9 Ways To Fix Paramount Plus Not Working On Roku/Fire TV Stick

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ are some of the most popular streaming platforms right now. The majority of people with internet access subscribe to some form of streaming service. Instead of paying for a cable TV subscription, streaming platforms allow users to pay for just the movies and shows they want to watch.

As a result of the recent acquisition of CBS All Access, Paramount Plus is one of the newest streaming services on the rise. The platform has been enhanced with tons of new content.

Furthermore, Paramount Plus is available on a wide range of platforms, including Android, iOS, Web, Android TV, and Apple TV.

The purpose of this guide, however, is to assist Amazon Fire TV Stick and Roku users who are experiencing problems with Paramount Plus. If you have been unable to stream anything using the Paramount Plus app on your device then this guide is for you.

Read on to learn how to fix the Paramount Plus not working bug.

Fixing Paramount Plus Not Working On Roku/Fire Tv Stick

In most cases, an issue like this is caused by an expired subscription, a corrupted app install, a faulty app version and an older operating system. Below are some common fixes.

Check For Any Software Updates

Using the Settings app of your Fire TV Stick or Roku device, you can check for software updates.

Most apps can only be installed on these smart devices with the latest operating system. If you find any software updates available for your device, we recommend upgrading it with a reliable internet connection.

Check Your Internet Speed

In addition, slow internet connections can make streaming video footage to your TV difficult. Firestick recommends a speed of 3.0 Mbps for SD content, and up to 9.0 Mbps for HD.

Using your smartphone or laptop, you can run an internet connection test. Just make sure you’re using the same WiFi network as your Firestick.

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A download speed of at least 25-50 Mbps is ideal for this test. You may get away with less, but you’re highly likely to experience slowness and lag at speeds below that.

Since streaming is a download process, pay attention to the download speed number (not the upload speed).

Reboot Your Roku Or Fire Tv Stick

You might be able to fix any bugs with your installed apps by rebooting your Roku or Fire TV Stick if you usually leave it on all the time.

Check Your Account Details

There might be a problem with your account that is preventing you from streaming anything using the Paramount Plus app.

We recommend you log into your Paramount Plus account and start investigating there. Your subscription may have expired, or your payment method may have been blocked.

Factory Reset Your Roku/Fire Tv Stick

Try factory resetting your Roku or Fire TV Stick if nothing else works. You can do this within the Settings app, but beware, you’ll lose all your data.

Force Stop And Clear Cache

Resetting your Firestick didn’t work? You’ll need to force stop your Paramount Plus app and clear its cache. To do that, go to settings > applications > manage installed applications.

Click on Paramount Plus and then “force stop” when you land on the list of all your apps.

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After stopping the app, you should clear the cache. Cache is essentially just a collection of data stored on your device to speed up some processes.

Your Firestick’s cache doesn’t really help much. Since the Firestick processor is so small, the cache is actually taking up valuable storage, so it slows things down.

You can clear the cache on your Firestick by performing the same process as “force stop” but selecting “clear cache” instead. while you’re at it, you might as well “clear data” too!

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Update The Paramount Plus App

The bugs may have been caused by a previous bad update, and in such a case, a hotfix will be available almost immediately once you open the app store on your Roku or Fire TV device.

Troubleshoot Your Wifi Connection

In case of any problems with your Roku or Fire Stick device’s WiFi connection, reboot your router to see if that resolves the problem. If not, re-add the network in the Settings app. The Ethernet connection should also be properly connected, if you have one.

Check To See If Paramount Plus Is Online

In the event that you cannot play any videos in the Paramount Plus app, it’s entirely possible that Paramount is experiencing an outage.

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You can check the Paramount Plus status page to see if that’s the problem. While you wait for service to be restored, you may want to watch another streaming service (or read a book).


We hope this article has given you a clear understanding of the steps needed to fix Paramount Plus not working on Roku or Fire TV Stick issues. It’s important to note that these are general troubleshooting tips and may not work for everyone.

If nothing else is working, it might be time to contact customer service for further assistance. Ultimately, having access to Paramount Plus can make your streaming experience more enjoyable and should be fixed as soon as possible if there are any problems!

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