Google I’m Bored: What Should I Google When I’m Bored?

Google is by far the biggest and the most preferred place to search for anything in order to find information fast without any hassles. A lot of people consider Google to be their go-to search engine. But sometimes if a particular person intends on having fun after searching for some information online then they can always use Google in unique yet effective ways to entertain themselves.

There are certain things you can easily search on Google in order to solve your boredom. Below mentioned are 10 ways through which you can quickly curb your boredom and maybe take a small break and at the same time do something interesting in the process. 

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Fun Fact

Amy Gesenhues who works at the Search Engine Land first spotted that the latest fun trick to be added to Google’s bag of tricks was the ‘fun fact’ query. When a particular user searches for the term ‘Fun Fact’ on the Google Search bar the search engine would come up with a direct random and unique question and answer This particular trick would also give relevant sources to the mentioned questions.

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I am Feeling Curious 

If a user clicks on the “Ask Another Question” button which would potentially appear when the user is asking for a fun fact, Google would return the favour by coming up with the “I am Feeling Curious” functionality. This particular functionality would give the user a dynamic answer box with quite a number of random facts.

There is also the “Ask Another Question” button for added functionality in order to easily access the high number of random questions in order to access a good amount of information. 

Google Search Im feeling curious 640x405 1

I am Feeling Stellar 

There are a lot of fun options you can try after hovering over the “I am Feeling Lucky” button on the Google Search Page. This particular page would automatically take the user to the first page they returned for the respective query, which eventually leads to quite interesting results.

If the user clicks on the “I am Feeling Stellar” button, Google displays a showcase page from the explore feature of Google Earth’s showcase page. A lot of people have gotten interesting results from here.

Google Search Im feeling stellar 640x419 1

I am Feeling Trendy

If a user clicks on the “I am feeling trendy” option, Google takes the user to the Google Trends page for your reference to get informed about the latest trending searches.

From here onwards, the user can explore the most trended search for the day or the previous day. One can even switch countries in order to explore the trends of the neighbouring countries as well.

Google Search Im feeling trendy 640x376 1

I am Feeling Wonderful 

If a user clicks on the “I am Feeling Wonderful” option, then Google will take the respective user to the Google Cultural Institute page on one of the world’s wonders. One can even scroll through photos, explore the respective place through a map, look at the other locations or even use the galleries.

Google Search Im feeling wonderful 640x320 1

I am Feeling Playful 

If a user clicks on the “I am Playful” button, then Google would take the respective user to one of their fun and interactive Doodles. For instance, a user can get a fun doodle from May 2012 which was an electronic analog Moog Synthesizer.

The page not only had the doodle but also explained the entire Doodle with its complete diagram and explained the complete history behind the same.Google Search Im feeling playful Moog doodle 640x415 1 

I am Feeling Puzzled

If a user clicks on the “I am Feeling Puzzled” button up on Google, you shall be redirected to its “a Google a day” page with a puzzle to be solved by you.

In this particularly fun tool, Google reverses the role and you will be asked questions by Google and then you will have to use your skills in order to find the right answer. compress image 3

I am Feeling Doodley 

If a user clicks on the “I am Feeling Doodley” option, the user is redirected by Google to view their archived Doodles. For instance, one can be taken back to view the June 2012 doodle for Alan Turing’s 100th Birthday.

This particular doodle was quite good since Google required a record amount of testing and iteration before it deployed the same. Google Search Im feeling doodley 640x414 1

I am Feeling Generous

If a user clicks on the “I am Feeling Generous” option, then Google redirects the user to the page on the One Today app, which primarily enables the user to discover a plethora of non-profit projects and easily donate and even get their friends to match the donations you have made. 

Google Search Im feeling generous 640x301 1

I am Feeling Artistic 

If a user clicks on the “I am Feeling Artistic” button, then Google will randomly select a page from its respective Art Project Website, which is basically a platform to explore high-resolution images of various artworks which are physically hosted in a number of museums around the world. 

Google Search Im feeling artistic 640x381 1                                                                                                                                                              

Dhruv Thakker is an aspiring lawyer. He is a sports enthusiast and likes watching F1, Football and Reading in his free time.


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