How to Check Amazon Gift Card Balance Without Redeeming

If a person is confused about knowing how to check their Amazon Gift Card balance without actually having to redeem the card itself then you need to read this article till the end. Sometimes you may need to check the balance of your Amazon Gift Card before you select the product you wanna buy, then taking that into consideration there are certain indirect ways via which one can find out the balance without actually having to redeem the gift card.

If a user has decided to redeem the gift card during the process of purchasing a product then he will get the balance of the card shown on the checkout page. If you wanna know more about how to check the balance of an Amazon Gift Card without actually redeeming it then you must know and understand more about how these Amazon Gift Cards work.


One important thing to be aware of is that the Amazon Gift Cards can only be redeemed on the Amazon site. In order to check the balance of the Amazon gift card, the respective user needs to put the code of the Gift Card into the respective box and then click on the check button to find out the balance of the card.

One can also get items from the Gift Card balance and then one would find the value of the Gift Card. A particular user can use the gift card or voucher to purchase items exclusively from Amazon or you can even add the gift card value to your Amazon wallet and then use the money on any future orders.

In any situation, if a particular user wants to check the balance, one can do it easily from the gift card option available at, however, one must be cautious enough to not redeem the card instead of just checking the balance.

Let’s finally move on to the steps and methods using which one can check their Amazon gift card balance without redeeming. 

How to check the worth of the Amazon Gift Card?

The support team of Amazon has given out their own set of suggestions on checking the balance of gift vouchers. Previously there used to be an option through which a particular user could message the customer service of Amazon and then they would help the user in obtaining the balance of the Amazon Gift card.

The user simply had to send the Gift Card ID which would then let the Amazon customer service find out the details of the card and send it to the user. However, Amazon has discontinued this option due to a lot of privacy concerns and one cannot use this option anymore to find out the balance.

There are a lot of other alternative ways through which the user can check the balance of the vouchers without actually redeeming them. 

Creating an Amazon account for Gift Card 

In order to open an Amazon account, a particular user is required to go to the respective Amazon website. The user can use any combination of domains under Amazon in order to register an Amazon account. For instance, if a user is registering on, the same login credentials would be applicable for the other domain as well. 

Step 1

The user first needs to visit the Amazon website and create an account.

Step 2

Now the particular user is required to register with the name, email address, and phone number after which an account would be instantly be created on Amazon. One needs to verify the Email ID or the Phone Number if the user has added either of them to your account while registering. 

Step 3 

Once the user has completed all of their registration processes, they just need to set up their profile with specific details such as an address, profile picture, and zip code. With this, the account would be ready to use and the user can add money into their wallet using the gift card and make an order via the application. 

How to Check Amazon Gift Card Balance?

There are specific methods through which one can find the balance of the Amazon gift card. One has to follow some of the methods that are mentioned below. 

Checking the Balance of the Gift card through the App of Amazon

If a user is there on the Amazon App on the respective mobile phone then one has the chance to check their respective gift card balance directly through the mobile phone. 

Step 1

For this particular step, the user has to ensure that their Amazon application is updated to the latest version. After logging in to the app one needs to go to the ‘Your Account’ part. There the user will the option of a gift card by pressing the three-line icon from the left menu bar in your accounts section.

Step 2 

Now the user needs to scroll entirely to the bottom and then tap on the gift card option from the other listed options available. The user will also have to press on the add balance option. After pressing on the option you would be prompted to enter the code of the gift card. 

Step 3 

After the particular user taps and enters the code, one would be redirected to the next window, wherein the gift card balance would be visible in front of the user. Now after the gift card balance has been popped out, one needs to confirm if the user needs to add the balance of the gift card into the respective Amazon pay balance.

You can cancel the redemption of the gift card after looking at the balance. However, once the gift card has been redeemed and the balance of the same has been entered into your account, the gift card validity cannot be reversed. 

One important thing to note in this process is that the overall steps and procedure to find the balance of the card may be a bit different throughout the other domains in other countries, but the overall process remains the same. 

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