16 Best Email Extractors: Collect Valid Emails Quickly

Collection of Email addresses for any kind of sales can be a quite tough job when done without the help of an email extractor. These tools are essential in order to extract emails and collect them from a variety of sources. This includes social media, websites, text content, and several other services.

Apart from saving a lot of time in the long run, you can also reap benefits like verifying the collected emails automatically. In case you’re confused about the best email extractors out there for your sales team, then this comprehensive list of the 15 best email extractors will guide you.

16 Best Email Extractors to Collect Emails



Contactout is an email extractor that can be used to quickly find email addresses for people you want to contact. It is a great tool for anyone who needs to find email addresses in a hurry, as it can search through a variety of online sources and return results in just a few minutes.

Contactout is especially useful for salespeople, recruiters, and anyone else who needs to make contact with a large number of people. Although it is possible to find email addresses manually, Contactout makes the process much faster and easier. In addition, Contactout can often find email addresses that would be difficult to locate manually. As a result, it is an essential tool for anyone who needs to find email addresses on a regular basis.

Visit: Contactout

Hunter.io Domain Search

hunter io

You can use this tool to find various email addresses from different websites and online content. It scans the website for any mentions of an email address and lists them along with any additional details it finds.

The dates on which the emails were used on the page can also be found beside the links. You get 50 free searches per month. In case you need more, there are premium options up to 30,000 searches at $399 per month.

Visit: Hunter.io Domain Search

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EmailDrop is another great email extractor with some unique features that can help you to increase productivity. The email addresses extracted with this tool can be directly exported to a file and downloaded for later use.

Also, the extracted email addresses are scanned and filtered in order to remove the non-email addresses and fuzzy strings. You can also set to scan multiple websites at a time. EmailDrop is totally free to use and does not have any hard limitations.

Visit: EmailDrop

Datanyze Insider



This is another Chrome Browser extension that allows you to easily collect emails and contact information from any webpage. Datanyze Insider supports extracting contact details from social media profiles too.

Additional features include the ability to create segmented lists and export them. The packages offered by Datanyze vary according to the size and needs of a sales team.

Visit: Datanyze Insider



This service allows the user to uncover additional details hidden on any social media profile and use this contact information for sales purposes. You can easily access profile data like attached emails, mutual connections, tweets, and other work information.

This email extractor also creates a list of connections that lead to other profiles the target user may have on different social media platforms. Overall, in case your main focus is extracting data from social media, then this is one of the best tools to do so.

Visit: Discover.ly

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Orbitly provides a simple to use web app that allows extraction of prospective social media profiles and business email addresses.  You can either use the service for uncovering contact data behind web pages, or directly enter a phone number, email address, or a social media profile to begin a search.

Also, Orbitly allows exporting the final data using webhook or a direct ‘CSV’ format download. The plans included with this service vary widely according to the needs of the user or the company. These range from $15, and go all the way up to $5000 for the most comprehensive plan.

Visit: Orbitly



Nymeria offers most of the same functionality as Orbitly, albeit at a lower price point. You also get access to a browser extension that lets you extract valuable contact information in just one click.

Emails and phone numbers can be easily extracted from social media profiles and various other websites. This collected information can be later organized easily using the built-in tools Nymeria provides.

Visit: Nymeria

Slik Prospector


This handy tool is one of the easiest options you can use to extract emails from websites. It is best suited for finding connected emails on LinkedIn pages. All leads that get found are stored in your account and can be accessed later.

The extracted emails can also be extracted as CSV, and you get a total of 20 credits per month for free. The additional packs can be availed according to the size and needs of an individual or company.

Visit: Slik Prospector



MailDB offers a simple and intuitive web app that can make collecting contact information for your sales drive quite easy. You also get the ability to search specific profiles and compile information from them.

The collected emails also get verified and filtered before being shown to the user. Also, you get a feature to process extracted emails in bulk to save time and increase productivity. Some of the plans are available for free, with others offering more features at a monthly charge.

Visit: MailDB



Getprospect is one of the more well-laid out and comprehensive apps on this list. The service is available through standalone apps on a variety of different platforms. You can also access the chrome extension for easier use.

Email extraction can be done using Getprospect from a variety of websites, and you can also use the outreach marketing platform tool integrations in order to have a more successful sales campaign.

Visit: Getprospect

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Phantom Buster

phantom buster

If you have ever wanted to automate the process of email extraction, then Phantom Buster is one of the choices to consider. This email scrapper can be used for free up to 10 minutes a day, and the premium version allows you to use the tool without any limits.

It can be used directly from the webpage, and the gathered emails are filtered and saved onto a spreadsheet that you can download.

Visit: Phantom Buster

Email Extractor by Unified Address Book

Another fully automated email extractor that is available as a browser extension is Unified Address Book. You can easily preload the websites you want this tool to crawl and save the interesting domains.

This service is available for free, but in case you want unlimited storage space for storing the extracted data. it comes at just $9.99 per month.

Visit: Unified Address Book

Email Extractor (Convert CSV)

This is another web-based tool to easily get prospective emails by just entering data like regular expressions or a file. Once done, you can also specify the output filters and what type of emails you want to keep.

This tool is completely free to use and can be accessed on any browser. There are a few advertisements here and there on the web page, but they are mostly unintrusive.

Visit: Convert CSV Email Extractor

Atomic Email Hunter

Atomic Email Hunter offers a high-quality targeted email listing that can be used to get to your target audience easily. You also get the ability to create personalized email listings.

Using this tool, you can also access the Facebook and Mailbox plugins that make your job even easier. You can get all the features of this email extractor by just making a one-time payment.

Visit: Atomic Email Hunter

Amplemarket Emailmatcher

In case you want an email extractor with zero frills and extra features, then Amplemarket Emailmatcher provides a great browser extension for this purpose. You just need to access and activate the extension on the webpage that you’re trying to extract the emails from.

You can use this extractor complete for free, and it the features it offers are enough for small businesses and individuals to drive their sales teams for increased productivity.

Visit: Amplemarket Emailmatcher


EmailX is a great option for extracting emails from any webpage or text content. You just need to set up the filters and specifications of the domains you want to target, and then the tool automatically does your job.

Along with comprehensive email finder and extractor tools, you also get access to sales and lead generation tools. The tool is completely free to use and can be opened and used from the simple webpage it offers.

Visit: EmailX

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