20 Easy Pokemon To Draw In 2024 (For Beginners)

Drawing has been a fundamental form of human expression since ancient times. Back in the prehistoric era, people relied on drawings to communicate their ideas. In today’s modern age, visual art has evolved into a more sophisticated and intelligent form.

For many individuals, drawing is a beloved activity that brings immense pleasure and serves as a source of relaxation. If you happen to be one of those people and also happen to be a fan of the Pokémon universe, then this article is tailor-made for you. We have compiled a fascinating list of Pokémon characters that are easy to draw.

Feel free to begin with the Pokémon you find the simplest to sketch, and as you gain confidence and skill, gradually challenge yourself with more intricate Pokémon designs.

Voltorb and Electrode

pokemon voltorb and electrode pack

Voltorb is a Pokémon that cleverly disguises itself as a Poké Ball, and it has a tendency to explode in a self-destructive manner even at the slightest hint of provocation. 

On the other hand, Electrode, the evolved form of Voltorb, is sometimes referred to as the “Wrecking Ball.” It showcases a distinctive color scheme with white on top and red on the bottom, which is essentially the reverse of Voltorb’s coloring.



Bounsweet, a grass-type Pokémon, is characterized by its resemblance to a mangosteen fruit. It possesses a body that is a vibrant shade of magenta, complemented by yellow eyes and a white skirt-like feature around its waist.

On top of its head, you’ll find three sizable green leaves accompanied by a short stem. In terms of its anatomy, Bounsweet has two tiny legs but lacks any arms.


Sudowoodo JE046 (1)

Sudowoodo bears a striking resemblance to a brown plant adorned with numerous yellow spots scattered across its body. It possesses two slender forelegs, each featuring three green spheres, while its short hind legs lack any discernible toes. To top it off, Sudowoodo boasts a peculiar Y-shaped “branch” that adorns its head.


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Porygon, an extraordinary creation in the realm of Pokémon, holds the distinction of being the first artificial being crafted through intricate computer programming. Its body takes on the form of a captivating polyhedron, adorned with captivating hues.

Its eyes, a delicate shade of light pink, are hexagonal in shape, while its tail appears as a sleek, blue rectangular prism. Completing its unique design, Porygon stands upon blue triangular prism feet, adding an element of geometric elegance.


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Diglett, a Pokémon deeply rooted in the earth, exhibits distinctive features including beady black eyes and a sizable pink nose. True to its nature, Diglett spends most of its time concealed beneath the earth’s surface, with only its head exposed above ground level.

The exact dimensions of this subterranean creature remain shrouded in mystery, as its height eludes precise measurement. While rendering Diglett’s structure may not pose significant challenges, capturing the essence of the ground from which it emerges can prove to be an intriguing artistic endeavor.


Ditto Number 1.0

Ditto is often considered one of the simplest Pokémon to draw. It features a pinkish-purple, shapeless blob-like body with a distinctive curved mouth and two small dots representing its eyes. What makes Ditto particularly fascinating is its unique ability to transform its entire cellular structure to mimic anything it observes, even inanimate objects.


Swalot in Pokémon GO

Swalot is a medium-sized Pokémon with an amorphous body. It sports a purple hue, along with distinct yellow whiskers and small, bead-like red eyes. Notably, male Swalot possesses longer whiskers compared to their female counterparts.

The Pokémon features puckered lips and small hands with three fingers on each hand. Across its waist, you’ll notice four black rhombus-shaped patterns. Interestingly, Swalot has the ability to contract or expand its body at will, utilizing these rhombi.


klink in poke mon go

Klink bears a striking resemblance to a pair of miniature gears, each possessing six teeth that interlock exclusively with one another. The teeth of these gears are light gray in color, and they feature a dome-shaped center that serves as their nose.

One eye is represented by a white ‘X’ mark, while the other eye consists of a black pupil and white sclera. Positioned beneath the nose is a round, open mouth.


pokemon go what is snorlaxs weakness (1)

Snorlax, a remarkable Pokémon reminiscent of a bear, boasts a robust teal body juxtaposed against a cream-colored face, hands, and feet. Its size is truly imposing, standing at an impressive height of 6 feet 11 inches and weighing over 1,000 pounds.

Notably, Snorlax possesses a large head and two small canine teeth protruding from its lower jaw. Its round feet feature circular brown paw pads along with three claws, while its short arms are adorned with five claws on each hand, adding to its formidable presence.


