10 Best Cloud Gaming Services to Stream Video Games

In this day and age, everything has been taken over the cloud. Obviously, this is not a bad thing because where normal technology fails, cloud computing prevails. All of a person’s hardware shortcomings are answered as everything is handled by the cloud thus making it easier to work. Now, if this solution can be implemented everywhere, why not in the gaming sphere? Today, we present to you 10 of the best cloud gaming services like streaming video games.

10 Best Cloud Gaming Services

PlayStation Now


Everybody who has been into gaming knows of PlayStation and the long history they share with gaming culture on the whole. PlayStation Now is one such service that provides more than 500 games that can be used for streaming purposes. These can be streamed either to your PlayStation console or to your PC. PlayStation ensures variety by introducing new cloud games every month. The fee to join this is about £13 a month for limitless access to this service and is available in about 12 countries, including Austria, Canada, Japan, Germany, etc.

GeForce Now

If you have been in the business of understanding PCs and what makes a good PC, you might have already come across GeForce by now. GeForce is a category of chipsets made by the famous manufacturer Nvidia, specially tuned to gaming. The needs of a gamer are once more addressed in the form of GeForce Now, a service used to stream gaming videos online. This service is versatile as it is accessible by Mac, Windows, and Shield, with support for Windows 7 64 bit or better. Because the games are on the cloud, your actual hardware does not need to be upgraded at all, making this one of the definite choices when it comes to cloud gaming services.

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Parsec Cloud-based Gaming Services

Parsec is known for making cloud gaming easy and accessible to its users. This service can be installed on any machine to enable cloud gaming. Parsec offers games with features like low latency at 60 frames per second, which if you are a gamer, you know what the big deal around this is. All you have to do is download the service and create an account. You are good to go. The service is available for download not only with the popular OS like Mac, Windows and Android, but it is also available for Linux, Raspberry. So pick you OS of choice and get gaming!

Playkey.net Cloud Gaming Services

This gaming service allows you to play some of the best-rated games on your PC without having to download or install anything onto your device. This makes it a helpful service to have if your PC or laptop is old and has not been upgraded in a while. The options of games are also varied, with options under Fighting, Adventure, Massive Multiplayer Online, Racing and other categories readily available to be played.

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Shadow Cloud Gaming Service

Shadow is a subscription-based streaming service. It is a service with a full-featured cloud PC that comes with dedicated storage that is accessible from any device at any time. It is also capable of integration with other gaming platforms such as Steam, GOG, Uplay, Origin, and others that ensure all your achievements are carried over. Shadow Cloud is also tailor-made to have the least latency possible while gaming and you have the power to play any games that you own with this service.


Unlike other entries on this list, Paperspace is relatively new to this field. This is a service that offers GPU tools for developers offering you a fully managed enterprise GPU cloud platform by integrating the science of Deep Learning and artificial intelligence with the service.


Vortex is one of the better-known cloud streaming gaming platforms in use. It is as easy as logging on to a website and playing games with yourself and your friends. This service is available on PC, Android or the Apple ecosystem. Vortex offers more than 100 famous titles to play such as Eternity II: Deadfire, Fortnite Battle Royale, Doom, No Man’s Sky, and many more, so that your time on this platform is never boring.

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Liquid Sky is also one of the cloud streaming services available known well for a different way of offering subscription plans. It bills the number of hours you have used the service instead of the days. The best option is its 25-hour selection, with a  7-day validity for $10, or 80 hours of gameplay for around $20. Liquid Sky also allows you to access other game libraries such as Origin, Steam, Blizzard, etc, thereby allowing you to play you favorite titles across the platforms on one service.

Microsoft Azure

Similar to the offerings of Paperspace, Microsoft has introduced its own product, titled Azure, into the market. It offers you the tools for managing, building and supporting services and applications. While it may not seem very popular currently, Azure does have the potential to go far, especially with Microsoft backing it.

Simplay Streaming

Another relatively new entry into the field of cloud computing, Simplay offers the best value for a 20$ subscription fee. Users can play their games at 60 frames per second. It lets you play games with advanced graphics making it an easy contender to stand amongst its peers. As of 2018, it started supporting Parsec which takes advantage of the high-end game servers that Simplay owns making it the best of both worlds.


Gone are the days when having outdated hardware meant that you could not game anymore. This welcome development in the field of technology allows for users to have lower infrastructure costs when wanting to game from time to time and the fact that the user can game from potentially any location without having to drag the related hardware around with them.

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