10 Best Weight Tracker Apps to Stay Fit in 2023

In today’s digital age, managing your weight is incredibly easy with just your phones. In contrast, people believe that using your phone all day can only make you lazier and heavier. But with the right weight tracker apps and a little bit of motivation from your side, your phone can help you to lose inches and get a healthier life.

Weight tracker apps can do much more than just keeping a track of your weight. They can give you periodic reports about your Body Mass Index (BMI), calorie intake, steps covered throughout the day, and much more. A well-designed weight and fitness tracker app can provide valuable insights on your body, and tell you exactly what you need to improve.

These apps come in various shapes and sizes. For your convenience, we have scoured the internet for the best weight tracker apps based on features, user interface, ratings, and overall design. First, let’s take a look at the things you should consider before settling on a particular app for all of your fitness goals.

How To Choose Weight and Fitness Trackers?

The current market is oversaturated with hundreds of weight and fitness tracker apps, and it can be confusing to choose the one that works best for you. An ideal app would be one that keeps you motivated to work harder, and allows you to make healthy changes.

Having a community of like-minded users can also help you to compare and maintain your daily exercise levels. It also helps if you choose an app that can give you timely notifications so that you don’t miss out on your fitness regime. Some of the app we have listed also allow you to get personalized recommendations from weight loss professionals. So, without further ado, let’s get into the 10 best weight and fitness tracker apps in the current market.

10 Best Weight Trackers To Stay Fit and Healthy

We have included both free and paid apps in this list. You can choose the best one according to your requirements.

Monitor Your Weight

Monitor Your Weight

If you are looking for an all-in-one app that can give a detailed analysis of your weight and other health-related factors, this app is possibly the best choice for you. The home page of the app provides you with information about your starting weight, calorie intake, BMI index and also shows your water and fat percentage.

You also get to set your weight targets, and the app shows you regular progress through widgets or through the app itself. The app also features tracking multiple profiles.  You can monitor the progress of your family members and friends. You can get the pro version from the app with a very reasonable cost of $0.99. Once you get the pro version, you can store your data on the cloud and access it from any device.

Download – Monitor Your Weight

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Simple Weight Tracker

Simple Weight Tracker

Just like the name suggests, this app is mainly focused on tracking and analyzing your weight, and not much else. You get comprehensive statistics about your diet and weight. This app provides you with the feature for transferring data from weight scales to analyze gradual weight loss. You can also get an idea of which diet works best for you. The app lets you choose from diets like keto, low calorie, low carb, and many more.

You also get a weight loss calendar to track your daily progress and constant reminders to work out and measure your weight at specific intervals.

Download – Simple Weight Tracker

Weight Log & BMI Calculator


This app helps you to calculate weight and your BMI with manual entries. After installation, the app asks you for your weight, height, BMI, gender, and your preferred choice of metrics. You also get to set a target weight. You get reports of your daily progress in the form of graphs.

The app allows you to export your data to your device storage and access it from other phones. With the base version, you get all features needed for basic weight tracking and setting goals. But you can get the pro version for $4.99. The pro version has a lot of extra tracking features that you can enable if you need them.

Download – Weight Log & BMI Calculator (AktiBMI)

Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

My Fitness Pal

This app is one of the most popular weight trackers on the app store with more than 2 million downloads. With this app, you get a food diary to log your eating habits and track every little calorie intake. It also helps you to determine the nutritional statistics of your meals.

You also get to be a part of a huge community of like-minded members and get regular advice and inspiration. You get a 30-day free trial for the premium features. With the premium version, you get access to advanced logging tools and fitness guides.

Download – MyFitnessPal

Lose It

Lose It!

Rather than being a simple weight tracker, this app offers you a wide variety of other metrics that can help you to manage your health. You can track your daily nutrient intake and also get a weekly graph that can show you a detailed report of your progress. You get a goals tab that shows you how much more you will need to work to achieve your targets.

There’s also an option for connecting your social media account to compare your progress with that of your friends. You can also access diet plans put together by other members of the app.

Download – Lose It

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Run Keeper

Runkeeper provides you with options to train for long runs, walks, and other physical activities. It is a great app that helps you make progress towards your weight goals. You can set the best route to your destination while running outside. The app also features a dashboard where you can select custom schedules fine-tunes according to your needs.

If you have problems with keeping yourself motivated, this app can help. You get rewards for achieving your goals. You can also create your own challenges and share them with your friends.

Download – RunKeeper

Google Fit

Google Fit

This app is a fitness and weight tracking solution made by Google. The app is well polished and gives you the ability to connect with your smartwatch seamlessly if you own one. For beginners, this app can help you to adjust your goals, current weight, set different types of workouts, and much more through a simple interface.

The app uses units like heart points and moves points to show you comprehensive details about your overall activity. The app is free to use and provides all the functionality of a basic fitness tracker.

Download – Google Fit

WW (Weight Watchers Reimagined)

WW (Weight Watchers)

If you are in the market for something more professional, Weight Watchers provides you with a complete weight loss program. You can talk to experts for insights regarding your nutritional needs and the minimum activity required for you per day. You get points for achieving your goals, eating the right food, and tracking weight.

The app makes you a part of a huge community, that is open to both newcomers and experts. The app does come with a hefty price tag, but the wide variety of exceptional features justifies it.

Download – Weight Watchers

Happy Scale

Happy Scale

This app allows you to break down your long-term goals into smaller chunks that are easier to achieve. When setting up the app for the first time, you have to enter your starting weight and update it as you progress. The dashboard shows you milestones that you have achieved in the form of gains or losses over time. Just like most other apps on this list, you get a graph with daily, weekly and yearly statistics.

You also get predictions based on how you perform over time. The app allows you to get the pro version which offers you with cloud backup for keeping your data safe. This app is available for iOS only.

Download – Happy Scale

Noom: Health & Weight


This is one of the most popular apps around for starting your journey towards better health. You get to track your food intake, blood sugar levels, weight, exercise schedules and much more. The app asks you certain questions to get an estimate of your daily calorie needs. It also offers a daily quiz and quotes to keep you motivated.

You get a personalized health coach who can teach you to limit or increase your calorie intake, based on your needs. The community groups in the app can also answer any of your questions regarding your goals. You do need to get a subscription to avail all the great features this app provides.

Download – Noom


In today’s market, there are a lot of great apps that can help you to start working on your health goals. You can use most of the apps listed above to track your food intake, exercise habits, changes in weight over time, and much more. Some apps can also help you to stay motivated with their huge communities and expert help. Experiment and choose the app that works the best for you.

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