10 Brilliant Drawing Apps for Android

If you’re interested in drawing on your phone or tablet, then you may have been looking for the best drawing apps for Android. There are plenty of these apps available on the Play Store, and other sources. Though, it can be confusing to choose one from all the options, and get the best functionality depending upon your needs.

Drawing apps are abundant and feature-rich on computers. iOS also has apps like Procreate, that provide industry-leading features. But, there are plenty of equally powerful drawing apps that you can use on your Android devices. Some of them are completely free, and others require a subscription. Let’s take a look at all the options you can try out.

10 Best Drawing Apps on Android

Infinite Painter

infinite painter

Infinite Painter brings some of the best features found in leading drawing apps and bundles them in a greatly designed Android app.  You can use the included tools to create just about any kind of drawing, using over 160 brush presets. You also get to use tools like different perspectives, selection and clipping masks, and four types of symmetries.

This app also brings one of the most advanced painting engines on Android. You can transform multiple layers at once, and import or export projects in PSD layers or other popular formats. You can use the trial features for a limited period, with advanced features requiring a subscription.

Get it here: Infinite Painter

Adobe Illustrator Draw

adobe illustr

Adobe is one of the industry leaders when it comes to drawing, modeling, and other similar workflows. With Adobe Illustrator Draw, you can access some of the best features of the PC counterparts on your Android devices. You can use layers, multiple customizable brush and pen tips, and high zoom levels to apply finer details to your work.

The progress you make on one device can be shared over your other devices by saving them to the Adobe Creative Cloud. Also, you can export your drawings in high detail with support for multiple leading formats. You can download the app for free, and unlock advanced features by subscribing to Adobe Creative Cloud.

Get it here: Adobe Illustrator Draw



If your drawing needs involve using complex tools and features, then ArtFlow provides one of the most comprehensive drawing solutions for Android. This app provides you with more brush customization options than almost any other app on this list.

Also, you can use traditional features found on the desktop counterparts of these drawing apps, like layering, blending, and high-quality exports. ArtFlow also offers support for Nvidia’s DirectStylus, in case you run an Nvidia tablet. It is free to download and use, with additional features requiring a subscription.

Get it here: ArtFlow

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Ibis Paint


Ibis Paint is another great drawing app that offers most of the features you may need for the purpose of creating unique artwork. There are over 140 brushes to choose from, with additional features like drawing time-lapses, and support for multiple layers.

You also get various drawing modes that offer specific tools at your disposal, depending on the type of art you’re making. The user interface is well laid out and is quite intuitive to use. Ibis Paint is free to use for a limited time, and the paid version comes in at $4.99.

Get it here: Ibis Paint



In case you’re looking for one of the best apps to create pixel art on your phone, then look no forward than dotpict. You get an easy-to-use grid to fill in boxes that depict the individual pixels of your art. Also, there are various zoom levels that allow you to add many fine details.

While this app may not be the most feature-rich app on Android, the features included with it are enough to create striking pixel art. Basic functions like autosaves, undo, and exporting in various formats are available to the user.

Get it here: dotpict



While other similar apps offer comprehensive drawing features, RoughAnimator combines them with additional powerful tools to animate your art. You can use this app to create a variety of animations, either in the form of GIFs, videos, or small animations.

The included features are best for drawing frame by frame and then layering them together to create great simple animations. You can also fine-tune the framerate and scale the resolution according to your needs. The app costs $4.99 and can be tried out in a trial period.

Get it here: RoughAnimator



Sketchbook allows you to create art styles that require a lot of shading and sketching quite easily. This app comes with a lot of features that make it ideal for drawing on Android phones and tablets.

You get to use up to three layers, with 10 different types of brushes with pressure sensitivity. These features are available completely for free, with the paid subscription offering several more brush options, layers, and access to other premium tools.

Get it here: Sketchbook



In case your aim is to replicate creating your art on actual paper, then look no further than PaperColor for Android devices. You get all the common brush types that you can use on other leading drawing apps, along with some unique features like tracing.

The tracing feature allows you to draw over other art by emulating a translucent screen. The included features and tools should cater to both professional artists and amateur ones. PaperColor is free to download, with advanced features locked behind in-app purchases.

Get it here: PaperColor

MediBang Paint


MediBang Paint brings some of the features that other apps lock behind paywalls for free. This app is available on all leading platforms, and your work can be synced between different devices. The cloud-saving feature offered by this app is quite reliable and totally free.

You get all the regular brushes, tools, and layering features found in the other options on this list. There are also several add-ons that you can explore and use. Overall MediBang is one of the best free drawing apps to try on Android devices.

Get it here: MediBang



InspirARTion is a simple and intuitive drawing app for Android devices that you can use to jot down quick ideas and create drawings on the go. There is also a web-based counterpart of this app that you can access from your browser. Your ongoing work can be imported and exported between the different platforms.

Also, there are several modes that you can find in this app. This includes symmetry mode, different brush effects, and using photo templates. You can download and install this app for free, with some of the features being locked behind a paywall.

Get it here: InspirARTion

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