10 Best ARK Server Hosting Providers for Lower Ping

The Gaming Industry alongside the game Ark Survival has taken a sharp rise over the past few years. If we look at the numbers itself especially for games like Rust, Ark Survival, and other multiplayer-based games we can clearly substantiate the fact that there has been a steady incline in the player base which does not seem to be stopping for a long amount of time now. 

ark survival Server Hosting Providers

What is Ark: Survival Evolved About?

Ark: Survival Evolved is basically a sandbox-based game that is open-sourced and the primary theme of the game is surrounded by Action and Adventure. The game is dated to prehistoric times and is based on an island.

There is an involvement of a lot of unique animals, and since the game is based on dystopian prehistoric times there are animals such as dinosaurs and mammoths available as well. In this, you are supposed to yield and fight with different weapons with other players and animals in order to survive the wilderness for as long as you can.

There is also a progression system, where you can level up, upgrade your skills and so on. This game is played on a server hosted by a particular person. 

Why should you host a server for Ark: Survival Evolved?

Similar to every game based on Multiplayer survival also with the progression aspect in it, Ark also requires the players to put in a lot of effort and hours to ensure that they are at a commendable level in the game. Now imagine that you are progressing in a server that is not that good and is extremely sturdy.

A sturdy server would basically hamper your progress as the game would be very laggy and would compromise your performance in the game as well. This is exactly the reason why you need to host your own server.

The best server hosting providers have top-notch technologies such as SSDs, solid graphics and processors to ensure that your game runs smoothly without any interference. Below mentioned are the ten best server hosting options for Ark.

10 Best ARK Server Hosting


1. ScalaCube


If you decide to host your server on ScalaCube, the major advantage you will get through this is the full control of your server through their efficient and simple control panel using which you can effectively monitor and regulate the activities of your server.

The ScalaCube server has custom launch parameters, a variety of steam workshop mods, and also the added SSD functionality to make sure the game runs smoothly

Visit: ScalaCube

2. HostHavoc

hosthavoc ARK server hosting

HostHavoc provides potential users with a list of plans for premium gaming servers. The fast and premium server provided by Host Havoc makes sure that you progress in the game smoothly without any hassles.

HostHavoc also supports the DLCs which come with Ark such as Extinction, Ragnarok and Scorched Earth. HostHavoc also has a strong security protocol in place to make sure that there are no DDos attacks or UDP floods by any hackers. 

Visit: HostHavoc

3. Survival Servers


Survival Servers can be considered as one of the most popular names out there for Server Hosting for the game, Ark. Survival Servers offer the users a lot of features and also instant activation of their server to make sure that the game can be started instantly without any sort of interruptions.

The server operates both on your Windows PC and also your PS4 console. 

Visit: Survival Servers

4. GTXGaming

gtxgameark 1

GTXGaming is one of the old and reliable names on this list. They have been providing Ark Servers to users since the game started however they have been operating as a company for more than 10 years now.

They use the new Dell Systems and their effective machinery to ensure a spot-on performance of the server and the game.    

Visit: GTXGaming

5. Indifferent Broccoli

indifferent broccoli : ARK server hosting

This particular server provider is famous for providing quirky solutions to any of your requirements. Their servers are backed by quality hardware with minimal lag, a custom build control panel for you depending upon the use of the particular player, and also a 24/7 round-the-clock top-notch customer service.

The unique selling point of Indifferent Broccoli is its effective and seamless customer service which solves all your issues quickly to ensure that you do not face any long-term interruptions in your game.  

Visit: Indifferent Broccoli

6. Shockbyte 

Shockbyte was created in 2013, since then it has hosted more than a hundred thousand gaming servers for thousands of players across the globe. They are well known in the gaming community for their spot on high-quality support and service.

Their server supports the mods provided by the Steam Workshops, DLC maps and also custom-made mods. They also provide you with a guide with extensive knowledge on the hows and whats of the server to make sure that you start off with your seamless gaming experience on the server. They also provide you with the option to backup your data in the server to make sure you do not lose any important stuff. 

7. ServerBlend

Server Blend ensures that you play the game with 24/7 uptime, without any sort of interruptions, and non-stop. They have a good and effective control panel installed called the “TcAdmin” which ensures that you can install mods and initialize the game quickly.

8. Node Craft

The USP or the unique selling point of Node Craft is the unique control panel that they offer with the server.

The control panel lets you manage your server and configure it effectively without losing any sweat. The server is pretty much very simple and has a minimalist User Interface for it to set up. 

9. Game Servers

GameServers assures the users that once you buy their server and pay the fee, they can install and set up your game with the server in a matter of a few minutes with the assistance of their instant activation systems. 

10. Nitrous Networks 

Nitrous Networks provide the users with very high-performance servers for Ark. They already have a huge enough player base worldwide. The Nitrous Network team would deploy your server immediately after you make the payment for the server. 

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