2 Ways To Remove Your Phone Number from Instagram?

Instagram is one of the best social media applications out there in terms of functionality as well as providing privacy for its millions of users across the globe. It is a superb platform for sharing the lovely moments of your family or friends with the entire world.

When the question of privacy and security comes, there are a lot of steps that you can take to make sure that your account and personal details remain private throughout.

For starters, you can consider removing and unlinking your phone number from your Instagram account. Instagram has an easy way through which you can delete or even modify. You can also look at this phone number issue from another perspective.

By keeping your phone number intact while using Instagram, you can easily find a lot of mutual friends which makes it easier for you to connect with people. A friend of yours can easily find out your profile by just inputting your number in the search bar since the transparent policy of Instagram lets other users of the app find your profile through your phone number.

However, if you are worried about your privacy and safety and do not want any sort of unwanted messages or calls on your phone number, you can read this article and find out the procedure to remove your number with ease. 

How to Remove your Phone Number from your Instagram Account?

instagram iphone

Before we move on to the detailed explanation of how can you remove your phone number from your Instagram account, you need to ensure that your Instagram application on your IOS or Android device is updated to the latest version.

Without the app in the latest versions, these steps and solutions may not work for you. The solutions mentioned in this article are applicable to both the IOS and Android platforms.

Below mentioned is the process through which one can easily delete their numbers from their Instagram account. 

Step 1: Before you can remove the phone number, you’ll have to disable two-step phone verification. It can be done in Settings > Security > Two-Factor Authentication.

Step 2: Now visit your Instagram profile page and tap on the Edit button. 

instagram profile edit

Step 3: In the profile settings, tap on Personal information settings.

Step 4: Now, you need to tap on your phone number. 

Step 5: Delete your phone number, leave the textbox empty and then tap next. 

delete your instagram phone number

Step 6: After removing your phone number you will find yourself on the Edit Profile page once again. 

Step 6: You are required to tap on that checkmark at the top right corner of your screen to save the changes as required. 

By following this method one can easily remove or unlink their phone number from their respective Instagram account. Once you hit on that checkmark option all of the changes that you have made will get saved and hence you will have a profile without a phone number which ensures that your privacy levels are maintained.

You will also get a notification on your email ID about the changes that you have made to your Instagram account pertaining to your phone number. 

How to Unlike Phone Number from Instagram on a Personal Computer?

An Instagram user can not only unlike their phone numbers from an IOS or Android mobile phone, but also from a Personal Computer. Irrespective of the user having a Windows, Mac or a Linux PC, you can unlink and change your mobile phone number easily from a web browser.

An important thing to note is that if you have already deleted or unlined your phone number from Instagram via the application, then it is not necessary for you to follow these steps and do it all over again from your PC or laptop.

Instagram instantly syncs all its settings across the platforms and hence you are not required to follow suit and do this process on your laptop or PC as well. However, if you want to know the steps then they are as mentioned below. 

Step 1: Visit the official Instagram website on your PC. 

Step 2: Click on the profile icon on the top right section of your screen. Remove Your Phone Number from Instagram on pc

Step 3: Now you are required to click on the Edit Profile button which is present next to your name. 

Step 4: Before you can remove the phone number make sure to have a verified email ID. Now delete your phone number and make it blank as shown below. 

How To Remove Your Phone Number from Instagram

Step 5: Now in the last step of this process, press the Submit button. 

Once you press the Submit button, you will see the profile saved notification pop up at the bottom of the profile page. You will also receive an immediate notification which would be sent to your email id. The email will contain the details of the changes made to your Instagram account. 

Important Tips

These are the two primary ways through which you can unlink your number either through your mobile phone or your PC. One important point to note in this context is that if you are removing and unlinking your number just because of certain unwanted notifications, then there is a separate solution for it.

The emails and messages that you may receive may contain news, reminder, product, feedback emails and so on. There is an inbuilt option for settings that you can modify that would stop these annoying messages and emails from Instagram in your inbox. However, if your reason to remove or delink your phone number is privacy then this particular tip is not applicable to you. You can easily go to the settings of Instagram.

Find the tap on the Email and SMS notifications option and the toggle all the notifications options off. This particular option will ensure that you do not get any annoying emails and messages on your phone.        

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