Who is Imu in One Piece? Explained

In the unfolding Egghead Arc in One Piece, the unexpected central figure is none other than Imu. Imu stands out as one of the most enigmatic characters introduced in the series. Despite half a decade passing since Imu’s introduction, our knowledge about this character remains limited. However, the narrative is gradually lifting the veil, providing glimpses into the mysteries surrounding Imu.

This article delves into what we currently know about Imu Sama in One Piece, unraveling details about their character and powers. As the curtains slowly part, let’s explore the evolving narrative that surrounds this intriguing and elusive persona.

Imu’s True Identity in One Piece

Imu face

Imu stands out as the most powerful figure in the expansive world of One Piece, and the recent revelation about their influence has taken fans by surprise.

Imu operates behind the scenes, pulling strings to control even the Five Elders, making them the secret ruler of the One Piece realm and the occupant of a once-thought-empty throne. This newfound authority was confirmed when the Five Elders themselves bowed down to Imu.

Imu’s existence remains a well-guarded secret, known only to a select few. However, as the manga’s plot unfolds, it’s clear that Imu will play a pivotal role, likely serving as the ultimate antagonist in One Piece—an unprecedented force of evil. Recent hints suggest Imu’s connection to the First Twenty Founders of the World Government, as mentioned by Nefertari Cobra.

In Chapter 1086 of the One Piece manga, Emporio Ivankov puts forward an intriguing theory about Imu’s identity, suggesting that Imu is Saint Nerona Imu, belonging to the Nerona family among the First Twenty Founders from 800 years ago.

Ivankov speculates that Imu achieved perpetual youth or immortality through the Perennial Youth Operation, possibly facilitated by the previous user of the Ope Ope no Mi Devil Fruit, currently wielded by Trafalgar Law. The reference to Imu as the ‘Creator’ by Marcus Mars, one of the Five Elders, adds weight to Ivankov’s theory.

When Was Imu Introduced in One Piece?

Imu sits on the throne (1)

Imu stepped into the One Piece narrative during the Reverie arc, making a memorable debut in manga Chapter 906 or anime Episode 885. This revelation about a clandestine ruler occurred over five years ago, leaving fans intrigued and eager for more insights into Imu’s character.

What Is Imu’s Gender in One Piece?

Imu in Manga (1)

Imu’s gender remains a puzzle. While many fans lean towards perceiving Imu as female, it’s important to note that the use of “Imu-sama” doesn’t conclusively define gender, as “sama” is a gender-neutral term in Japanese.

Speculation about Imu’s role as Luffy’s mother lacks solid evidence. In a recent manga addition, the introduction of Ginny has sparked speculation among fans regarding her potential ties to Luffy or Bonney.

Despite the mystery surrounding Imu’s gender, we do have insight into their pronouns. Imu personally uses “Mu (ムー),” derived from their name, and refers to others using “Nushia (ヌシア).” The enigma deepens, and fans eagerly await further revelations in the One Piece narrative.

Imu’s Powers and Abilities in One Piece

Imu destroying LULUSIA (1)

Let’s unpack Imu’s abilities in One Piece. In a rather dramatic fashion, the manga showcased Imu employing the formidable “Mother Flame” to decimate the Lulusia Kingdom—an invention credited to the brilliance of Dr. Vegapunk.

From a theoretical standpoint, considering Imu’s role as the primary ruler and ultimate adversary, it’s reasonable to assume they possess unparalleled world-altering powers. This includes the ability to project energy beams, swiftly erasing entire islands—an impressive yet daunting display of strength.

Possible Devil Fruit Powers

Imu DF powers (1)

Adding to the intrigue, there’s a fascinating development. During a confrontation with Sabo, both Imu and the Gorosei underwent a transformative process, adopting ominous silhouette forms.

This encounter showcased their prowess against Sabo, a formidable Logia-type Devil Fruit user. The narrative strongly implies that Imu wields a Devil Fruit power, likely characterized by its dark and malevolent nature. Stay tuned for updates on Imu’s powers as the manga unfolds.

Mysteries Around Imu in One Piece

Imu with a straw hat (1)

Now, let’s explore the mysteries surrounding Imu in One Piece:

  • There’s a captivating image of Imu holding Monkey D. Luffy’s wanted poster beside a giant Straw Hat.
  • Imu deliberately tearing down posters featuring individuals with the initial “D,” signaling a discernible aversion towards this group.
  • Imu possesses a portrait of Vivi, a confirmed member of the “D” group, hinting at a connection between the Nefertari family and Imu. However, concrete details regarding this relationship remain elusive.

These unanswered questions add layers of intrigue to Imu’s character, inviting readers to unravel the enigma as the narrative progresses.


Who exactly is Imu?

Imu stands as the enigmatic and supreme hidden ruler of the One Piece world, known only to a select few.

Is Imu a God in One Piece?

The answer to whether Imu is a god remains unknown. Many speculate Imu’s godly abilities, adding an air of mystery to their character.

Is Imu a villain?

Absolutely! Imu takes the spotlight as one of the significant villains in One Piece and is strongly anticipated to emerge as the ultimate adversary against Luffy.

Is Shanks the son of Imu?

No, there’s been widespread speculation about Imu’s alleged offspring, with rumors swirling around Luffy and Shanks. As of now, nothing has been confirmed, leaving these speculations unverified.

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