5 Ways to See Deleted Reddit Posts/Comments?

Reddit is a fantastic place where you can find everything you need. With no restrictions, anyone can create and share any type of content worldwide without worrying about the censors.

If you’re an active Reddit user, you’re probably familiar with this platform. Even if someone has an account, they can still remain anonymous. You can say whatever you want, even if it is “controversial”.

While many users on Reddit enjoy browsing anonymously, they are happy to report content when they think it’s not in line with the subreddit’s guidelines.

Any violations of the subreddit’s rules can be reported and subsequently removed or deleted by moderators. As a result, you may see ‘[removed] or ‘[deleted] tags on certain posts or comments.

There are several tools available for you to find deleted Reddit comments one way or another. These tools are completely free and completely legal. So read on to know how to see removed reddit comments using these free tools.

Ways To See Removed Reddit Posts/Comments

Even if someone deletes their post or comment, those posts can be found on websites other than Reddit. In order to explore what’s happened with a post or comment, you need to depend on some third-party sources. Here’s how you can do just that with the help of these Third- party sources.



If you are looking for a site to easily read deleted Reddit comments, Resavr is a good choice. Although, It’s the least recommended tool on this list, as there are some things to consider before you make the purchase. One major issue is that you can’t search for specific threads with this website.

If you really want to find the deleted comments in a specific thread, you’ll need to use keywords related to the post. You can’t search for them by their individual link.

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Google Cache

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Another way to see deleted Reddit posts is by checking Google Cache. Google has a way of storing cached versions of Reddit posts which are eventually replaced by the original.

The only disadvantage of this method is that it will not show you the post if Google cache does not have a saved cache version of that particular post containing the deleted comment.

If you’re looking to utilize Google Cache, then you’ll have to search the Reddit post by typing in the post’s title. You will find the exact comment and thread in the search results if it is indexed.

You can do this by clicking on the three dots next to the result and selecting ‘Cached’. You’ll be able to view it if it’s been cached before the thread or comment has been removed.


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Unddit makes it easy for you to find deleted Reddit posts or comments, which is great if you want to view them. The best part about the site is that it can display both posts and comments. It is also convenient and provides a great viewing experience and is really easy to use.

What makes Unddit more useful is that it displays the username of the person who originally posted the post or comment. This makes it easier to differentiate posts and comments and provides a more engaging user experience.

Another plus for using Unddit is that it is very easy to use. You just need to go the the website and drag read “Unddit” bookmarklet to the bookmarks bar. Once you are done, just go to the reddit post where the comment was deleted.

Once you open the Reddit post where the comment was deleted, click on the Unddit bookmarklet on the Bookmark bar. From there, you will be able to view the archived page and see any comments that were removed.



Much like Unddit, Reveddit allows users to search for reddit posts that were removed. This includes Reddit posts, comments, or links by username, subreddit (r/), link, or domain.

If you like using Reddit on a desktop web browser, then you can download the reveddit extension known as “reveddit real-time.” This extension tracks the specific content and warns you when it’s removed.

You can use Reveddit in two ways, the first way is to directly go to the website while the other way is to use “reveddit” in the thread URL instead of “reddit”. 

The Wayback Machine


The Wayback Machine is a popular website that lets you go surf back in time and see what websites used to look like. It takes active websites’ snapshots at regular intervals so you can access them later, even if the site is offline or taken down.

Many websites have been archived on the Wayback Machine, including Reddit. To view a website’s archives on The Wayback Machine, you have to open that site and paste its URL into the corresponding box in the way back machine.

Once you paste the URL, the way back machine will provide a list of every snapshot it has ever recorded. You’ll then have to pick the exact relevant snapshot in order to see the particular comment.

Unfortunately you won’t be able to access deleted content if the moderator deleted a comment or thread on Reddit before Wayback Machine could archive it.

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These are the best ways to see deleted Reddit posts. With all of the methods we covered, you don’t have to download anything or spend any money to view them. 

Also note, there’s a reason why Reddit deletes the comments for users on their site–it’s usually because of offensive material or breach of terms or service.

Before making any attempt to view deleted comments on Reddit, go through any warnings and brace yourself for upsetting content in case you come across one. If you need more help on viewing these posts better, let us know below in the comments.

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