Why Industries Gladly Hire Flutter Developers?

The race to find cheaper solutions to run your products is never done. While some companies adhere to an old technology that is already being supported by their staff, others decide to make a bold move and hire dedicated Flutter developers for their teams. But why hire Flutter mobile app developer if there are other solutions on the market? 

In this article, we will see why you hire Flutter developers and the best ways to find Flutter developers for hire.

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The success of Flutter

Before you hire Flutter developers, you need to know why it has become so prevalent these days. Until a few years ago, developers of mobile applications focused on the iOS platform rather than Android. As time has passed, those same developers have started to adapt their apps for other platforms. To help this transition, Google introduced Flutter, a new UI SDK with a cross-platform codebase.

Оf course, Google had an interest since they are behind Android – but it doesn’t change the fact that Flutter has its many perks.

Who needs two codebases? One is enough

Companies who want to hire a Flutter developer know that well. Flutter, Google’s framework for building high-quality native interfaces on Android, iOS, and Windows, is one of the fastest tools you can use when working with application development. Native mobile apps are often very similar in terms of their navigation, design, and layout. Flutter uses the Dart language to make it easier to create a single codebase that can run on both Android and iOS.

Hot reload features make things easier for everyone

The process of writing code for an app is not easy. In fact, to get the job done, a programmer usually has to wake up at odd hours and labor for hours on end until she can see the results. For example, when you’re writing code in iOS and have to save it, compile it, and then review your app — it takes up to a minute to see the result. With “Hot Reload,” you are consistently in charge of the process, as you see everything in real-time.

The flexible layout makes companies hire dedicated Flutter developers

Delivering on the promise of improvements in performance and development speed, Flutter features high-performance apps with rich functionality and a modern, reactive programming style, regardless of the operating system. Be it iOS or Android, it doesn’t matter, as the results are simply stunning. And instant!

World-class rendering engine

Flutter has a cutting-edge user interface framework that is perfect for both Android and iOS app developers. Built on Google’s open-source project, Dart, Flutter uses Google’s Skia engine to generate native UI and video effects. It enables so many functionalities you cannot even imagine.

Insane time to market speed

Flutter’s ability to produce the same codebase, regardless of the device you’re targeting, is the cornerstone of its mobile development software. With Flutter’s single codebase approach, companies can reduce the time it takes to develop an app by up to 50% compared to native apps — as well as eliminate development costs associated with multiple codebases. So you not only save lots of time but actually could potentially save up to 50% of the costs associated with the app. 

Lots of places to hire Flutter developers

Because Flutter is so popular, it attracts developers from every country. Regardless if it’s a company or a freelancer, people aim to learn the framework to secure themselves a better-paid job.


Freelancers are a great choice if your Flutter project is small. You can find professionals with lots of experience for very reasonable prices. Instead of investing 1000s of dollars into big companies in the industry or hiring in-house devs, they can do the job for so much less.


Agencies hire Flutter app developers because they can ensure more projects. That’s why people who need Flutter services often resort to reliable sources, despite their costs being a bit higher than freelancers. However, the biggest advantage is their flexibility. Something that freelancers cannot always offer.


People from many industries hire dedicated Flutter developers for their mobile application work. The framework offers a lot of must-have features, but the biggest advantage of all is the fast time-to-market time which associates the project with faster work and smaller costs.


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