12 Websites to Make Free Calls Online (Without Registration)

Have you been looking for websites that could help you in making phone calls without getting your identity leaked? Do you want to make calls from your PC or laptop to different countries anonymously? And all these without being charged? If yes, you are surely at the right place! But remember not to harm anyone with these because cybercrime can always be tracked! 

Also, you need to remember that these are commercial calls (or sample calls) that are only available for a few minutes, take or leave. You will not be able to make an endless number of phone calls utilizing these websites! They only provide one to two calls per day on a single IP address.


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One of the top free calling sites on the web is Poptox. It’s a completely web-based add-on. Poptox works well, although not all nations are supported. For the countries it does not support, it usually refers to spytox. This Poptox allows you to make free VoIP calls.


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Spytox supports mostly every country, and their service is becoming increasingly popular since other services in this sector refer to them for countries where they are not authorized. As a result, the website’s future seems promising. They offer free VoIP calls, SMS, email, and address lookup by name. Spytox offers three free minutes and three free calls each day.



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The one and only mobile app that is available for users in this web calling industry is We Phone. You will receive 0.2$ in free credit, allowing you to make free calls for a few minutes. Call in Us has a rate of 0.00850$ per minute.



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Citrustel does not work in some countries, thus they use Spytox as a reference in those cases. They are giving away some free minutes as a trial offer, and you’ll get more minutes, if you purchase credit.


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IEvaphone- Best From All

Ievaphone is the best website in my concern because it works on Android and iPhone and allows you to make free calls without having to register.  I checked their Android app, it worked perfectly, and the greatest part is that you can use it without having to register.

We start with 4 Credits to use in the app and the average rate for both India and the United States is one credit per minute. The rates vary depending on the country and carrier. So, at these rates, we’ll have almost four minutes to call.



Globephone offers a variety of services associated with free VoIP calls. And the best part is that all of the services run on your browser without the need to install any plugins or extensions. To make a call, simply go to the website and click on Free call, then grant it permission to call you. And you are done!


Call2Friends – Free Calls Online Without Registration

Call2Friends that offers paid plans, as well as a limited-time free call option, is an Internet telephone service provider. Call2Friends has a really simple design; all you have to do is click on “Free Call” and you’re good to go. To make a call over the internet, no further plugins or downloads are required.



Provides free calls to various countries with extremely low rates. You can use their website to make calls to both desktop and mobile devices, and you can get low rates and yet the best efficiency at their website.


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Free call.com offers both free and premium calling services, and you can now try out the free service for making free calls. To utilize freecall.com, we must first purchase credits and then log in with our username and password. And then you are all set to make the calls anonymously that too without any charges for a limited number of calls.



This software provides high-quality calling; you can make calls from your browser, but you must download their app, and you are limited to three calls each day if you are looking for free options. But, you can also choose their premium option accordingly for making an unlimited number of calls easily without any interruption.



Every day, Adphone gives you 30 minutes of free credit to call. But the major disadvantage that this app offers is that you people can only make calls to landline numbers. Hence, you must have a motive to only call to landlines because smartphone calls are not allowed. You must first download and install the application before you can use it for free calling.


Flash2Voip is a traditional SIP-based virtual telephone created in Adobe Flash technology. To use it, you must have the most recent version of Flash Player installed. It requires the most recent version of Adobe Flash Player. It offers a variety of services associated to free VoIP calls.

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