8 Reasons Why Everyone Should Use A VPN

Virtual Private Networks or VPNs are slowly becoming a vital component of your Smartphones, your Personal Computers since they are an easy and affordable way to maintain your privacy and make sure that none of your data gets exploited online.

Along with an antivirus and an effective firewall, people are now essentially having a foolproof VPN installed on their devices.


What is a VPN and What are its functions?

If you are or ever have been concerned about how safe you are in the ever-evolving and expanding world, or if you’re trying to access websites that are prohibited by your country and the Internet Service Provider (ISP) then Virtual Private Networks are your best bet.

With the advent of VPN, a lot of corporates and universities have also been adopting VPNs into their internet architecture.

A lot of the time there is some content that is prohibited in your region for a lot of reasons including your country’s policies this is also known as geoblocking. You can use a VPN to bypass the Geolocking and enjoy access to all content and shows on Netflix and other streaming sites.

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There are a lot of different types of Virtual Private Networks available depending on your use and the number of devices connected to them. Below are the several reasons why everyone should be using a Virtual Private Network or a VPN;

1. Staying Safe on Public Wi-Fi

A lot of times we conduct our meetings in a coffee shop with the free WiFi or just connect to the Airport or the Train Station Wifi just like that. People tend to connect to free Wi-Fis in a jiffy without considering any sort of implications.

However, this particular habit is very risky considering that your connection to the browser is not encrypted and the data can be read by anyone.

Plus the free WiFi could easily be a trap set by a hacker under the banner of a coffee or airport wifi and then he or she can easily steal your data. However, with your VPN installed on your devices, you can overcome all of these problems as using the Virtual Private Network makes you virtually untraceable. 

2. Bypassing Locational Restrictions on Content

There are a lot of streaming sites such as Hulu, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer which only work in a specific country or a region.

You can use the option of having a browser-based proxy tool in order to bypass the Geo Locking, however, you will have to suffer from the extremely slow speeds and persistent buffering issues. There are also certain tv shows and movies that may be prohibited in your country due to local laws and regulations.

A Virtual Private Network would ensure that you can get through all these issues without compromising on the buffering quality. 

3. Getting through Government Censorship

Most of the governments depending on the country you live in prevent their population from accessing certain websites and other information which is imperative for you to use. This is especially for those people who live in an oppressive, non-democratic country.

In this particular context, you can use a VPN to make sure that you efficiently bypass the security system installed by your country in order to block the respective website or information you are trying to access.

If your country is heavily surveilled and you suspect that they read the messages and other private stuff on your devices you can again use the VPN to make sure that your data remains secured and there is no issue of surveillance.

4. Test Your Website

Rotating proxies are a must for website testing from different locations. It is difficult to get hold of residential IP addresses, and data center proxies can get blocked quickly. So the best way to test your website’s loading speed from various places around the globe is by using rotating residential proxies.

This can prove useful, for example, if you want to test how your website loads in Europe, Asia, South America, or Australia. You can check on Truely which service is the best at the moment.

5. Save Money while Shopping

A lot of online stores to your surprise display different prices for the same item for different countries and regions. This includes a plethora of things including clothing items, accessories, shoes or hotel rooms and accommodation prices.

In order to get through the issue of unfair pricing, you can definitely use VPNs on your browser in order to get a better idea of the prices of the thing you want to buy fares in different regions.

You may think that this is a tedious and time-consuming process however, it has the potential to save you hundreds of dollars. 

6. Saving Money on Flight Booking

It just isn’t about hotel prices being low, but also the flight prices when you try to book it from other regions after using a Virtual Private Network.

You can definitely try it out for yourself. Keep all the itinerary details such as departure and arrival cities and even the dates the same, just use a VPN in order to compare the prices.

For example, when you try checking the flight tickets from the Norwegian or the Swedish IP address you will find out that the prices are comparatively cheap than the other. 

7. Encryption 

This definitely ain’t a crime movie or a show but Virtual Private Networks actually by default encrypt the data being used online.

Any sort of activity being done by you online when connected to a VPN service ensures that all your data is safe since it goes through the process of Encryption.

When you connect to a VPN, all your internet-based activity goes through a private network funnel to ensure that your data doesn’t get compromised in any sort of way. 

8. Improving Latency on Online Games

The first thing you need to become a professional in these online games is a stable internet connection and good latency. However, there are a lot of Internet Service providers which throttle the speeds and do not let the full potential of the speed reach your game.

This is primarily done to ensure that there is a uniformity of speeds across all the users. However, in order to get past this, you can use a VPN to ensure that the throttling is rid of and you can ensure high speed and low latency on the games.   

Dhruv Thakker is an aspiring lawyer. He is a sports enthusiast and likes watching F1, Football and Reading in his free time.


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