How to Manage Social Media Campaigns Like a Pro?

Gone are the days when a single TV commercial, road campaign, or having a flyer posted at a great spot would do the work of advertising the product easily. Due to the rise in cut-throat competition, it has become important for companies to think of different possible ways to make an impact on their customers. One such way that has emerged in recent years is campaigning via social media.

What is social media?

These are mediums that help individuals in connecting with other people over the internet. In short, a medium that helps people socializing on the internet.

Initially, it only started as a platform for introducing new products to a huge customer base. However, now it has become a huge platform which not only allows companies to advertise their products hugely but has also provided customers a number of options which they didn’t know about.

Why has it become a trend in recent times?

A decade back, no one could’ve thought of social media becoming the reason behind an individual’s loyalty to a company. So what has actually happened for it to become so?

  1. Two-way medium: While earlier in the day, people couldn’t express their opinions to the companies freely, social media has made it possible for them to provide their opinions in an easy manner. They can tell what they liked or didn’t like in a particular product or service of a company which makes them feel like the company cares for their customer.
  2. Easier to understand the customer base: Earlier, companies used to carry out surveys in order to understand customer preference. This was time-consuming as well as costly. However, in today’s time, one can easily run online campaigns so as to understand the needs of their customers and act accordingly.
  3. Knowledge about competitors: Social media has not only benefitted consumers but the companies as well.  In this era of entrepreneurship, the internet has made it easy for the existing companies to know about the rise in competition if any. After all, the only way to remain in the market is to keep up with the change.

Needless to say, social media plays an important role in gaining new customers for a company. It acts as a medium between the consumers as well the supplier base has made it essential for the companies to game up their marketing strategies in order to survive in the market.

Even the most wanted jobs in recent times are namely social media manager/marketer/developer. Hence, it has become important to handle campaigns nicely so as to increase traffic to the website. In this article, you shall as to how you can do the same.

Know your customers

The only way a company can make its way into its consumer’s hearts is if it understands what his customer wants and acts accordingly. So, a company must first have a proper understanding about their target audience.

Know their views on you

This is another important point to take care of. For a company to ensure whether it’s going the right path or applying the right strategies to its target audience, it needs to know their viewpoints on the same. It can be achieved either by doing a social media audit i.e., using analytics tools or by trending hashtags for your company.

This can be done effectively on certain social media sites such as Instagram, which has emerged as a leading point to do business owing to the number of Instagram influencers increasing day by day.

Use the right kind of influence

There’s a reason why people need more influencers. It is to connect with their target audience and also to market their products on a daily basis. Instagram is the biggest platform for such influencers, the company should choose someone with whom the audience shall be able to connect and eventually get influenced.

Also, have someone who can connect with the customers on a daily basis so as to understand their requirements well.

Choosing the right platform

Another important point to ensure is to know which platform is right for what products. For example, Instagram is best for mostly marketing beauty products, clothing, accessories, etc while Facebook is a great platform for all other sorts of marketing. Looking deeply into what your company’s goal is, one should select the right platform to connect with their customers.

Select the right social media management tools

There are a number of tools to analyze and manage social media and therefore you need to select just the right ones to understand your customers and also to have you understood by them better. Some of the tools used are customer persona analysis tool, top to middle of the funnel tools, social media analytics (for example audience insights and analytics used by different social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc), social media influencers tools, content management tools, content creation tools, etc.

Content tools are as much important as analytics tools for one needs to be updated with the trending topics so as to keep in touch with surroundings as that is the only way to make a business flourish.

Examples of few such tools are:

  1. Insights and analytics: It is an amazing way to know the number of people and their demographics so as to understand the customer base better. People can go for google analytics, Facebook audience insights so as to study their customer behavior.
  2. Content creation tools: Unsplash, Canva, Shakr, google docs, Grammarly, etc. are examples of few tools which you can use together so as to create amazing content which is also a visual treat.

In case you want a single tool to manage all your accounts and activities, you can use Hootsuite or buffer. Both of them are amazing tools to keep tabs on your social media activity and make additions whenever and wherever necessary.

These were few tips that you can try in order to manage the social media accounts of your company in a perfect manner.


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