All Differences Between iPhone X Models (A1865, A1901, A1902)

Even though the iPhone X has been discontinued it would always remain a revolutionary concept. The iPhone brought about a new generation of iPhone designs and even the latest iPhone 13 and the subsequent models are somewhere based on the design of the iPhone X.

With the new iPhone X, the home button which also carried the touch ID feature got ditched for an IR enabled face ID. The thick chin of the phone was converted into a lesser aspect ratio with a notch upfront to get small bezels.

There were significant changes to the iPhone model compared to the previous model of the iPhone. Both the software and the hardware of the phones were changed as a result of adopting newer technological innovations.

If you are reading this article to be informed about the iPhone X, it must be a surprise for you to learn that the iPhone has three different models. These three particular models are primarily available in two colours and two different storage capacities.

There are primarily three different versions of the phone, the iPhone X (Verizon/Sprint/China/India/A1865), the iPhone X (AT&T/T-Mobile/Global/A1901) and the iPhone X (Japan/A1902).

These three models are more or less the same or identical looks-wise. The major difference in these three models is the network support and capabilities. Let us now analyze the differences and similarities between the models in a detailed manner: 

External Similarities and Major Differences 

Differences Between iPhone X Models A1865 A1901 A1902

All these iPhone X models have the same external case which is primarily made out of surgical grade stainless steel with glass both front and back.

The phone across all of its models is splash, water and dust resistant making it IP-67 certified. However, the phone is not fully waterproof. The iPhone models also come with a wireless or more specifically an inductive charging technology.

The phones have loud and clear stereo features, a typical iPhone lightning port and a side-mounted Nano Sim access.

The major difference in the iPhone compared to the older phones is the complete ditching of the home button and the adoption of a full-fledged gesture control system which would altogether replace the touch id for the face id. All three iPhone models come with a triple camera setup.

On the front side, a single camera is concealed in the notch at the top of the display panel. The new front camera possesses true depth technology and supports Face ID functionality. It takes shots worth 7 megapixels, has the capability to shoot 1080p videos and has the capabilities to take photos in a portrait mode and also in different lighting conditions.

The phone features a dual-camera setup on the rear, one camera is a wide-angle and another one is a telephoto lens. Both of these cameras have a 12-megapixel capability, they support optical image stabilization and shoot 4K photos and videos.

The cameras support motion tracking and have support for augmented reality as well. All three models of the iPhone come with an OLED display panel for the first time.

The screen has a 3D touch-capable Super Retina display. All the models of the phones are available in two colour options silver and a dark ‘Space Grey variant. Both of these colours have a black front in order to focus on the notch. 

iphone x

Differences in Identification Between iPhone X Models (A1865, A1901, A1902)

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It is very easy to differentiate between the iPhone X and the earlier models of the iPhone owing to design changes. However, it is quite a bit difficult to distinguish the iPhone X from the later models of the iPhone since all the models that came after the iPhone X also lack a proper home button.

Unlike the previous models of an iPhone, you cannot uniquely identify an iPhone with a model number on its back.

The model number of a phone is just listed on the cardboard shipping box and also within the IOS settings panel. The three subsequent models of iPhone X are:

iPhone X Model                                                                     Model Number                  iPhone X (Verizon/Sprint/China/India)                                      A1865                              iPhone X (AT&T/T-Mobile/Global)                                             A1901                              iPhone X (Japan)                                                                    A1902                                                                                                         

Internal and Battery Life Similarities

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All three iPhone X models have a 2.4 GHz six-core A11 Bionic chip with a 64-bit based architecture and also have an embedded M11 motion coprocessor. It has RAM worth 3 GB and is either equipped with 64 GB or 256 GB of flash storage.

Each of these phones has an NFC chip with a reader mode which allows it to make digital payments with the assistance of “Apple Pay” software as well.

The Japan-specific A1902 model also has support for the Sony FeliCa which lets the phone make contactless payments on QuickPay as well. 

IOS Support Similarities in iPhone X (A1865, A1901, A1902)

All of these iPhone X models ship with IOS 11 and are fully compatible with IOS 12. Recently the iPhone models also received updates not only for IOS versions 13 and 14 but also run smoothly on the IOS 15 version as well.

While the iPhone X was running on IOS 13, it did not support the Adjust Portrait Lightning and High Key Mono photography features, the Dolby atmos playback and most of the AR features.

While the iPhone X was running on the IOS 14 version it did not support the minor car keys, Location Anchors, Exposure Compensation, Burst Photos, QuickTake Video, and On-Device Dictation features on any of the three iPhone X models.

While running IOS 15, the iPhone models do not support a plethora of features such as Spatial Audio, Portrait Mode, Immersive Walking Instructions, Live Text in Photos, Live Text Translation, Visual Look Up, 3D Landmarks, Home Keys and so much more.  


Purchase and Sale Options for the iPhone X models

There is no shortage of options to buy a used variant of the iPhone X model since the phone has been discontinued in manufacturing.

It is ideally recommended that you buy your phone from a good dealer with an established record of selling used phones to prevent you from falling into any scammy deals.

A good dealer would ensure that you get the best experience from your money and also you get good after-sales support as well.

In the United States, you have Amazon which sells good quality refurbished phones. In the Canada region, Core 1 and Carbon computing both sell good refurbished iPhone X models.

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