How to See Someone’s Mutual Friends on Snapchat?

The users of Snapchat can easily view their respective friend lists and this particular list is not available on display to other people. Snapchat provides privacy settings features to the respective users and this particular privacy policy dictates who and what can take a view of someone’s friends list on the application.

A particular user can add friends easily on their account through the Quick Add feature that is available on Snapchat. In order to easily view the mutual friends of a user on Snapchat you just need to go to the ‘Quick Add’ option which is available on the Add Friends panel.

After that one would notice that the users available under the quick add panel are mutual friends of the number of users as mentioned below their name. By following this article, one can easily get the exact steps in order to check mutual friends on Snapchat. 

Why Can’t a User See Someone’s Friends on Snapchat?

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There are quite a few factors that are responsible for not being able to see a particular user’s friends on Snapchat and these particular steps describe the reasons about the problem in detail. 

Snapchat Privacy Policy 

The privacy policy of Snapchat dictates that the extraction of a user’s friend list is comparatively a quicker task. This particular social media platform, Snapchat is much more private and stricter in the terms of privacy policies as compared to other applications such as Facebook or Instagram.

This particular reason makes the app much more difficult in the terms of accessing the name of someone’s friend. The Snapchat application does not have a static feed or a wall which is applicable for apps such as Facebook or Instagram.

This makes it all the more difficult for the users to access their friends’ list of a user. 

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No Direct Feature

One important thing to note is that Snapchat does not have any direct feature through which one can obtain the friend list of a particular user.

The application lets the user check for other things about their friends such as the Zodiac sign of the respective friend. One can also find out the Snap score of the user along with his or her name.

But there is no such apparent feature through which one can find out the friends list or mutual friends of the respective user or a friend.  

Private Account Provides Limited Information 

Snapchat provides users the option to choose their account in order to be a public or a private one. If the user chooses their respective account to be a private one then there is very less information available for the users.

In the private account, only the user that has been added as a friend can interact and check the details of the respective user. These accounts cater a very limited amount of information and especially if your account is private it is much more difficult to access the information such as the friend list of a particular user. 

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How To Check Someone’s Friends on Snapchat?

In order to check the friends of a particular user from the profile on Snapchat, there are certain options and steps that can be used. 

Add the Particular User on Snapchat

In order to see someone’s friends on Snapchat, the first step is to send in a request to the user and become friends on that particular forum.

One will be able to access a lot of information of the respective user after they have been added as friends. One can even ask the added user to send the friend list to you if required.

In the previous versions of Snapchat, the users were offered information with regards to their friends of friends, however, they have soon removed that feature. Below mentioned are the steps which you need to follow in order to make things easier. 

Step 1:

Firstly, the respective user needs to have a Snapchat account. If one does not have an account then it is suggested that he or she make one. 

Step 2:

Now once you have sorted out the account formalities, one needs to send a friend request to the user whose friends list is required to be accessed. 


Step 3:

Once the user adds you as a friend on Snapchat, one can see his or her information on the respective profile page. 

Through this method, one can ask the added user to send the friends list of their account. One can also access the friend’s list of a user by looking at this my accounts section and having a look at the friend’s list. One can also have fun by sending and receiving the snaps from the user. 

Using the Quick Add Feature

One can easily see the number of mutual friends on Snapchat through the Quick Add feature and get an opportunity to add friends and share snaps with them on the photo-sharing forum. In order to understand how this entire process of Quick Add works, there are steps mentioned below to help out the users with the entire process. 

Step 1: 

Open the Snapchat application with your account logged in. You now need to head to the profile page of the app. 

Step 2:

Once you spot the Bitmoji on the top left section of the application you are required to tap on that particular bitmoji. 

Step 3:

Once you have tapped on the Bitmoji, a list would appear which would include the mutual friends visible by both the names and also their usernames. 


Step 4:

The quick add feature list would also contain the number of mutual friends that you have with the friend of yours. 

These are some of the methods and ways through which one can add friends on Snapchat and also look at how to check for mutuals on the social media application. One needs to consider the fact that Snapchat is a very unique application and you can share photos with other users and maintain a streak with them

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