17 Best Minecraft 1.20 Seeds (2024)

Minecraft’s 1.20 update introduces a myriad of world-generation possibilities, transforming each world into a unique and captivating experience.

Some seeds stand out with breathtaking terrain formations that defy belief, while others amuse us with structures that provoke spontaneous laughter. In this article, we explore some of the most remarkable Minecraft 1.20 seeds we’ve encountered during our adventures.

Stunning Bamboo Jungle Spawn

1.20 java seed one

Imagine starting your Minecraft adventure on a tiny island right next to a super cool Windswept Savanna biome. This seed is like magic—it’s got bamboo-filled jungles, making it a breeze to craft with the new bamboo wood set.

Plus, there’s this giant mountain in the background that’s just perfect for building awesome stuff. And get this, there’s a special beach in the middle of the jungle just for turtles. You can turn it into your own chill spot.

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Scary Secret Underneath a Beautiful Scenery

1.20 java seed 2

This place is like a dream. You pop into a cherry grove surrounded by snowy mountains—it’s like a winter wonderland. But, here’s the twist: underneath all that beauty, there’s a secret. Three ancient cities are hiding down there.

If you’re into hunting for rare stuff like the Silence Armor Trim or fancy a showdown with the Warden, this seed is like hitting the jackpot.

Close Treasure Room Bastion

seeds minecraft updated article 3 (1)

So, the Minecraft 1.20 update made getting netherite a bit tricky. You gotta dive deep into the scary Nether dimension and find bastion remnants. But guess what? We found a seed that’s like hitting the easy mode.

There’s a bastion with a treasure room right near the spawn. Build your Nether portal close to a village in the Overworld, and boom, you’re practically neighbors with the bastion. No need to stress about those tough brutes right away!

Epic Stony Shore with a Mountain in the Background

seeds minecraft updated article 4 (1)

This seed is like winning the Minecraft jackpot. Your starting point? A chill flower forest biome with a cozy plains village just a short stroll away. Hungry? No worries, there are hay bales in the village for a quick snack.

And guess what? You’re smack in the middle of warm and cold biomes, although you might need to take a little journey to reach them. Oh, and cherry wood fans, rejoice—a decent-sized cherry grove biome is just a hop, skip, and jump away.

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Donut Mountain with Pink Icing on the Cake

1.20 java seed five (1)

Picture this: a picturesque cherry grove forest, a snow-covered mountain in the background, and a nearby village adding to the charm. It’s like a dream, right? But wait, there’s more!

A giant crack runs through the cherry grove, creating a spiky ravine with dripstone caves on each side. And that mountain? It’s so massive that it comes with its own snowy valley tucked between towering peaks. Villagers in the nearby village probably think they hit the neighborhood jackpot too!

Giant Cherry Grove & Snow Biomes

1.20 java seed 6 (1)

This seed is like a Minecraft wonderland. You spawn in the middle of a massive cherry grove surrounded by towering mountains—snowy slopes, frozen peaks, and all. The cherry grove is a pink paradise, offering a flat canvas for your building dreams, and the mountains make for an epic backdrop.

Oh, and there’s a village right next to your starting point to kickstart your adventure. It’s like Mother Nature turned up the awesomeness dial!

Quick Totem of Undying

seeds minecraft updated article 7 (1)

Scared of biting the dust in hardcore mode? Well, the totem of undying is like your cheat code to immortality, solving all your survival problems. Sure, you could set up a fancy raid farm to snag infinite totems and never stress about losing your world.

But what about the early game, when you’re just starting out and not armored up? A creeper pops, and poof, there goes your progress. Enter this seed, dropping you into a chill forest biome, surrounded by other warm biomes.

Plains Valley Surrounded By Cherry Blossoms

1.20 java seed eight (1)

If cherry blossoms haven’t won you over yet, this seed will make you a fan for life. Your spawn point? Right in the middle of a cherry grove biome, with a sweet circular valley of sunflower plains.

Imagine building your cool structures in the valley, on the cliffs, or atop the cherry grove hills—always with a stunning pink cherry tree backdrop. Plus, there are tons of chances for some creative terraforming, and of course, throw in a waterfall to take the view up a notch. Talk about a picture-perfect setup!

Ultimate Minecraft 1.20 Camel Seed

1.20 java seed nine (1)

Calling all camel fans! This seed is like a camel lover’s dream. You start in the middle of not one, not two, but three desert villages. It’s like Camel Central! Villages are not just for snacks; they’re also your ticket to a quick ride. But, heads up, you’ll need a saddle for your Minecraft camels. So maybe cozy up to the leatherworker villager or go on a little adventure to find one.

