Call History Not Showing on Android? 10 Ways to Fix it

Android serves as a highly capable mobile operating system, driving the majority of smartphones apart from iPhones. This OS equips users with a comprehensive range of features for seamless productivity while on the move.

The standout feature of this mobile platform is undoubtedly the extensive availability of applications. Among the pre-installed tools, the Phone app takes care of call management within the Android ecosystem.

While the Phone app generally operates smoothly, occasional glitches may arise. Lately, a number of users have reported an issue where their Call History fails to function properly on Android devices.

Should you find yourself in a situation where your Android call history isn’t functioning as expected—whether it’s not updating or behaving erratically—there’s no need to worry. This issue is commonly associated with the Android Phone app and can be resolved without undue hassle.

What Causes the Absence of Call History on Android Devices?

The issue of call history not appearing or updating on Android is commonly tied to the Phone app. However, various other factors can also play a role in this problem. Here are a few of these factors:

  • Outdated Phone App: Using an outdated version of the Phone app can lead to this issue.
  • Insufficient Permissions: If the Phone app lacks the necessary permissions, the problem might arise.
  • Corrupted Cache: A corrupted cache within the Phone app could contribute to the problem.
  • Incorrect App Settings: Incorrect settings within the Phone app might prevent call history from showing.
  • Corrupted Installation Files: If the installation files of the Phone app are corrupted, it can impact call history visibility.
  • Outdated Android Version: Running an outdated version of the Android OS might be a factor as well.

These factors collectively explain why call history might not be displaying as expected on Android devices.

How to Resolve Call History Not Appearing on Android?

Given that the exact cause of the call history issue isn’t clear, employing basic troubleshooting steps is the initial route to resolution. Below are effective methods to address the problem of call history not updating or being visible on Android devices.

1. Reboot Your Device

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Prior to delving into more intricate solutions, commencing with a simple step is advisable. A straightforward reboot can often rectify a range of issues encountered during routine smartphone usage.

It’s recommended to promptly restart your Android device, especially if it hasn’t been restarted in a while. This action has the potential to terminate any conflicting processes that might be impeding the Phone app’s functionality.

Hold down the Power button on your phone, then opt for the Restart option. Following the reboot, check your call log again; chances are the call history will now be visible.

2. Grant Phone App Access to Call Logs

While the Phone app is a native feature of Android smartphones, if you’ve manually installed a recent version, you might need to enable its access to your call logs.

If your Android’s Call History is not visible, it’s often due to the Phone app being unable to reach your call logs. Here’s a simple guide to help you permit the Phone app to access call logs on your Android device:

  • Press and hold the Phone app icon located on your home screen. Among the options presented, select “App Info.”

Call History 22

  • Within the App Info screen, tap on “Permissions.”

Call History 21

  • Locate “Call Logs” and adjust the permission settings to “Allow.”

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And there you have it! This process ensures that the Phone app on your Android device can properly access your call logs

3. Designate the Default Phone App

Your Android device empowers you to choose default applications for various tasks. If the Phone app isn’t established as the default, it might result in usability issues. To maximize the utility of the Phone app, consider configuring it as the primary app for call and contact management. Here’s the procedure to achieve this:

  • Access the App drawer and navigate to Settings > Apps.

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  • Within the Apps section, tap on “Default apps.”

Call History 17

  • Locate and select the Phone app.

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  • On the Default Phone app interface, opt for “Phone (System Default).”

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And there you have it! Reboot your Android smartphone to implement the changes effectively.

4. Rectify the Date & Time Settings on Your Phone

Most call management applications synchronize call history based on your phone’s current date and time settings. If your phone displays incorrect date and time information, it can lead to difficulties in accurately showcasing call logs. Here’s a straightforward method to address this issue:

  • Launch the Settings app on your Android smartphone.
  • Once in the Settings app, scroll down and select either “Additional Settings” or “System.”

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  • On the subsequent screen, tap on “Date & time.”

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  • Within the “Date & Time” settings, activate the toggle for “Set time automatically.”

