Top 7 Fake Broken Screen Prank Apps To Fool Your Friends

One of the best ways to get a laugh is to prank your friends and family. As a prankster, you always want to make sure you have the most up-to-date tools at your fingertips so that you can achieve maximum amusement.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the latest and greatest fake broken screen apps for your viewing pleasure! These fake broken screen prank apps will have you in stitches whether it’s an Android or iOS device that’s being used.

7 Of The Best Fake Broken Screen Prank Apps

There are plenty of prank apps out there, but fake broken screen prank apps are some of the best. There are a few different fake broken screen prank apps to choose from, here’s a list of top 7.

Broken Screen Prank by Enjoy Entertainment

Broken Screen Prank 1

This prank app provides a realistic simulation of a broken screen. And of course, it won’t damage your phone – it is now available for Android. You can try this prank on yourself or the friends and family that you trust with your phone and see their reaction to the prank.

To achieve this realistic simulation, Broken Screen Prank covers your screen with an overlay when you touch the device and also adds many other effects such as sounds and graphics, in order to give it a more realistic appearance.

The app not only creates realistic cracking and breaking sounds but also lets you choose from a variety of other sound effects including crackling, sparks, broken glass with electric lines and fire screens. Simply remove the effect by tapping the notification to return to normal use.


Broken Screen Theme

Broken Screen Theme 1

With over 100 thousand downloads on the Play Store, this app has become one of the best prank apps for Android smartphones. It’s different from other fake broken screen prank apps but it’s definitely worth trying. All you have to do is apply the theme, and give a shock when your friends see the phone.

Broken Screen Theme can be a perfect choice for Android devices because it doesn’t simulate a cracked screen, but rather displays a static theme. If you have time to designate another prank app, this theme is still a great option, as the cracks will stay indefinitely.

With the help of this app, you can even tweak your phone to make it look unique. To use it, just install the launcher and there you go! The best thing is that the app installs with a small file size, so it won’t affect your phone’s performance at all.


Crack Your Screen Prank

Crack Your Screen Prank 1

This cracked screen simulator is different from other apps, which simulate a broken screen with a bare phone. With Crack Your Screen Prank, there are three methods of simulating a broken LCD effect. The first option is to shake the device to show the broken screen.

The second is to touch the app; when this happens, the screen will break. There is also an auto crack timer that will break after a set time you choose beforehand.

Thankfully, even if the screen on your phone looks terrible, you can still use it as long as you exit from the app. Cracking Your Screen Prank is available on Play Store for free and lets you add more content with in-app purchases.


Cracked Screen Prank

Cracked Screen Prank 1

Cracked Screen Prank should be on the list of fun apps you can use to trick your friends. The app looks realistic and makes it seem like your phone has a broken screen. You’ll probably laugh when your family or friends have a panic attack over it.

With this app, you can make your pranks seem as real as possible with realistic graphics that fool your friends. The app comes with 4 crackle effects and the option to touch, shake or set a timer to crack. Don’t forget that the app also repairs automatically!

In the Android app, you can find games such as fire screen and destroying phones. With those games, you can light up a fire on the screen with your finger or destroy it using the different types of weapons provided.


Fake Broken Screen

Fake Broken Screen 1

One of the best phone screen editing apps is Kingtools. It simulates a broken screen, with a realistic graphical representation, so that your friends won’t notice it’s just for a prank. You can try it on some friend’s new phone and see how they react.

This app comes with features like sound effects for the broken glass and an accurate image for a wallpaper. To make it seem more real, the image will show over other apps that are open on the phone.

The app is free to download on Android, and won’t take up a ton of space on your device. You can use the app for practical jokes or just for fun, either way it is sure to provide entertainment.


Broken Glass Live Wallpaper

broken screen live wallpaper 1

Want to prank a friend with a broken screen? Download “Broken Screen Live Wallpaper” on your phone. The app enables you to create your own broken screen on the display of your phone. In addition, there are four background wallpaper with features like cracking glass that you can use for different purposes.

To create a cracked screen, simply select a color and choose from one of the four backgrounds. Smash the display and hear the sound of breaking glass; see the crack appear on your picture. How do you remove it? Double click and the crack will automatically disappear from your wallpaper picture.

If you’re looking for some harmless fun, download Broken Glass Live Wallpaper. The app offers in-app purchases for additional excitement. Just set the app and have your friend tap on the screen to prank them with the illusion that their phone is breaking. They and your device remain safe.


Crack & Break It!

Crack Break It 1

This app is a prank and a game for Android and iOS users. With 500 thousand downloads from the Play Store, it’s one of the most popular apps for simulating a broken screen. It offers fake broken screens as well as exciting games for you to try.

You can use Image Breaker to break your boyfriend or your boss’ photo. And you can also play the Glass Blocks game where you just need to tap on it to break glass blocks. The game is not only amazingly engaging, but also extremely relaxing.

It comes with realistic sound effects and great graphics. Furthermore, it supports multi-touch which allows you to break on multiple points. Best of all, the app can be downloaded for free; however, if you want to upgrade the features, there is a Pro version available as well.

Download: Android, iOS

How To Download And Use These Apps

If you’re looking for a good laugh, then you’ll want to check out these fake broken screen prank apps! They’re sure to have you in stitches.

To use these apps, simply download them onto your phone and then select the broken screen image that you want to use. When your victim uses their phone, they’ll see the cracked screen image and think that their phone is really broken!

These apps are great for pranking your friends or family members. Just be sure that they don’t drop their phone for real while they’re laughing at the fake broken screen!


Just imagine the look on your victim’s face when they see their screen cracked and shattered.

Of course, your victim will probably be quite alarmed at first. But once they realize it’s just a prank, they’ll be sure to get a good laugh out of it too. So go ahead and give these apps a try – you’re sure to have some fun with them! 

Well there you have it, our list of the best fake broken screen prank apps. We hope you enjoyed our list and that you were able to find an app that tickled your funny bone. Be sure to let us know in the comments below which one was your favorite, and as always, happy pranking!

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