Online Casinos: How To Protect Yourself From Fraud

Online gambling is more popular than ever. Many people are drawn to at-home activities as a hobby, and online casinos are among the many benefactors. 

But as its popularity grows among players, it attracts the attention of con artists. The value of all sorts of cybercrime has increased by 300 percent due to a general increase in internet usage. Today, you’ll be learning how to avoid being a victim of fraud in online casinos.


What is Online Gambling Fraud?

Gambling fraud is when cybercriminals attempt to exploit or defraud an online casino or bookmaker without having any direct participation in the match. These scams occur when con artists attempt to influence or abuse an online gaming site for personal benefit.

Match-fixing is the act of one party in a competition ‘throwing a bunk,’ whereas gambling fraud takes advantage of one facet of the operator’s business.

Most individuals are aware of how sleight of hand and deception may influence the outcome of a game. The same idea that underpins these approaches has also been used to perpetrate fraud in online gaming.

Most Common Types of Online Gambling Fraud

It would be best to become familiar with the most prevalent frauds before learning how to prevent scams or gaming fraud. Exploiting the system and payment assaults are the two sorts of gaming fraud in the online world.

Exploiting the system

An exploit is a computer attack that takes advantage of a specific vulnerability that the system exposes to intruders. While fraudsters are always devising new and inventive methods to exploit the system, there are a few common tactics. 

Fraud involving many accounts

Many gambling assaults are based on the foundation of multiple account fraud. Cybercriminals create numerous accounts using forged credentials to tip the scales in their favor online, including the others on this list.

Bonus Abuse

Bonus abuse occurs when many false accounts take advantage of fresh signup incentives, vouchers, and other appealing offers. While these promotions are a great method to attract new players, your platform will rapidly lose money if you give out too many of them.


Gnoming also involves using numerous accounts to assist one player in winning. The other accounts are intended to purposefully lose money so that one may keep all of the winnings and bonuses.

Chip Dumping

At the poker table, chip dumping is a common occurrence. The objective is to connect many accounts to the same table, similar to gnoming, to scam the system and affect the results favor or against one player.

Payment Attacks

Then there are payment-related assaults. Because gambling sites are digital wallets, processing payments exposes them to the risk of losing money. Payment attacks include the following:

Stolen Credit Cards

Stolen credit cards allow fraudsters to top up their accounts with illicit funds, allowing them to collect genuine winnings. It’s recommended to learn how to prevent your credit from being stolen in the first place.


After scammers have already filled up their accounts, chargebacks occur. They then file a refund from their credit card or bank provider, meaning they will be reimbursed at the expense of the online gambling service.

Phone Top-Up Abuse

If your online casino allows phone top-up, scammers have developed ingenious methods to top up their victims’ accounts. They call burner phone owners and persuade them to top up their accounts, which is used to fund their gaming accounts.

Tips to Avoid Online Gambling Frauds

Examine The Online Reputation

Do not be rushed while choosing an online casino. Many gamers that sign up with shady gaming sites are just concerned with the most basic factors, such as appealing bonuses and promotions, game selection, and theme.

Review The Site’s Licensing and Regulations

Aside from reputation, licensing is a crucial factor to take into account. You may always trust online gambling companies with licenses from the most reputable regulatory bodies. Many gambling websites include information regarding their licenses at the bottom of their home pages.

Review The Online Casino Rules or Terms and Conditions

On their websites, online casinos include terms and conditions or restrictions. Players can become well-informed about what they offer and how they work by reading terms and conditions. The regulations will instruct you on bonuses and promotions, deposit and withdrawal restrictions, allowed nations, and other topics.


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