The Best Games for Your Smartphone

When smartphones first arrived on the scene, online gaming – as well as most websites in general – struggled to keep up with the optimization required to make them suitable for hand-held devices. Any games that did make it were fairly simple and lost their appeal after a short period. They were also beset with issues relating to graphics, functionality, and the ability to engage in multiplayer sessions.

Fast-forward to today, however, and the mobile gaming scene is pretty much booming – aided by the short-lived success of Flappy Bird and the continually evolving Angry Birds. Android gaming, in particular, has risen sharply in the past year, evolving to allow for more complex games and multiplayer modes due to their increasingly heavy-duty processors and GPUs.   

Whether your fingers are itching to complete an addictive but simple game, zone out for a while, or challenge your mates to a battle of skill, there are plenty of games on offer that you can download and get cracking with right away. So, on that note, let’s check out the best smartphone games available right now!

Casino and Slot Games

Ever popular, casino and slot games are available in abundance, with a plethora of websites peddling simple games with colorful graphics, smooth transitions, and inspiring themes. 25-in-1 Casino is a great place to start as not only is it free to play, but it also features a ton of casino games for you to whet your whistle with, from blackjack and poker to roulette, baccarat and more. If you don’t want to have to trawl through various sites to find your favorites, this is the one for you! Yes, it features ads, but the bonus here is that it’s free and doesn’t insist on you making any in-app purchases (although there are occasional reminders).

If you want to play to win, there are, again, loads of options available to you. To take advantage of the best bonuses available on these sorts of casino sites, it’s best to look at new information regularly from sites like Online Casinos and see where you can take advantage of the best deals! Not only will you find something fun and non-committal to pass the time, but you might also have a chance of winning some money. What’s not to love?

Android Multiplayers

baldur gate

Among Us became the hit of 2020, heralding the golden age of the Android gaming experience whilst topping the charts across the world! Fun and simple, this game allows you to play over local Wi-Fi with between 4-10 players in total. Classed as ‘social deduction’ game, the aim is to identify the imposter in your crew as the other members are slowly despatched by them. Cue suspicion and a space-set murder mystery, all whilst you and your fellow crew try to maintain the functionality of your ship. 

When PUBG (Player Unknown Battle Ground) was released onto consoles a few years ago, it was quickly noted as an exciting, Battle Royale-style game that focused predominantly on skill and realistic physics over fancy add-ons. It was only a matter of time, then, that this game would be translated into a mobile-friendly format for users to enjoy on-the-go.

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The entire premise is 100 players being dropped onto a map, where they have to locate a weapon (of varying use). In solo mode, you have to fight to be the last man standing; in multiplayer mode, you work as a squad to be the last team standing (which you can still win, even if only one member of your team is left alive).

The mobile game has recently introduced Arcade Mode, new maps, and a night mode for those fancying an extra little challenge to get their teeth into. Surprisingly, perhaps, the graphics are fantastic, the gameplay is intense and adrenaline-fuelling, and, best of all, you can play with your mates.  

Simple and Free-to-Play

The best part of modern mobile gaming is the sheer volume of choice that there is amongst the free gaming categories. Not everyone wants to take part in multiplayers games, preferring something a little more slow-paced and thought-provoking – and there’s a veritable smorgasbord of games of this ilk available!

For those who prefer their online games to be a bit more of the old-school variety, GamePigeon is an excellent shout. If you’re an iPhone user, you can add the GamePigeon extension to your iMessage library and get started playing a plethora of simple yet fun games, such as pool and Connect 4, that you can play via iMessage with another player. This bonus of this is that you don’t need to be playing continuously – you just get an alert notifying you of your turn.

An offshoot of a true classic, Mario Kart Tour is a fantastic free-to-play option for you to enjoy on your phone. Even better, Nintendo have optimized the game to allow for online multiplayer, meaning you can enjoy all the fun with your friends, no matter where you are! Best for casual gamers, this version doesn’t quite meet the dizzy heights of the Switch version, but features all the classic staples that help make it an absolute classic.

As gaming continues to evolve, we’re sure to see a fantastic array of mobile-based games that are fun, challenging and aesthetically pleasing. From traditional games to more modern iterations of famous classics, there’s something for everyone to enjoy, whether you’re just trying to pass the time, play your favorite console games on the go, or you want to reconnect with faraway friends on a more casual basis. 



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