What Is the Meaning of “Pending” on Snapchat? (Fix Snapchat Pending)

Snapchat is one of the most popularized photo-sharing social media applications available for Android and IOS smartphones. Snapchat was basically created by four students, Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown studying at Stanford University in 2011.

The company which is more than 10 years old now has been valued at more than sixteen billion dollars in 2022. Most of the users of Snapchat are either the Gen-Z’s or the Millenials since Snapchat is an Unconventional unique social media platform that lets the users share each other’s photos with their friends with various unique filters letting the friends know what each of them are up to during a particular period of time.

Snapchat also lets the users know each other’s location if the users permit it. There are a lot of unique features within the Snapchat application which makes things a little complicated for a certain section of the users. We are here to address one such issue or doubt which is the ‘Pending’ status that is visible in the messages section for some of the users.

A lot of the users of the Snapchat app have come across the ‘Pending’ status in the messaging section of the application for various reasons. If you are one of the users who have faced this then and wondering the meaning of it then we are here to help you out with it.

We are also here to explain to you why the message appears on various Apple and Android phones and in what way(s) can you fix it easily. 

Pending Message on Snapchat Explained 

snapchat Pending message

If we look at the literal meaning of the ‘Pending’ status in the messaging section of the Snapchat App it refers to a particular message which hasn’t been delivered to the intended recipient of the message yet due to certain reasons.

Instead of getting the usual blue, pink or purple icon on the messages or snaps, one can see a gray colored icon with the word ‘Pending’ next to the message and the Name of the Recipient. This explains the basic meaning and the position of the ‘Pending’ Status in order to understand the meaning of the problem better so that it can get solved easily.

Now in order to solve the issue, one always needs to address the cause of the issue in a technological context and that’s the same case with the ‘Pending’ status in the Snap Chat Application. Below are the various possible reasons or causes alongside the solution to the problem of the ‘Pending’ Status issue on the Snapchat application. 

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1. The Person is Yet to Accept Your Friend Request

Snapchat considers itself to be one of the most Privacy Aligned Social Media applications and in order to address those claims Snapchat does not allow users who are not friends with each other to message each other for privacy and security reasons.

So the first reason why the ‘Pending’ Status is visible to you is that the person who you have texted is yet to accept your friend request on Snapchat. You will also see a message which reads “Your Snaps and Chats are pending until <username> adds you as a friend” in the textbook or the conversation window.

In order to fix this issue, you can wait till your friend accepts your follow request or remind them to do so. 

2. The Person has Unfriended You 

If in the initial stage of you sending the messages to a particular user your messages would get delivered and showcase the blue dialogue box and then suddenly sometime later the messages would show the gray box with the ‘Pending’ status then there is a good chance that the person has unfriended you.

You can verify this by going to your friend’s list and searching their name and if not found it would confirm that you have been unfriended. In this scenario, you can wait till that time you have been added back.

pending message snap MCUa4      In case of an emergency, you can try to contact them on any other instant messaging platform such as Whatsapp, Instagram, and so on. 

3. The Contact Has Blocked You

In this particular case, a message may not be delivered if the contact has blocked you on the Snap Chat application.

In order to protect the safety and privacy of their users, Snapchat does not reveal to the other users if they have been blocked however if you persistently keep getting the delivered message dialogue without the message even being read at any point of time you can assume that you have been blocked.

In this particular scenario, all you can do is wait till the person unblocks you and adds you back as a friend on the social media platform. 

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4. The Friend has Deleted their Snapchat Account

In case a particular friend who had been previously added as a friend shows the gray-colored ‘Pending’ status in the dialogue box, one of the assumptions, in this case, can be that the Friend may have deleted their Snapchat account due to a certain reason.

In this particular scenario, there is only a little you can do except contact them and message them on some other instant messaging platform. 

5. Expired Message

Snapchat, being an unconventional unique application deletes the user’s message after a total of 30 days. So in case you have sent a message and the friend hasn’t read or opened the message thread within a month, there’s a good chance that the particular message will be showcased as pending in the message dialogue box.

In this particular scenario, you can resend the message if required and remind your friend to read and open the message. 

6. Snapchat Bug

Any application which is obviously not made perfect and may contain certain Bugs and glitches. Snapchat is no exception to it and there is a chance that your application may have been bugged. In this particular case, you can try and reinstall the application in your IOS or Android phone or wait till the developer rolls out an update to solve the issue.          

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