10 Best WiFi Messaging Apps For Android & iOS [Free WiFi Texting]

Usually, it happens that when we buy a smartphone, pre-installed messaging bloatware comes by default. Such apps suck unnecessary battery power because you never make use of them the day since you bought your phone. Reason being, it’s limited features and the boring interface.

Today it’s the internet era, where everything is possible at the touch of your finger. So, to keep yourself updated with the best WiFi messaging apps for Android & iPhone users. Using these apps, you can not just send text messages, images, and voice messages for free with the help of the internet but you can also customize the app the way you like. There are hundreds of themes and thousands of background images that you can set in these Wifi Messaging Apps.

10 Best Wifi Messaging Apps for Android & iPhone

Texting is one of the oldest ways to communicate back from the days when smartphones were not in fashion. It was just a matter of imagination sending photos and videos via phone. With time, technology evolves and we witness amazing application that takes away beyond boundaries. Still, the need for Messaging apps can’t be devalued. Sometimes texting is better than any other way of communication. Here are some best Wifi texting Apps.

1. Messages


The first in our list of Wifi Messaging Apps is “Messages”. This is an app developed by Google LLC and is ideal for sending text SMS. The app runs on active Wifi connection using which you can not just send text SMS but exchange pictures, GIFs, Stickers, Video, Audio, or Emojis. The app has got a very clean and intuitive design for easy handling and quick operation.

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2. TextNow: Free Texting & Calling App


TextNow is one of the widely used Wifi texting Apps in the U.S and Canada. Using TextNow App, you can unlimited to anyone in the U.S and Canada. For making other international calls, you can make calls at the rate of 0.01$. Apart from SMS, people can send voice messages and pictures as well. To personalize your messages, you can attach signatures to each message you send via TextNow.

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3. Talkie – Wi-Fi Calling, Chats, File Sharing

Talkie WiFi Messaging App

Messaging Apps facilitate you to connect anytime, anywhere with your loved ones. Talkie is developed with for the same purpose. You can do everything here that enables you to connect with the rest of the world. It has features like sending text messages, making voice calls, and group chats. The quality of calls is superb with the noise reduction feature.

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4. Text Me: Text Free, Call Free, Second Phone Number


Another app from the collection of the Wifi Messaging Apps is Text Me. This app lets you make any number of calls to Canada and the U.S.A. With cheap international call rates, the app allows you to make paid calls to around 230+ countries. If you have this app installed on your phone, you don’t have to worry about running out of cellular data.

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5. TalkU Free Calls + Free Texting + International Call


Talking has been no more expensive with Wifi Messaging Apps. All thanks to Android App developers. Install TalkU and all you need to have a swift Wifi connection around you. The features of TalkU includes cheap international calls, free texting and messages, amazing voice quality, and no roaming charges. Premium users can even record the calls.

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6. TextPlus: Free Text & Calls

With excellent user reviews, this app deserves to be in the list of ten best Wifi Messaging apps. This Apps is also for Canadian and U.S population were making calls through TextPlus app is absolutely free. Not only that, making calls to US and Canada is also free. However, to connect with other countries, you need to pay a minimum amount. This text messaging app exhibits many other features like free calling, chatting, and group messages.

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7. Messaging Classic

This is the native messaging application preferred by most of the mobile phone manufacturing brands such as LG, Samsung, HTC, and Sony. This app supports all the Android devices running on Android version later than 4.4. The app is completely free to download and has all the fundamental features that anyone finds in good Wifi Messaging Apps.

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8. Pro SMS – Best Offline Messenger

This app is purely an SMS application plus the pro feature of sending MMS. Although the application does not fully feature to make calls as well, yet it is a good and handy application if you still find sending SMS convenient. This app is also free to install and runs on any Android phone later than 4.1.

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9. LINE: Free Calls & Messages

LINE is a very comprehensive and popular SMS sending application. Using LINE, you can send text messages directly to the phone number of your contacts. This means that it is not necessary that the receiver’s phone must be connected to the internet. However, it is a must for the sender to connect with Wifi or enable mobile data. LINE also offers huge storage space to keep your messages, photos, videos, audios, and images online which can be easily accessible later on from anywhere in the world.

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10. Messages: SMS & MMS

A very simple, fast, and easy application to send SMS. The settings of the app enables you to customize your application the way you want. You can change the background image of the application to give it a personal touch. To make use of the app at night, you may also enable the dark mode. If anyone is sending you a message, you can see the person ‘typing…’

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