[Fixed] Failed to Start the Emulator in Tencent Gaming Buddy

So you start tencent gaming buddy to play PUBG Mobile and suddenly while starting the emulator you face this error: Failed to start the emulator. The emulator was not properly closed. Please restart the emulator or the computer and try again later.

Now this error can easily be fixed by restarting your PC, but you don’t want to restart your PC as your friends are waiting for you in the game lobby.

Don’t worry I got you covered, below are some method you can use to fix this error in tencent gaming buddy.

How to Fix Failed to Start the Emulator?

Method 1

This is a temporary solution, I would recommend using the second method as you might have to change the settings of the emulator.

  • First you need to navigate to this folder – C:\Program Files\TxGameAssistant\UI
  • If you have installed tencent gaming buddy in C drive then you can follow the above folder path. Otherwise you have to go to the drive where you have installed TGB and go to TxGameAssistant -> UI
  • In UI you can find a file called AndroidEmulator.exe
  • Double click to launch the file and the emulator will start.
  • You will again get the error, but here you can select the Multi-Window option in the tool bar on the right side and a new Window will open.

  • This time the emulator will start successfully and you can play pubg mobile on your PC.

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Method 2

For this method you need a third party software. But don’t worry the software we are going to download is hardly two mega bytes.

So it is definitely faster than restarting your PC.

  • So first you need to download Process Hacker.
  • There is also a portable version of this software, I recommend you downloading that as you don’t have to waste time installing it.

  • Once downloaded, extract the zip file and launch process hacker.
  • In process hacker, you will find a search bar on the right hand side.
  • Here search for aow, now right click on aow and click on terminate.

  • Simply restart the emulator and failed to start the emulator, the emulator was not properly closed error will be fixed

Method 3

You can just sign out of you PC and sign in again.

The will also close the background processes and fix the emulator issue.

  • To sign out of your PC, Right click on the Windows icon and select shut down or sign out.
  • Here select sign out, and you will be on the lock
  • Just login again and the failed to start emulator problem should be fixed.

Method 4

If you have the time then you can just restart the PC and the issue would be fixed.

How to Avoid this error in future?

Well this error usually occurs when the aow_exe process is still running in the background after the emulator is being closed. There is nothing much we can do to avoid this error.

All we can do is try not to close the emulator when the engine is loading. If you do this then you might face “Failed to start the emulator. the emulator was not properly closed” error.

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