Beginner Gaming PC: How to Get Started With PC Gaming?

There has been vigorous growth in the gaming world in recent times and there are games for 2-year-old toddlers to 70+ grandparents. They are made with real-time graphics, destructible environments, 3D visuals, artificial intelligence, high thinking problems, and many more.

The games are no longer available in CD-ROMs today. Instead, they can be downloaded from a wide range of digital storefronts based on your needs and budgets. With the growing lockdown, it’s time for you to start playing video games.

If you are totally new to PC gaming, you can check out Battlelog for the latest PC games! Also don’t worry about your PC or laptop configuration; there are a zillion games that can run without a glitch on basic models.

Let’s dive into the steps to begin the gaming journey!

1.Check your PC configuration:

The most crucial step to start your PC journey is to know your PC configuration. Every PC has different hardware. Some games require higher specifications while others do not. To check your PC specs

  • Go to Settings
  • Click the System option
  • Click on About

The specifications of the PC will pop up. Now you know what your PC can offer; when you shop for the games, select games that can run on your PC.

Some external devices and accessories are available to support high-end games. But it is not recommended as it will corrupt the PC and cause lagging, hanging, and other system issues.

2.Get your game

There are many digital platforms where you can download your games. It is possible to download games from the developer’s websites directly as well, but they charge for that at times. It’s better to check out gaming sites where many developers offer their games for free.

Other online stores like Minecraft and Epic Games store offer you the best shooting games. At the same time, while choosing your game, cross-check for the game specs. Under every game available in the online store, the required specs are mentioned. The specs need to be matched with your PC to function smoothly.

3.Try Basic games

The games that come with stories are the best games to start with. They will give you better practice of how PC games are played. These games do not require high-end accessories or devices. You can get accustomed to keyboards and the controls playing these games.

There are many basic shooting games like Ghostrunner, Assassins Creed, Monster Hunter World, and many more. You can even play common fun games like Mario, Claw, Need for speed, Roadrash, and Justice League for getting the hang of PC video gaming. Then, you can slowly upgrade to better games like PUBG, Clash of Clans, Call of Duty, and Rainbow Six Siege.

Games to Pick from

Well, this year, there have been so many releases in the video gaming industry. Some are new launches, while many are upgrades in their series. So here are some of the most preferred games of all time for you to begin your PC gaming:

  1. Tomb Raider: Just like the movies, this game is played purely in stealth, speed, survival, and fighting tactics. The game is updated and has exciting locations for the gamer to fight. It is one of the best games to enter PC gaming.
  2. Talos Principle: This game is for geeks who love solving puzzles and escaping traps. It is exhilarating and gets tougher. Try it out if you love puzzles!
  3. The Walking Dead: Well, a zombie apocalypse is something gamers love fighting. It is a pretty fun shooting game that is quite popular among teens.
  4. Call of Duty: COD is one of the most famous games. It is a multiplayer game that is based on military attacks and rescuing hostages. You have to get the hang of video gaming before you start COD!


PC gaming is for everyone. Once you get into PC gaming, do not quit on the first go. You will take time to get used to it, and once you do, there is no stopping! PC games can also be played professionally and can win you huge prizes. It is the trend of today. If you are not into video gaming already, well, it’s about time you started PC gaming!


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