How To Fix Samsung M11 SM-M115F / M115M ISP PinOUT | Test Point | EDL Mode

The Samsung Galaxy M11 camera’s triple rear setup came out recently, and comes with all the features that a modern Android phone should have. It runs on Android 10, has a hole-punch display design with Dolby ATMOS support, and has an ISP pinout that we’ll be covering here.

By using the ISP pinout in this guide, you can restore stock ROM or reset user data by flashing. We’ll also be showing you how to reboot into 9008 EDL Mode later in the guide.

What Is ISP PinOUT?

ISP stands for “In-System Programming.” ISP, means communicating with a chip or memory card without the need to remove it. One advantage is that JTAG can’t be used which makes extraction much faster. Although accurately reading firmware is difficult, ISP has been applied successfully in forensics as a way of downloading a device’s complete data.

With in-system programming, the target chip can be communicated with without removing it. This method allows for extraction of data at a faster speed than JTAG. With forensics as its main application, ISP is the practice of connecting to an eMMC or eMCP to access the complete memory contents of a device.

There are 2 common forms of flash memory in today’s smartphones: eMMC and eMCP. Using ISP (integrated semiconductor package), examiners can recover the complete data from a locked phone without removing the chip and destroying the device.

This benefits many parties: the examiner who faces budget challenges, the examiner who wants to expand his expertise in retrieving evidence from locked smartphones, other financial stakeholders like law enforcement agencies, and finally, the general public who is better served if every piece of evidence is recovered for an investigation.

If you want to connect a device’s logic board with other electronics, you need an IS Pinout connection. The procedure is very straightforward since you just need to remove the back panel of your device before connecting the pins of your logic board and that of the other electronic devices.

Samsung Galaxy M11 (SM-M115F / M115M) ISP Pinout Image:

Samsung M11 SM M115F M115M ISP PinOUT 1

How To Enter EDL Mode On Samsung M11 (SM-M115F / M115M)

Follow these instructions to boot your device into EDL Mode

Method 1: Using ADB

  • Download ADB and Fastboot Tool 
  • Extract it to your PC (C:/ Drive)
  • Connect your device to your PC
  • Once you open the adb command, enter the command

.\adb reboot edl

Method 2: Using Fastboot

  • Extract ADB and fastboot to your PC after downloading.
  • Once extracted, boot your device into the bootloader
  • Open the command window on the extracted folder.
  • Enter the command.

.\fastboot oem edl

Method 3: By Hardware Test Points / Restore Your device

  • Find the EDL/PinOUT/ Test Point on your device with the help of the above image.
  • Use a metal tweezer to short the points in order to enter EDL mode.
  • Use  a USB cable to connect your device to the PC.
  • To enter EDL mode, you need to connect your device to the computer and power off. Then, use the QFil or the QPST Tool to flash firmware and restore your phone.

Samsung Galaxy M11: Device Overview

The Samsung Galaxy M11 features a 6.4-inch PLS IPS panel with HD+ resolution and a tall aspect ratio of 19.5:9. The screen does not have any form of protection, the phone is on a budget, and the device only has a 2018 octa-core processor from Qualcomm called Snapdragon 450 with eight Cortex-A53 cores clocked at 1.8 GHz.

There is a triple camera setup on the phone, with a 13MP primary sensor at the back. It has an f/1.8 lens, and is capable of shooting up to 1080p videos. There is also an ultrawide sensor with a 5MP sony sensor that also has an f/2.2 lens, and a 2MP camera that has an f/2.4 lens.

The front features one 8MP sensor capable of shooting 1080p videos up to 1920×1080 pixels in size at 30fps or lower res clips at 24fps With 3GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM, the Galaxy M11 is a budget smartphone.

There is extra storage available to be expanded via MicroSD card. You also get Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS, USB Type-C 2.0, 5,000 mAh battery for up to 15W fast charging. The Galaxy M11 is only available in 4 colors: Black, Metallic Blue, Violet.

Communication And GPS

The Galaxy M11 is a basic, reliable handset that has access to 11 LTE bands and two slots for inserting SIM cards. It also features band 20 and band 28 in the 703-733 MHz range, which are important for German consumers.

The IEEE 802.11 standards implemented by the WLAN module only support b/g/n, which results in inconsistent transmission rates with our WLAN test that have to be more substantial when transmitting with average speeds.

Phone Features And Voice Quality

The Samsung phone is a great choice for someone looking for a smartphone on a budget. It’s an inexpensive phone with plenty of features, such as Wi-Fi calling and access to VoLTE services.

The Galaxy M11 succeeded in video conference calls and the voices were reproduced intelligibly. Galaxy M11 via earpiece have acceptable voice quality, and call transmission is very reliable.

Cameras – Galaxy M11 with Triple Cam

The Galaxy M11 has a front-facing and embedded selfie camera with an aperture of f/2.0. The resolution is only 8 MP, but the photos are not good in low-light conditions and skin tones are reddish.

The rear-facing main camera has a 13 MP sensor and an open aperture of f/1.8. Photographs taken during daylight hours are dark, with limited detail due to insufficient sharpness. In terms of quality, the images are very blurry in wide-angle shots.

In bright areas, colours are overexposed and there are visible artifacts. Videos captured with the front-facing camera shoot at Full HD 1080p resolution at up to 30 frames per second. Videos taken with the rear-facing main camera also manage to capture Full HD 1080p video.

Accessories And Warranty

The M11 includes a power supply, a USB charging cable, and headphones. It does not include a silicone case. The phone is covered by Samsung’s warranty for 24 months.

Input Devices And Operation

The 6.4-inch LC display of the Samsung phone is accurate and fast, reaching up to the corners of the touchscreen. However, it offers no refresh rate beyond 60 Hz. Its fingerprint sensor could be improved as well as it takes seconds until the screen wakes up from standby; a 2D face recognition system with a front-facing camera detects 99% of faces with positive results but is considered an insecure method.


In this price range, the Galaxy M11 has a low pixel density of below 300 PPI. The maximum brightness is 430 cd/m², which is lower than competitors. The Redmi Note 9, in this price range, sometimes shines 30% brighter than the Galaxy M11.


The Galaxy M11 is built with a Snapdragon 450 processor, which has eight ARM Cortex-A53 cores that can run at 1.8 GHz. The Adreno 506 chipset is integrated as the graphics processing unit.

Using benchmarks, it was found that the CPU of this model is often at the back of the pack when it comes to performing. Even though many of its models have also used the Snapdragon 450 processor, the Galaxy A20s has only resulted in slightly better performance for the majority of cases.

The Galaxy M11 has competitive, if not first-class performance for an entry-level smartphone. In everyday use, however, the phone slows down noticeably in some places. The RAM is often poorly managed.

Apps are quickly released from the phone’s 3GB of RAM which can result in performance drops which have to be tolerated from time to time when smartphones slow down. Loading times for applications are also long thanks to the eMMC storage and especially takes a long time to load up in games on the eMMC storage.


The Samsung Galaxy M11 offers an overall solid experience, but it lacks a strong camera. The digital features and design are appealing, though. For example, the 5000 mAh long-lasting battery means there is potential for updates to make it better.

Furthermore, the Galaxy M11 has NFC and a triple card slot. Nonetheless, in the competitive entry-level category, Samsung does not differentiate itself from other brands with this model. In conclusion, users are spoiled for choice with the low-priced options available for Samsung smartphones like the A20s and A21s as well as the A20e.

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