15 Amazing Games Like ROBLOX You Can Play

Gaming is one of the best ways to remain entertained and pass time when you are stuck at home or simply don’t wish to do anything else. ROBLOX is one such platform that has allowed gamers to play different types of games, each having its own sets of challenges and goals that the gamers have to accomplish.

However, if you still aren’t satisfied and looking for something new, you have come to the right place. In this list, we’ll discuss other cool alternatives to ROBLOX.

1. Minecraft

roblox alternatives free

If you are into creating a new world using unlimited resources at your disposal which also includes exploration, crafting, combat, and maintaining health to survive through the game, Minecraft is for you. It is quite popular among gamers due to its multiplayer layer. So the gamers can create and share maps to play.

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2. Terasology


This one is an open-source game with quite a lot of fresh content, which is the reason why gamers are attracted to it. It consists of different elements from different genres and all of it is taken together to create something new. It is quite similar to Minecraft in the aspect that it allows players to create a world wherein others can visit and play with them.

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3. Trove

roblox alternatives

If you are someone who loves adventures, you will love trove. This is the best mix of the sandbox with MMO arena to give players an amazing, adventurous gaming experience. They get through various dungeons, build, loot, etc. The players can choose their class based on which they get different abilities.

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4. CastleMiner Z

CastleMiner Z

This is Minecraft inspired game, wherein the survival instincts of the players are tested to their peak. They are given weapons that they have to use to defend themselves against monsters or anything else they might face. Apart from that, the players can also construct buildings and different structures and show their creativity.

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5. Garry’s Mod

roblox alternatives

Loaded with superb graphics, here’s a game that allows you to do anything you want. It is the ultimate physics sandbox adventure wherein you can spawn objects, weld them, spawn characters on objects simply for some giggles and laughs. The game community keeps adding new content so that you never get bored and keep experimenting with new and silly things.

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6. Cubic Castles

Cubic Castles

In case you like building realms, you can try out cubic castles. This game world is built by the players by gathering resources and using them to make blocks and other materials that they might need. You can visit other player’s realms too and take inspiration to create a better one if needed.

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7. The Blockheads

The Blockheads

Blockheads allows you to travel through several places such as mountains, deserts, oceans, caves in varying weather conditions, and different seasons in a single game. The players create and destroy blocks to make beautiful buildings and this is done by their characters named ‘blockheads’.

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8. Lego Worlds

Lego Worlds - roblox alternatives

We all enjoyed playing with legos as a kid. So, with this game, bring out the kid in you and create your lego wonderland. This game has virtual lego blocks which you can assemble to create your little world of wonder. Let your imagination run wild and make a lego world with the materials and designs available in the game.

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9. Mythruna

best roblox alternatives

You can build a world of your own by showcasing your brilliant crafting skills along with role-playing elements in this game. This game is still in the development stage and things are added to make it fun for the players but you can play it. Some amazing RPG elements make it interesting.

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10. Minetest

Minetest - roblox alternatives

This open-source game has several games to choose from according to your liking and also allows the players to mod different games. You can also create your own game and play it with different players. This game has huge maps with big blocks and allows them to create their maps by digging through these blocks which are about 62000 x 62000.

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11. KoGaMa

With koGaMa, players can design their favorite game and decide their levels with ease. You choose what kind of experience you want and design accordingly. You can even mix-match between different genres that make for an interesting gaming experience.

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12. Growtopia

People wanting to travel in a game and pass their time can try growtopia. It works well on all types of devices, be it android, iOS, Windows, or MAC. It provides players with a 2D multiplayer experience wherein they can build, play, trade, and explore different places with their friends.

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13. Creativerse

People who like detailing should try this survival game. Not only do the players get to create a world with the help of blocks but they do so with great detail. The players can also interact with plans, animals, craft different materials, and build to survive different obstacles thrown at them. You control how and what you build in here as you get blueprints, autofill feature, wiring, etc for building things.

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14. Rising World

Graphics do matter quite a lot in games. So, for all the graphic lovers out there who are bored of the usual block-based world, this is the game for you. The players get to modify the environment with the help of several building materials, furniture, fixtures, and different items available in the game. New content is added regularly to keep the game interesting for the users.

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15. Wurm Unlimited

If you are looking for the freedom to customize your own game, wurm unlimited is for you. It is a fantasy game wherein the players are the server managers and can customize skill gain rates, action speeds, creature count, etc., according to their preference. Apart from that, they also do the usual collecting material and blocks to build a world of their own.

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If you are bored playing ROBLOX, these are few fun games that you can try out. The players get to experience a different type of adventure in each of these games. Tell us about your favorite one from the list in the comments below.

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