Wikstrom Litwick (1)

Litwick is inspired by the appearance of a lit candle. It has a bluish-white color and a cylindrical shape, with oval eyes. One of its eyes is partially hidden by a flap of melted wax.

A purple flame sits on top of its head, which is fueled by the life energy it absorbs. The small mouth and stubby hands resemble drips of wax. Being a ghost/fire Pokémon, its ethereal body cannot fully melt away.


Pokemon GO Dratini on Blurred Map Background (1)

Dratini, a majestic dragon-type Pokémon, boasts a captivating blue body complemented by a pristine white underside. Its unique features include a prominent white bump adorning its forehead, mesmerizing purple eyes, and distinct three-pronged fins positioned on each side of its head.

Remarkably, Dratini is born already sizable, and as it undergoes the shedding process of its skin, it can reach an impressive length of up to six feet.


how to get luvdisc scales in pokemon scarlet and violet (1)

Luvdisc, a charming water-type Pokémon, sports a delightful flat body that takes the form of a pinkish heart. It boasts pale lips, an endearing egg-shaped eye, and a distinctive circular mark gracing its cheeks. This Pokémon finds its serene habitat in the vibrant coral reefs of warm seas, where it gracefully navigates its surroundings.


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Shuckle, with its unique appearance, resembles a small yellow turtle nestled within a sturdy red shell adorned with several strategically placed holes. Its limbs extend gracefully through these apertures, adding to its whimsical charm.

Each hole in the shell is lined with a gentle light-yellow hue. Shuckle possesses a preference for concealing its body within its protective shell while delighting in the consumption of stored berries, a source of nourishment it wisely caches away.


Magnemite in the Pokemon anime

Magnemite manifests as a robotic Pokémon, sporting a spherical metal body that remains tightly held together by a prominent screw positioned atop its head, as well as two additional screws positioned at the front.

Its central eye, large and piercing, serves as the launching point for its formidable electric attacks. Situated on either side of its body are horseshoe-shaped magnets that generate an antigravity field, granting Magnemite the remarkable ability to effortlessly float through the air.



Mudkip, a delightful amphibious Pokémon, showcases a compact form with a captivating blue body and a light-blue underside. It sports vibrant orange, star-shaped gills on its cheeks, which add a charming touch to its appearance.

Its beady black eyes exude an aura of curiosity. Notably, Mudkip possesses a large fin atop its head, serving as a remarkable radar that allows it to sense movements both in the air and water. Its overall structure bears resemblance to the axolotl, a fascinating Mexican walking fish.


pokemon go bellsprout thumbnail (1)

Bellsprout features a stem-like body in brown coloration, along with two green leaves. Its elongated head is yellow and ends with what appears to be pink lips. The long and flexible stem starts from two leg-like structures resembling roots and extends all the way up to the head.


download (1)

Oddish, a delightful animated plant, emanates a sense of charm with its petite, round blue body. Its eyes, a vivid shade of reddish-brown, exude a hint of playfulness. Notably, it possesses ovoid feet that grant it a distinctive gait.

Five long, vibrant green leaves sprout from the top of its head, serving both as a means to capture light objects and as tools for scaling vertical surfaces. To protect itself from predators and avoid direct sunlight, Oddish cleverly conceals its body underground, thriving in the shelter of grasslands.


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Mareep resembles a charming blue sheep, adorned with a fluffy woolly coat that envelops most of its body. It perpetually appears to be delicately poised on its tiptoes.

This Pokémon features distinctive yellow and black stripes gracing its ears and tail, which culminate in an eye-catching orange orb at the tail’s tip. Remarkably, this orb acts as a miniature light bulb, its luminosity intensifying in correlation with the amount of electricity Mareep stores within.


10 reasons why jigglypuff is the ultimate cat pokemon

Jigglypuff, as its name suggests, combines the qualities of being “jiggly” and “puffy.” It has garnered widespread popularity among fans of both the anime and video games. With its distinctive pink spherical body and large, expressive blue eyes, Jigglypuff instantly captivates.

The air-filled composition of its body contributes to its uniquely buoyant appearance. Notably, Jigglypuff sports a charming tuft of curled fur atop its head. Its small, stubby arms and pointed ears, accentuated by black insides, further enhance its adorable and endearing visage.


unown pokemon

Unown takes the shape of ancient writings. It has a flat, eye-shaped structure with appendages that resemble punctuation marks or letters from the Latin alphabet. The entire body of the Pokémon is black, except for its large white eye, which remains unblinking.

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