom hotkeys
  • Very simple to set up and use
  • Takes up very few of the device resources
  • Support for different operating systems


  • Needs a virtual audio device set up to use with Discord

Download – EXP Soundboard

Clownfish Voice Changer

images 1 IhRLhBThis app can work with any program that uses a voice input in your system. It works at a system level, and hence provides great compatibility and support. The app provides barebones functionality with just a few options for voice changing effects. You cannot add new sounds, but you have the option to change pitch for customizing the in-built sound modifiers.


  • Provides multiple voice effects to choose from
  • Simple to set up and use
  • Works at a system level for greater compatibility
  • Performs great if you need limited functionality


  • No custom sound options

Download – Clownfish Voice Changer


images 1If you are looking for an intuitive, user friendly and feature rich app that works with all streaming platforms and communications software, Voicemod provides all of these features. The app is very user friendly with a modern UI and can be set up in just few minutes. The user has the option to choose from a free or paid subscription.


  • Provides an option to hear yourself to test the modifiers
  • Lots of in-built voice changers
  • Provides extensive customization
  • Per-key sound assign support


  • Very limited options if you use the free subscription

Download – Voicemod

Podcast Soundboard

images 2Podcast Soundboard provides a straightforward UI combined with a retro look. It is one of the better tech-savvy soundboard apps around. The program offers features like high compatibility with audio formats, channel panning, fine adjustments with sliders, and support for adding new sounds.


  • Works with Discord seamlessly
  • Support for Windows, MacOS, iOS
  • Customization options for existing sound tracks and new ones
  • Intuitive sound dashboard for easy playback


  • User interface looks outdated

Download – Podcast Soundboard

JN Soundboard

images 3JN soundboard combines simplicity with a few unique features that be helpful to you. It allows you to play multiple sound clips at once. It also has a text to speech feature inbuilt. The program also provides support for most popular audio formats. JN soundboard is mostly known for its simplicity and compatibility with devices. It is also an open-source alternative to many of the soundboards listed here.


  • Support for microphone loopback
  • Allows the user to set a single hotkey for multiple sounds
  • Push-to-talk feature
  • Free to use open-source software


  • No cross platform support

Download – JN Soundboard

  1. Voxal Voice Changer

images 4If your requirement is for a voice changer that is easy to use and provides both free and commercial options, then look no further than Voxal Voice Changer. It provides the user with many voice-changing options and recording features. You also get hotkey support for more reliable use in Discord. It works at a system level and can be set up to work with all applications that have voice input functionality.


  • Support for applying effects to existing files
  • Works with all existing apps and games
  • Offers a free version for non-commercial use
  • Allows for fine-tuning recorded audio files


  • Users report issues when trying to use the app with OBS

Download – Voxal Voice Changer

AV Voice Changer

Webp.net compress imageAV Voice Changer is a great soundboard for Discord. It allows the user to customize and tune many different options related to sound. This program is a powerful tool for voice editing and streaming. It features a voice morpher, voice editor, recorder, and also a file morpher. This app comes at a premium cost and is good for users who need these niche features.


  • Supports a lot of audio formats
  • In-built voice and file morphing options
  • Good integration with Discord
  • High levels of customization


  • Relatively expensive when compared to similar software

Download – AV Voice Changer

Blerp Soundboard

Blerp Soundboard is one of the best bots that you can use for multiple users on your Discord server. It is very easy to add this bot to your server by using the ‘b!search’ command in Discord. It also comes with a dedicated website to add more sounds and choose from a wide variety of sounds available.


  • Users can upload their own sounds and add popular ones from the dedicated website.
  • Every sound available is approved by moderators
  • Two-way interaction with viewers and servers


  • Uploading new sounds takes a lot of time because of strict moderation

Download – Blerp Soundboard


Like the previous listing, RickBot is one of the most popular Discord bots you can add to your server. This bot works as a meme bot to enable the users to share clips and soundbites in Discord. The bot features a dashboard in which you can add custom soundboards easily. Moreover, it also allows for direct YouTube and Spotify playback on the server.


  • Can be used with simple chat commands
  • Features an interactive dashboard for custom soundtracks
  • YouTube and Spotify playback in server
  • Great support because of massive popularity


  • No features other than the soundboard functionality itself

Download – RickBot


Discord can be a great place to hang out and using a soundboard makes it even more fun. There are a lot of great soundboards that can be used with Discord, ranging from the simplest ones to the most feature-rich programs that can be used with other apps also. A soundboard can help you to be anonymous and make interactions on your servers much more intuitive. You can choose from the best soundboard apps and bots for Discord from the reviews listed above.

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