Island Life with a Cherry Twist

1.20 java seed 10 (1)

Imagine starting on a survival island, but no worries. Plenty of trees for crafting. Build a boat, set sail north, and bam! A massive cherry grove hill is waiting for you up there. And guess what’s below? An epic exposed dripstone cave that just keeps going. Bonus: there’s an abandoned mineshaft too. Double the fun!

Massive Exposed Dripstone Cave Underneath a Cherry Grove Hill

1.20 java seed 10 (1)

In the wild world of Minecraft, finding a seed with not one, not two, but three Trail Ruins structures close by is like finding treasure. Seriously, it’s rare! This seed breaks all the rules.

Three trail ruins, all within a stone’s throw from where you start. Since these pop up in specific biomes, it’s a big deal. Before you set off on your archeological adventure, don’t forget to craft that nifty brush in Minecraft. Let the awesome journey begin!

Awesome Archeology Seed

1.20 java seed 11 (1)

Calling all Sniffer mob enthusiasts! This seed is your ticket to the ultimate Sniffer adventure. Sniffer Eggs are kind of like the hidden gems of the warm ocean, and they’re not always easy to find. But fear not, because in this seed, there’s a massive warm ocean just north of where you start.

But here’s the cool part—the ocean ruins come with huts, and this warm ocean is like a Sniffer Egg hotspot with lots of clustered ocean ruins. After a bit of sand and gravel detective work, you’ll be heading home with a couple of Sniffer Eggs and some other nifty treasures.

Ultimate Minecraft 1.20 Sniffer Egg Seed

1.20 java seed 12 (1)

This seed is all about the undeniable beauty of lush greenery in a jungle biome. Not too far from your starting spot, there’s this amazing island with a jungle in the middle and a bamboo forest surrounding it.

And it’s not just surface-level beauty—beneath this fantastic jungle landscape lies a vast lush cave biome system waiting for you to explore. Plus, the nearby cherry grove biome adds a pop of pink to the green landscape, making your builds stand out.

Hills, Valleys, and Ancient Cities

1.20 java seed 14 (1)

This 1.20 seed is a playground for all kinds of players. Picture this: your spawn point is in this massive valley with not one, but two plains villages. Around the whole valley, there are hills and cliffs from mountain biomes, cherry grove biomes, and a big forest biome.

And here’s the kicker—this stunning surface hides a massive deep dark biome beneath it, stretching for thousands of blocks. Covered in ancient cities, it’s not every day you spawn right on top of such a mysterious biome.

Ultimate Minecraft 1.20 Archeology Seed

1.20 java seed 15 (1)

Remember when we said finding three trail ruins close to your spawn is rare? Well, how about five? This seed is like an archeologist’s dream, offering not one, not two, but five different trail ruins.

You’re practically swimming in epic loot possibilities. They might not be as close as the structures in the previous trail ruins seed, but the fact that they’ve spawned relatively nearby is still pretty darn amazing.

Cherry Blossom Valley

1.20 java seed 16

Imagine a valley surrounded by cherry blossoms, hugged by a colossal mountain range—a sight straight out of a Minecraft dream, right? Well, this seed brings that dream to life. The cherry grove biome dances harmoniously with the towering mountains, making the grove seem like a tiny dot in comparison.

And guess what’s beneath the surface? A magical dripstone cave system just waiting for your exploration. If you’re into building, this breathtaking scene is a goldmine, so don’t miss out!

Swampy Duet

seeds minecraft updated article 17 (1)

For those who groove with mangrove trees, love a good mangrove swamp biome, and appreciate the squishy company of slimes and frogs, this seed is your jam! Picture this: you start in a small jungle biome hugging the ocean.

Now, flip the view, and voila! A massive—no, seriously, massive—mangrove swamp biome unfolds. And as if that’s not enough, there’s a giant regular swamp biome right alongside, creating the ultimate swampy duet. It’s like nature’s concert.

Minecraft 1.20 Panorama seed

1.20 java seed 18 (1)

Ever admired the stunning panorama in Minecraft’s main menu? Well, guess what? This seed is the real deal. Head to the coordinates below, and you’ll find yourself smack in the middle of that gorgeous panorama background, with a plains biome valley nestled between two cherry biome hills. The scenery is not just stunning; it’s like a postcard from Minecraft heaven.

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