10 Reasons Why Online Gaming Can Increase Workplace Productivity 

Being productive in the workplace is the best way to complete your duties and is often credited for overall workplace success. Improving concentration is another factor in performing your duties productively. Many people attribute their lack of productivity to their lack of concentration, but what if there was a fun way to boost your productivity in the workplace?

Would you go for it? Well, online gaming can do exactly that. Gamers all over the world share the benefits of gaming, and often credit it with contributing to their concentration. Let’s unpack 10 reasons why online gaming can increase your workplace productivity.  

It exercises your brain

Look, keeping your brain active is a great way to keep yourself ready for action at any given point, and is vital to help keep dementia at bay. For many, daily workplace tasks can become quite mundane, and it can be difficult to find ways to make work more exciting. This is where gaming can help. We’re not used to exercising our brains, and this can put us on autopilot if we’re not careful. Some people choose reading to keep their brain active, while others opt for gaming. Both are great, but with gaming, you get slightly more, as it forces you to solve complex problems and think out of the box.  


Being under immense stress can severely affect your work life. You’lll find yourself missing important things and dropping the ball. And stress is also the silent killer we should all be wary about. But how does gaming help? Well, depending on what you play, certain games allow you to explore other worlds, as well as expand your imagination, and this has tremendous stress-relieving benefits. You get to escape for a moment and enjoy something different, and you can make this a regular activity.  

Improves your focus

Depending on the time of year, sometimes you can become sluggish and lose focus. While this is normal, if not nipped in the bud it can have a negative effect on your work life. In most jobs, you must focus, and this is something you constantly need to work at. Again, depending on the type of game you are playing, you will need to focus on multiple things simultaneously to progress. This is a wonderful way to work on your focus skills that will also boost your productivity.  


Connecting with others

Sometimes starting a new job can be daunting. For some, it takes months, if not years, to connect with other people. If you’re playing a game such as Apex Legends, you will have to play in a team, and while you don’t have to interact, speaking with your teammates will really help to improve your overall gaming experience. When gaming, you can practice how to interact with your team, and then apply the same principles in the workplace.


Making decisions is often seen as something only a boss or manager does, but every single person will occasionally have to make decisions in life, especially in the workplace. With gaming, you’re forced to make split-second decisions that affect the outcome of the game, which helps you to think on your feet and learn as well.  

Improve memory

People rarely think of having a great memory as something that is needed in the workplace, but this could not be further from the truth. If you can remember something your client said six months ago, that’s impressive, and gaming can help you with this skill. Games can heighten your information recall. For certain games, especially adventure ones, you need to be able to recall something you saw earlier in the game. This will often involve remembering a previous clue to complete future stages.  

Improves communication

Effective communication is key to being productive. Let’s talk about multiplayer games. If you need to take down your opponent, and you need your team to help you, you should be able to ask for help at any given moment. If you struggle with this, you can end up costing your team the game. The same can be said for the workplace. If you’re not briefing a team effectively, they might not be able to follow your instructions to complete a project correctly and effectively. Build your communication skills by playing as many multiplayer games as possible.  

Transferable skills

Overall, video games can teach you multiple skills you can use in and out of the workplace, and this in turn can help improve your productivity. Look at it this way: You just picked up some valuable strategic thinking and planning attributes simply by playing a 25-hour adventure game. These skills can then be used in your job, helping to boost your overall workplace performance.  

Solve problems

Complex problems often take a long time to solve, and not for a lack of trying; that goes for video games as well. You are presented with a level that requires you to move through a range of obstacles while collecting loot. If you touch any of the obstacles, you need to restart the level. This is difficult. But if you look at it logically and plan the best way forward, you can overcome the obstacles.  

Inspires ideas

Being stuck in a rut can lead to a lack of ideas, which in turn can affect your productivity. You no longer feel motivated, and everything becomes a chore. Incorporating video games into your life can help with this. While playing, you will see things that will pique your interest. Here you can drill down and feel inspired to come up with new and fresh ideas for your job.  

These are but a few of the many gaming skills you can use to improve workplace productivity, so give it a try! 

Abhishek is the founder of Geeks Gyaan. When he's not busy writing, he loves looking at the stars and exploring the universe.


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