6 Ways to Be Successful on Social Media as a Blogger

You are a blogger, and you want more attention from social media. This article assumes that you do not want to spend a lot of money on social media advertising platforms. You want people to pay attention to you on social media so that they visit your blog and hopefully become full-time followers. Here are six ways you can draw attention to your blog using social media.

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1. Buy The Accounts of Successful Social Media Creators

If you are running a blog, you probably don’t have the time to create a massive social media campaign. You have to direct your efforts, and your efforts are going into the product (the blog) rather than its marketing. 

In order to get ahead, you need to use the work of other people. In order to get ahead, you need to buy the social media accounts of people who have already gathered a large following. Instead of paying people to promote your blog on their social media accounts, you buy their accounts outright.

That way, you have the audience, and you decide what is posted on the account. You can go to a social media marketplace like Fameswap and buy other people’s social media accounts for pretty cheap. It is a good way of drumming up social media interest for your blog.

2. Offer Introductory Samples Of Your Work on Social Media

You can do this in several ways. You can create teaser trailers or teaser content that gives away a bit of your blog content but asks people to visit your blog to find out more. If you wish, you can frame this in several ways too. For example, there are news outlets that show you the first third of the article, and then ask you to sign in to see the rest. You could do a similar thing, but your social media post links to your blog.

3. Create Social Media Posts That Bring Up Your Blog’s Issues or Topics

It sounds like obvious advice, but you will be surprised by how many people try to chase likes and follows without drawing attention to their blog. If your blog post is about the use of glitter in toothpaste, then bring up the topics of glitter shortages and unhealthy toothpaste manufacture in your social media posts.

4. Consider The Click-Bait Approach If Your Content is Suitable

You have seen these sorts of things all over the internet. They start with something like, “You won’t believe what….” and “Five ways you are killing your….” It is a pretty sleazy way to promote your blog on social media, but for some reason, this sort of clickbait approach still works for some blogs.

If your blog posts already have clickbait titles, then adding clickbait to your social media posts is a no-brainer. If your blog posts are more sophisticated, then at least try the click-bait method on social media. If it doesn’t gain any traction, then you can always abandon the method and replace it with something that better suits your blog genre, type and topics.

5. Become The Brand That People Want to Follow

In other words, you need to “Jordan Peterson yourself.” This is where you promote yourself as a blogger on social media, and you become a branded personality on social media so that people want to search out your blog to find out what you have to say. In other words, you become a minor celebrity by cleverly branding yourself. Jordan did this by offering free physiological lessons to people on the Internet so that they actively went out to search out more of his material.

6. Broaden Your Blog Topic When You Create Social Media Posts

This month’s blog post may be about interest rates. You may go into great detail for a fantastic blog post. Obviously, you don’t want to repeat all your points on social media because it removes the need to read your blog. Instead, create social media content that covers the topic in a broader (and more shallow) way.

Your blog post is about interest rates, but your social media posts are about interest rates, inflation and house prices. By offering a broader topic range on your social media, you draw in more people who may follow a link to your blog post.


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