10 Best Wishlist Apps for Good Gift Ideas

If you are someone who is curious enough to know about the Best Wishlist Applications for IOS and Android devices to get the best gifts for your loved ones, then this is the best article for you to read.

A lot of occasions are fast approaching and you may be confused with regards to what you need to gift your work colleagues, your friends or your family for that matter of fact.

The major challenge is picking out a gift for people nowadays since people have different choices and preferences for the things they use. Without further ado, we would directly like to move on to the list of the best wishlist apps available. 


The wishmindr app was developed by Wrightlabs and it helps the users in creating a list of the things they want and then sharing the list with their loved ones. This particular application saves a lot of your time and it is very easy to use as well.

This is one of the best applications available for effectively organising gifts for anyone. The user interface of this application is top-notch which makes it much more easier for the users to check for gifts. You can make a wishlist and share it via email, text or any other social media platform. wishminder

Download: Android, IOS 


By using this famous gifster application, you will always make the right choices pertaining to getting a gift for any of your family members or friends.

Using this application you can also create a private group with others wherein you can make and share your wishlist. Using this application, you can get the right gift items without any stress or anxiety caused. 


Download: Android, IOS 


The giftbuster is a very good gift registry list for all occasions. You can put all your needed items in this application. One can create a personal gift registry for various occasions using this application. The giftbuster application is very useful and at the same time very simple to use.

You can make your friends and family informed about the kinds of gifts you would like for any special occasion. If you add members to the group, they can reserve a gift for you can then directly make contributions to it. 


Download: Android, IOS 


If there is a gift that you always wanted to have and wanted someone to gift it to you. Or if you want to know what exactly you want to gift a friend, then the MeHappy app is the best for you.

You do not need to break your head in deciding the gift you want to give your friends or family members, you can just make them download the MeHappy app and then make them add their items in their wishlist. The application is very simple and easy to use as well. The registration process of this application is also very simple. 


Download: Android, IOS

Gift List 

If you are annoyed by receiving a bad gift from your friends then you can make things much easier for you by just downloading the gift list application and sharing the wish list with your friends and family. On the other hand, if you are worried about finding gift for your loved ones then you can use this app as well.

You can directly communicate with your friends to know what item would they like. A user can easily search for items and add them to the list.

The wishlist can then be shared with friends and family. You can also download a gift list from your browser and automatically add gift items

gift list

Download: Android 

Wish upon

This particular wishlist app is one of the best out there and it is available on both Android and IOS devices. This app has over 1000 stores integrated into it which can be used to organise and find your list online. Users can also use this application to create a wish list easily and put all of their gift ideas altogether.

You are not required to create bookmarks or even take a screenshot of the gift since this application easily organises stuff for you. This application keeps the users updated on the best deals and offers available. 

Wishlist Apps

Download: Android, IOS

Wish Explorer

The wish explorer app allows the users to create their own wishlist and share them with their friends and also their loved ones. It keeps the users reminded about the things their friends and family may need.

This app provides users with a modernised wish list. Using the wish explorer app you can easily sort your wishlist using the drag and drop feature provided. It also has a real-time sync feature that will help the users manage the list effectively. 

Download: Android, IOS 

Wish Works

This particular application makes it very easy for users to shop online. With this app, one can easily organise the gifts to be bought for their friends, family and their other loved ones. With wish work choosing and buying the perfect gift is very easy.

The wishlist created by you can easily be accessed and shared by family, friends and so on. This application also helps you in comparing the best prices among various online stores and finding the best price for your gifts.

You can also compare the prices of the same item across platforms which would then save your money considerably. 

Download: Android, IOS 


In this application, you can choose any store or website to create your wishlist or your own shopping list.. This is an extremely easy and simple application to use.

It lets the user create a wishlist for any type of occasion and also share it with their friends and family members as well. You can create an unlimited number of wishlists without any limits. There are no annoying ads to be displayed on the screen of the user.  

Download: Android, IOS

Wish Slate

This application is perfect for Christmas and birthdays and also lets you create wishlists just like that. It lets the users create simple and elegant wishlists This application comes with an inbuilt social media platform which is very interesting. 

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