15 Free Virtual Phone Number Websites for Business

If you need to handle business and customer calls on a daily basis, a traditional landline or phone number is never enough. This is where virtual phone numbers come in. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) providers offer virtual numbers that are not tied to any particular operator or location.

Once you have set up a virtual number, you have the option to manage business-related calls using the same device you use for your personal calls. As your business grows, virtual phone numbers become even more relevant. You no longer have to be restricted to landline calls and the same virtual number can be used by all employees in your business.

How Virtual Phone Numbers Work

Virtual phone numbers don’t work like traditional phone numbers. These numbers don’t require a SIM card, they work using VoIP to enable real-time calling over the internet. Virtual phone numbers are stored on the cloud and when a customer calls the number, the call is instantly routed to any device set up to work with it.

On the customers’ end, there is not a single difference in the calling experience and the overall voice quality is better than traditional calls. As long as you have an internet connection enabled on the device, you will be able to take calls regardless of your location.

Best Virtual Phone Number Websites

When choosing a virtual phone number provider, you need to consider the problems that you may face if your provider is unreliable. In some cases, the calls may not get through properly all the time, and this can lead to client dissatisfaction and loss of profits.

Getting a reliable virtual phone number provider is very important, and to save your time and energy on research, take a look at this comprehensive list of the 15 best virtual phone numbers apps and websites.


virtual phone number apps

Phone.com provides virtual phone numbers and VoIP services to entrepreneurs, start-ups and businesses. They offer you support for a wide variety of devices, lets you set your unique caller ID and you also get support for text messages, call logs, conference calls and more. Setting it up is also quite easy and does not require any special hardware.


  • Offers support for unlimited users.
  • Supports a wide range of devices.
  • Fully customizable
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Delays with customer service

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Nextiva virtual phone system

Nextiva is one of the top virtual phone number providers and it has a lot of features that may appeal to a variety of people. They offer great reliability and have virtually zero downtime. In terms of features, it offers unlimited online faxing, video collaborations, organized calls and messaging system, and an integrated productivity tracker.


  • Affordable for small businesses.
  • Zero downtime
  • Uses a dedicated conference line.
  • Support for many industry-standard integrations.


  • No support for international numbers.


Free virtual number for WhatsApp

CallHippo provides a business-oriented virtual phone system that is easy to use. It offers support for more than 100 integrations with industry-leading software. They also have local virtual phone number support for more than 50 countries throughout the world and some of its features include call logs, call queues, standalone dialer, phone number forwarding service, and much more.


  • Support for integration with many apps.
  • Reliable customer support
  • Provides call recording feature


  • International calling rates are higher than other competitors.



Grasshopper is one of the top virtual number providers in the current market. They provide intuitive apps for both your mobiles and desktops. This virtual phone number service is mainly aimed at small businesses and startups. It features an automated attendant, caller ID support, unlimited calls, and offers number porting facilities.


  • Offers a free trial
  • Great for small businesses
  • Fixed pricing plan
  • Offers great reliability


  • No international calling features.

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MightyCall Logo

MightyCall offers a budget-friendly solution to large businesses and teams. It allows you to connect an unlimited number of users to a single account. You also get useful features like call screening, auto-attendant, voicemail transcription, and CRM features.


  • Automatic call recording feature
  • VIP or blacklist call routing
  • Unlimited users connected to a single business account.
  • Cost-effective


  • Lacks virtual fax
  • Occasional bugs in the apps.


Virtual mobile number

VirtualPBX provides support for both small startups and big businesses alike and has a wide range of features. You get a variety of plans that are scalable according to the size of your business. Its features include audio conferencing, unlimited minutes, automatic call distribution, and much more.


  • Affordable plans for small businesses
  • Good customer service
  • Advanced software functionality
  • Offers great reliability


  • Complicated set-up process


us virtual mobile number apps

Talkroute provides one of the most simple and intuitive user experiences for fast-growing businesses. They combine well-designed software with the traditional virtual phone system to provide a wide array of features like call stacking, call forwarding, and support for different systems.