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And there you have it! By rectifying your date and time settings, you can resolve the problem of call history not appearing correctly on your Android device.

5. Give the Phone App a Pause

If you’re still not seeing your call history in the Phone app, you might want to give it a little break. This can help clear out any pesky bugs or hitches that might be getting in the way of your Call History showing up. Here’s what you can do:

  • Go into your device’s Settings and tap on “Apps.”

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  • Within the Apps section, look for “Apps Management.”

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  • Hunt down the Phone app and tap on it.

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  • On the screen with details about the Phone app, you’ll find an option to “Force Stop.” Tap on that.

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That’s it! After waiting a few seconds, reopen the Phone app from your Android home screen. This time, you should find your call history happily on display.

6. Refresh the Phone App Cache

To address the issue of your Android call history not updating, a great approach is to clear the cache of the phone app. This process is quite straightforward and can help resolve the problem. Follow the steps below:

  • Press and hold the Phone App icon, then choose “App info.”

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  • In the App info section, tap on “Storage Usage.”

google 1 (14)

  • Within the Storage usage settings, select “Clear Cache.”

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That’s all! After clearing the cache of the Phone app, make sure to restart your phone. This step is important to ensure the changes take effect.

7. Refresh the Phone Calls App Cache

The Phone Calls app serves as a core system component that manages your call history records. If this system app experiences issues, it can affect the functionality of third-party call history apps as well. To ensure smooth operation, consider clearing the cache of system apps too.

  • Begin by accessing your Android’s app drawer and opening the Settings.
  • Inside Settings, opt for “Apps.”

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  • On the Apps screen, proceed to “App Management.”

google 1 (11)

  • At the upper-right corner, tap the three dots and choose “Show System.”

google 1 (10)


  • To locate the Phone Calls app, utilize the Search bar. Select “Phone Calls” from the provided list.

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  • On the Phone Calls app info page, select “Storage Usage.”

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  • Then, tap “Clear cache” and exit the Settings app.

Upon completing these steps, take a moment to restart your Android smartphone. The Phone Calls app will now be primed to accurately record your new call logs.

8. Keep Your Phone App Current

If your Android’s call history isn’t cooperating, it could be due to a bug in the current version of the Phone app you’re using. When dealing with this issue, the logical step is to update the Phone app via the Google Play Store.

To ensure your Phone app is up to date, follow these steps:

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  • Search for “Phone app” within the Play Store.
  • Open the listing for the Phone app and, if available, select the “Update” button.

Once the Phone app update is complete, give it some time to settle in. With the updated version, you should find your new call logs making their appearance as they should.

9. Explore Alternate Phone Apps

Considering Android’s popularity stems from its app diversity and adaptable nature, don’t hesitate to explore other options when it comes to phone apps.

When faced with non-functional apps, the smart move is to swiftly switch to alternatives. This applies to dialer and call management apps as well.

If your current Phone app isn’t displaying call history as expected, don’t fret. You have the flexibility to try other phone dialer apps available for Android. The Google Play Store offers several renowned options such as TrueCaller and Simple Dialer, each with its unique features and benefits.

10. Consider a Full Reset for Your Android Device

If none of the previously mentioned solutions have yielded positive results and your call history remains elusive, a full reset of your phone might be the ultimate solution.

It’s important to note that a complete reset will erase all installed applications, preferences, and saved data. To safeguard your important files, ensure you’ve backed them up beforehand. Here’s how you can initiate a reset:

  • Access the Settings app on your Android device, then proceed to the System Settings.

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  • Within the System Settings, tap on “Back up and reset.”

google 1 (3)

  • On the subsequent screen, choose “Reset phone.”

google 1 (2)

  • On the “Reset Phone” screen, opt for “Reset all settings.”

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That’s it! Your phone will undergo a comprehensive reset, restoring it to its default state. Keep in mind that this process can take some time, so ensure your phone has sufficient battery life.

In essence, these straightforward yet effective methods should address issues like call history not showing or updating on your Android device. We’d be eager to learn which method proves successful in rectifying the call history display issue you’ve encountered.

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