10 Best and Simple Firertc Alternatives in 2023

If you are one of the current or former users of Firertc, then you may already know that this app has stopped accepting new users. The call rates in the USA are quite high, and Firertc was one of the providers that offered free calling services. This service was developed by Icehook Systems and it allows free calls to toll-free numbers in the US.

There’s also additional functionality like voice recording which was present in Firertc. To fill the void left by the discontinuity of this service, we have researched and curated a list of the best Firertc alternatives to use.

10 Best Firertc Alternatives in 2021

Google Voice

gogle voide

Google Voice is one of the best choices in the current market to make calls in the USA. This service can be accessed from your smartphone, computer, or any device with a browser. The data is also continually synced between the devices with the same account.

You get various useful features like automatic spam filters, periodic backups of calls and messages, group SMS, and voicemail transcriptions. The myriad of features offered by this service makes it one of the best alternatives to Firertc.

Get it here: Google Voice



Apart from being one of the most secure and feature-rich chatting platforms, Telegram also offers free voice calling to any of your contacts. The only requirement for free calling is that the person you’re calling should also be registered on Telegram.

Telegram offers some prominent features that differentiate it from other options on this list. This includes parallel access to your files while video calling, an unlimited number of participants, and AI-powered clear calls. Overall, it is a great replacement for Firertc.

Get it here: Telegram



In case you’re on the lookout for a extra secure service to place your calls, then Signal would be one of the best choices out there. You can use the calling features of the app completely free of cost, all over the world. ‘

Also, Signal provides end to end encryption for all calls made through the app. This makes it more secure than some of the other options on this list. You don’t even have to login to use some of the calling features of this app.

Get it here: Signal



Whatsapp is one of the apps most people have either used or at least heard of. It has over a million users all around the world, and the calling features it offers are quite well-built. You will just need an internet connection to enjoy unlimited calls to any number on Whatsapp.

You get end to end encryption on all whatsapp calls. Similar to other chat and call apps, you also get completely free video calls with Whatsapp, including group calls. This makes it a worthy alternative to Firertc for USA customers.

Get it here: Whatsapp



Zoiper brings one of the best VoIP calling solutions for US customers. Their app is available on all major smartphone operating systems, and you can download and use it for free. Also the calls are encrypted to keep your data secure.

This service is mainly aimed at VoIP SIP softphone calls, and you will require a VoIP provider in order to use it. Once you have a stable internet connection, you can easily make free calls all over the world.

Get it here: Zoiper



In case you’ve been looking for an open-source alternative to Firertc, then Wire may fulfill your needs. It can help you to make call to your peer groups easily, along with secure end to end encryption.

You can also share many different types of files simultaneously while making your calls. Once you make an account, all of your data stays synced over any device you use it on. It also supports text messages. This app is best suited for Work meetings and huge conference calls.

Get it here: Wire


Webp.net compress image

Another professional work oriented call and messaging service on this list would be Slack. it is one of the best alternatives to Firertc, and can be a safer alternative to traditional mail services.

Other great feature of Slack include formation of teams with all co-workers, personal timely chats, and video conferencing. There are a few tiers of subscriptions that you can get, depending upon the size of the team.

Get it here: Slack

Google Hangouts


Another great calling and messaging service from Google is Hangouts. You can use the traditional chat features including group messages, and also place calls to any Hangouts user for free.

Hangouts primarily offers a reliable and easy to use alternative to Firertc. It is available on all major smartphone and PC operating systems, or directly through your browser. Google is slowly shifting Hangouts to another service called Google Chat, but it is completely functional for now.

Get it here: Google Hangouts


teamtalk io

Another great option to manage large group professionally or otherwise. Also, you can easily create large calls and meetings for free. Other prominent features that make it a great alternative to Firertc would be unlimited file sharing and secure calls and chats.

You can easily create an account on their website, and create meetings that can be joined using a unique link. There is no dedicated app for this service, and it can be used through any browser.

Visit: Teamtalk.io



Another web based service that lets you make totally free calls to any landline or mobile number throughout the world would be Poptox. This service depends on VoIP calling, and you can make calls with just a stable internet connection.

There are no dedicated apps for this service, and you can simply enter a phone number and make the call directly. The first call is free, with subsequent calls requiring a subscription. The calls can be easily made by connecting your microphone to the device you’re using it from.

Visit: Poptox

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