12 Best People Search Engines to Literally Find Anyone

We meet several people in our lifetime. Some we stay in touch with, others are just a part of our memory. But at times these people cross our minds and we wish if we could contact them once. They could be an old classmate, colleague, friend, or just someone you happen to meet randomly once.

The Internet has made it easier to look for people. In this article, we’ll discuss the best people search engines wherein you can easily look for the person you have been meaning to talk to. But first, why use a search engine to look for someone?

The answer is quite simple. We sometimes wish to contact people not only because we have a history with them but maybe we need their services in some way. With the help of a search engine, not only will you be able to find their contact but also other information about them which can be useful to you in terms of approaching them.

1. Truth finder

people search engines

This is a US-only website for finding information on people. You can easily look for police records, court records, social media pictures, contact information, etc, of a certain individual. This is a great search engine for running background checks on people, especially when you are hiring someone. It has a huge database of most public records which makes it easier for you to have a detailed history of someone.

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2. US Search

US Search - free people search engines

This is another US-based people search engine. All you need to know about the person is their name and surname and you will get other information about them within seconds. However, if you want a detailed report, you will need to upgrade to the paid version as the free version only gives basic contact information. The more information you want, the more you will have to pay for it.

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3. BeenVerified – Background Checks, Public Records & People Search

BeenVerified – Background Checks, Public Records & People Search

Simple to use and a feature-rich search engine, this one is people’s favorite people search engine. You can type in name, email id, phone number, etc., to look for a certain person. If you have paid for it, you’ll get access to all information about the individual such as social media account, pictures, connections, criminal cases, etc. This search engine has a website and app for both Android as well as iOS users.

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4. Pipl – People Search and Identity Verification

People Search Engine and Identity Verification

A popular people search engine, pipl works in most of the countries and provides users with accurate results too. You get what you want if you pay for it. While earlier you could get anything you wanted, be it someone’s social media account, professional or personal details, or anything else you want to know about their background. But now it is restricted only to professional users.

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5. Spokeo – Search and Reunite People

find people search engines

This search engine pulls out results from white pages listings, public records, social networks, dating site profiles, etc., so that you get detailed information about the individual and their history. The only drawback is that it is US based, so you can’t look for people living outside US.

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6. PeekYou – Find Family, Old Friends, Classmates, & More

finding people search engines

One of the main reasons why this search engine is popular is because it is free of cost and lets you look for someone with ease. You will get information from the public records about that person such as their social media accounts, contact information, blog pages etc. While the results may not always be 100% accurate, it still helps in filtering out and lets you find the one you are looking for, without charging anything.

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7. Intelius – People Search, Lookup Phone Numbers, & Background Checks

– People Search, Lookup Phone Numbers

Though this one costs a bit and is US-based, the information it provides is worth it. You can get a proper background check done as it covers criminal records, social network, property records basically everything you need to know about a person. You can also reconnect with your old friends if you have lost touch overtime.

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8. Instant Checkmate – Background Check

people search engines

When you are hiring someone as house help or something else, background checks are quite important. This ‘people search engine’ will pull out all details such as a person’s criminal records, online profile, court documents, etc that you need to know before you make the decision. For getting a detailed report, you will have to pay.

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9. PeopleFinder

finding people search engines

Willing to reconnect with an old pal? Well, this is just the search engine for you. It provides you with people’s data from public records. You can find people via their name, email id or any other contact information you have of them. It is quite affordable as compared to other people search engines for the information it provides.

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10. Whitepages – Find People, Phone Numbers, Addresses, & More

Find People, Phone Numbers, Addresses, & More

This is quite a popular search engine and is mostly used by employers to run a background check on the person they are hiring. You get all details such as addresses, properties, court & criminal records, judgements, etc. This search engine also has apps for android and iOS users. It provides basic details to people using it for free, while a detailed report can be downloaded by people who have paid for its subscription.

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11. Facebook – People Search via Social Profiles

Search People via Social Profiles

This one had to be on the list as it indeed is one of the social networks people use to look for other people. Facebook search allows you to look for people based on interests, their place of work, location or any other information that they have made public. You can easily look for people globally in here.

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12. LinkedIn – Professional Profiles and Work History

people search engines

This is another popular professional social network people use to look for others via their professional history. You can type in specific keywords such as someone’s name, company name, etc., to get accurate results. It has filters that helps in refining the search results.

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These were a few of the best people search engines that you can use. While most of it is US-based, there are others that you can use to look for people globally. Do let us know if they worked well for you.

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