12 Tips to Write Catchy Email Subject Lines

Effective communication through the means of email writing is the foundation of the corporate world. Writing effective and attractive emails is to ensure smooth communication within the company and between several companies is a very important task. You have to keep several points in mind to guarantee productive mail writing. These points are:

  • Use a strong, catchy, and attractive subject line. Don’t extend the subject line. Instead, keep it short and concise. 
  • Use the salutations that are preferred by your receivers. 
  • Keep the body of the email short and to the topic. Do not stray away from the topic. 
  • Keep the closing paragraphs attractive instead of bland. 

The very first thing that is read by the receiver is the subject line of your mail. Hence it is very important to keep this subject line as attractive as possible. The receivers are only able to see the subject lines in their mailbox and not the entire content. Hence, the possibility of your mail getting opened is only going to rise if you have catchy and outstanding subject lines.

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What is the subject line of an email?

The subject line of the email is the single line that the receiver sees in their inbox. This single line of text determines if your mail will be opened by the receiver or not. Hence, it is utterly important to keep this subject line as different and attractive as possible. 

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What is meant by an email preheader?

The email pre header is another element of the mail that gets reflected in the mailbox. It is the line after the subject line that gives an intro of your mail body content. An email preheated is different from the subject line of the email yet they are closely related. 

Why does the subject line of the email hold so much importance?

As mentioned before, the subject line of the mail is the most significant part as it is what is reflected the first time your mail reaches the receiver’s inbox.  Some email boxes usually receive a huge influx of emails. And hence, it becomes difficult for people to open the emails that hold the most importance. The first thing they see before opening an email is the subject line. That is why having an attractive and extraordinary subject line is of utter significance.  

12 Tips to create catchy email subject lines


Tactfully formed subject lines are very crucial. Your mail body can be concise and interesting but it won’t be of any use if the subject line is unattractive and the receiver doesn’t open your mail. 

Some of the best tips and tricks to create good subject lines are:

Make it short

Always remember to cut your subject lines and keep them short and crisp. Sometimes people don’t have time to open the mail and read the entire thing and hence they go to the subject line which should be completed under 40 characters or five to seven words. 

Avoid using spam words in subject lines 

There are many instances where subject lines have been marked as spam. This implies that you should avoid using all capital letters, or promotional words such as ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Free’ or a large number of exclamation points. One of the many ways to avoid turning your subject line to be marked as spam is to offer your company’s expertise and services instead of using excessive promotional language.

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Start asking open-ended questions in the subject line:

Using open-ended questions in the subject line is a great way to intrigue the receivers. On the other hand, questions spark some sense of being incomplete and this invites the readers to open the mail and get the answer for it. 

Including a deadline in the subject line works well:

Including a deadline in the subject line of the email can turn out to be pretty beneficial for you. Words like ‘Now or Never’ have a great effect on the receivers. This tactic gives birth to some sort of urgency between the receiver and you and hence your mails are more likely to be opened. 

Share something valuable in your subject line:

The most pivotal element of a good content marketing strategy is to share something that is considered valuable by your audience. Get to know your subscribers properly and then start sharing mails with valuable subject lines. 

Give clear instructions in your subject line:

It is proven that many people respond best to clear commands given in the subject line. Direct call to some action might be encouraging for many people and hence has great outcomes. 

Make use of teaser subject lines:

Try making use of subject lines that will keep your subscribers hooked and increase their interest in your services. Never giveaway the punchline right at the beginning. Instead, make people interested by giving a short glance into your services.

Subject line should contain announcements:

Always remember to make the announcement of something new or exciting right in the subject line. This attracts customers and increases their interest. Hence the possibility of your mail getting opened increases. 

Stay unique

one way to maintain your uniqueness is by getting to know your subscribers better. If you know them better then you know their wants and their needs. And in this way, you can customize special emails with attractive subject lines for them. Furthermore, don’t think twice before putting your company’s name in the subject line. If your company is famed then it might help you to gain more readers. 

Start with a joke

Starting your email with a subject line that is a joke is not an entirely bad way. Many people are drowning in workload or deadlines while checking their mailboxes and if your subject line helps them to burst into laughter then BOOM!, you’ve got their attention. If not laughter then even a small smile can work wonders for you.

Write something unexpected

Most of the time the subject lines of many emails are boring and highly expected. Hence, people are on the lookout for reading something that was totally uncalled for. This in turn means that the receiver will want to open and read your email. 

Highlighting video or attaching a link:

The simplest of things i.e., even just using the word video in your email will increase the response percentage for your subscribers. Besides, everyone loves an interesting video or a presentation filled with facts and funk knowledge. 

By keeping the above tips and tricks in mind, it is guaranteed that your customer base will definitely grow once you start putting in more effort while creating subject lines. 


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