  • Relatively affordable
  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly app
  • Support for custom schedules


  • No auto attendant included with the basic plan.
  • Lack of virtual fax


download 4

8×8 provides virtual phone number services to small and big businesses alike. This is one of the better options for small businesses looking to set up call centers. It includes an IVR system, caller ID, call screening, auto-attendant, voicemail, and call recording features to name a few.


  • Offers audio and video meetings with screen sharing
  • Easy to port numbers
  • Integration support for a variety of apps
  • Support for international calling


  • Unintuitive software

UniTel Voice

download 5

UniTel Voice is a virtual phone system provider well-known for its services. Their services are best suited to startups, freelancers and entrepreneurs. Like other apps and websites on this list, UniTel Voice provides features like caller ID, custom greetings, call transferring, auto-attendant, call recording and a lot more features at reasonable prices.


  • Support for a lot of devices
  • Flexible plans
  • Very easy to set-up
  • Unique extensions for different employees


  • No text message support

Ooma Office Phone

ooma office logo 01

Ooma Office Phone is a well-known virtual phone number provider offering their services at affordable rates. It provides features like voicemail to email system, messaging, virtual fax, unlimited domestic phone calls, and call blocking to name a few. To get a toll-free number, there are a few extra charges but their service reliability justifies the cost.


  • Great for small companies or individuals.
  • Very affordable pricing
  • Includes all basic features
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Toll-free numbers are not free.
  • The desktop app is not included in the base plan.


RingCentral is one of the most advanced virtual phone number providers on this list. They offer a lot of call management features that can be useful to large businesses and entrepreneurs. Its features include video voicemail, directory listings, call logs and much more. It also features AI-based voice call transcriptions in real-time and provides voice analytics after finishing your calls.


  • Directory listing for greater outreach
  • Advanced AI integration
  • Great app user interface
  • Offers 30-day free trial


  • Pricing can be confusing to new users.


If you plan to operate your small business on a global scale, VirtualPhone.com is a great choice for you. They provide their virtual phone number services in over 120 countries worldwide, and you get 100 minutes of free calls and messages for a month. Their most prominent features include custom call schedules, call recording, IVR, live voice chat and much more.


  • Huge variety of global virtual phone numbers.
  • No charge for up to 100 calls and messages per month.
  • Live voice chat features


  • Lacks voicemail transcription


If you’re looking for a simple and affordable virtual phone number service, Freshcaller can be a great choice. It allows you to choose a toll-free, international or local phone number and provides features like multi-level voice response, wait-queues, real-time dashboard, call metrics and much more.


  • Best suited for small businesses and individuals.
  • Easy configuration
  • Integrated note-taking app
  • Customizable call flow mechanism


  • Charges on incoming/outgoing calls on top of monthly plans


Sonetel is one of the few virtual number providers that offer free calling through their app and offer free local numbers. They provide all the basic features in a lightweight package. Sonetel features free call recording, worldwide call forwarding, customizable voice responses and much more.


  • Customer chargeback services
  • Free recording for incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Simple chat widget integration
  • Completely free calls through the provided app


  • Lacks advanced features


If you need an integrated virtual phone and fax system for your business, eVoice can be a great choice. It features an auto-attendant, call forwarding, inbound fax, voicemail and a comprehensive call management system. It is also pretty straightforward to set up and use.


  • Great list of features
  • Offer a free trial
  • Variety of subscription options
  • Well-built mobile app


  • No unlimited calling plans


Getting a virtual phone number is quite essential for any kind of business or startup. Maintaining good contact with your customers and clients is essential to succeed in this industry. Virtual phone numbers are a great way to manage your business calls outside of your office and provide an overall better service. You can find the virtual phone system best suited to your needs from the list of reviews compiled here.

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