Top 5 Games to Play Online When You’re Bored

We’ve all experienced moments of boredom; it’s simply a part of life. However, have you ever found yourself unable to choose a game to play? Nothing seems to catch your interest?

As gamers, we have a vast array of options beyond traditional games like rock paper scissors and other outdated choices. This becomes particularly significant when seeking ways to pass the time during periods of quarantine.

Whether you’re unwinding after a class or enjoying a day off from work, there’s a plethora of perfect games to help combat boredom. Our curated list features 24 exceptional games, including options for kids, browser-based games, mobile games, and various computer games, all of which can effectively fill your idle hours.

Let’s dive right in. What are the finest games to play on your computer when boredom strikes? Whether you prefer online games or browser-based ones, the desktop platform is undoubtedly your best resource for banishing those moments of tedium.

Bingo Blitz


Imagine a bingo experience like no other. Step into the world of Bingo Blitz and get ready to embark on an incredible journey that will take you to new places and introduce you to people from all walks of life. If you want to play online bingo with friends, click here and join the global community. It’s time to bring your dreams to life with this extraordinary online game. 

With Bingo Blitz, the thrill of playing bingo knows no bounds. Whether you’re curled up at home or out and about, you can dive into exciting rounds of bingo games without spending a dime. Say goodbye to those mundane commutes and tedious grocery store waits. Now, all you need is your trusty mobile device to immerse yourself in an enchanting online bingo adventure that lets you connect with friends from every corner of the globe.

City Guesser


Do you consider yourself a true global citizen? If so, get ready to be thrilled by City Guesser. This captivating game will put your knowledge to the test. Here’s how it works: you’ll be presented with immersive first-person videos showcasing random cities from around the world. 

Your task is to decipher the environmental cues and make an educated guess about which city you’re observing, along with its corresponding country. When you feel confident in your answer, you can place a marker on the world map, and the game will reveal just how accurate you were.

For those seeking a slightly less challenging experience, City Guesser offers the option to play on a country level. This means you can focus solely on cities within specific countries, such as the United States, Canada, and more. So, whether you’re an avid traveler or simply love exploring new places from the comfort of your home, City Guesser is sure to provide an exciting and engaging experience.

War Brokers

Screen Shot 2020 05 14 at 5.33.17 PM (1)

I must say, War Brokers is undeniably one of the most enjoyable browser games I’ve come across. If you’re a fan of FPS games and crave a lightweight option that you can dive into during your spare time without the need for downloads, then War Brokers is a game worth exploring. 

It offers a range of modes, including classic 8v8 battles and even a thrilling battle royale experience. With such variety, you’re sure to find a mode that perfectly suits your current mood and gaming preferences. So, don’t hesitate to give War Brokers a try and discover an exciting world of browser-based gaming.

Street Skater


Get ready for some old-school skateboarding action with Street Skater, a retro-style game that will have you pulling off smooth ollies and kickflips. The objective? Collect as many coins as you can while avoiding a gruesome demise. 

That’s right, in this game, a simple mistake can result in a catastrophic fate where your head flies off and your body shatters like fragile glass upon colliding with obstacles like iron bars or levitating boulders. To navigate the treacherous terrain, just tap the space bar to jump and execute impressive aerial tricks. 

And if you need to regain control, the shift button is there to help you slow down a bit. So get ready to embrace the thrill of Street Skater and test your skills in this adrenaline-pumping skateboarding adventure.


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Skribbl is a game that skyrocketed in popularity during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. It’s a delightful multiplayer drawing and guessing game that you can enjoy with friends, family, or even strangers from the vastness of the internet. 

The gameplay is refreshingly simple: one player takes on the role of the artist, creating drawings to represent given words, while the rest of the participants attempt to guess the word correctly before anyone else. 

To aid you in your quest, helpful hints are provided at the top of the page, offering a glimpse of a few letters in the word and revealing the total number of letters to sharpen your guessing skills. So gather your creative talents, engage your imagination, and embark on an entertaining journey of artistry and wordplay with Skribbl.

Shell Shockers

previewImage shellShockers

Prepare yourself for a unique twist on the classic shooting game with Shell Shockers. This game takes a departure from the typical head-blasting and machine-demolishing action and introduces a whole new concept—shooting eggs and harnessing their energy. 

What’s more, you’ll be playing as an egg yourself! Within Shell Shockers, you have the option to select from four distinct player classes, each with their own set of abilities. From the nimble scrambler to the explosive eggsploder, there’s a class to suit every playstyle. 

Armed with different weapons tailored for both long-range precision and intense close-quarter battles, you’ll need to rely on your trusty office mouse and master the art of maneuvering with the WASD keys. Brace yourself for an engaging experience, as Shell Shockers promises to captivate you for hours on end.


In conclusion, when you’re feeling bored and seeking an online gaming fix, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you’re into action-packed battles, immersive puzzles, creative sandboxes, or thrilling social interactions, the online gaming world has something for everyone.

Embrace these diverse experiences and bid farewell to boredom as you dive into captivating virtual realms. Get ready for hours of entertainment and excitement that will keep you thoroughly engaged and entertained.

Himangi is passionate about keeping up with the ever-evolving landscape of technology. In her free time, she indulges her interests in neuroscience and art.


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