9 Best FM WhatsApp Features ( A Must Download App)

There’s been a lot of excitement about WhatsApp mods lately! Popular ones are FM WhatsApp and GroupSMS, which are being loved by those looking for an extra long list of features. If you’re interested in them, continue reading to find out why they might be the best option for your needs.

Best 9 Features Of FM WhatsApp Mod App

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So, here is the complete run-down of all of the best features of FMwhatsapp. I’m impressed by FMWhatsApp, and you will be too. If you like these features, what are you waiting for? Download this latest version now for free with a click at this link. Now, let’s get started.

Media Sharing

Even though WhatsApp has gone through some hiccups, there are still many limitations that come along with it. For instance, the Media sharing limit is 16MB and you can send up to 30 photos at a time. Here, FMWhatsApp comes to your rescue.

They support sending files up to 700MB in size, so you don’t have to worry about limited photo storage. As well as sending a wide range of file formats like unzipped RAR files, DOC, APK and others.

Anti-Delete Messages

In order for you to chat more comfortably, try FM WhatsApp. It offers an exclusive Anti-Delete feature that prevents others from deleting messages with you.

There is even an advanced security mode called “Delete for Everyone” that lets people delete their messages if they want to, but since the Anti-Delete option is active, your chats are saved. That way you can always see what they said, and respond when necessary.

App Launcher and Notifications Icons

If you’re tired of the default WhatsApp launcher icon, then here’s one more cool feature. FMWhatsApp comes with a lot of App Launcher icons and notification icons that are available in different colors and styles. It’s as easy as choosing an icon from the list!

Full Resolution Image Sharing

While WhatsApp compresses images during the transfer, it is an important feature in order to save data. Sometimes, though, it can get frustrating to see that picture quality deteriorates when sending.

With FM WhatsApp, users can now browse, save and share pictures with high resolution. They also have the option to set the percentage of image quality they want when in MOD settings. FM WhatsApp will then send all your images at the quality you specify.

Call Filter/Blocker

FM WhatsApp comes with something called Call Blocker. This is particularly helpful when you receive an unwanted call from unknown numbers. You may have noticed that we get calls from unknown numbers on our WhatsApp, as well as calls during work hours that aren’t necessary.

With this feature, you can restrict who can contact you on FM WhatsApp. An alternative option to this would be GbWhatsApp, another popular WhatsApp mod,which has a similar feature that lets you pick contacts or let only saved contacts call you.

Themes Store

If you’re passionate about themes, FMWhatsApp is for you. With the YoThemes store, you’ll find more than 1,000 different themes available to download in FMWhatsApp.

They’re all available for free-of-charge and can be designed and imported directly from XML files. From bright colors to minimal designs, this app provides a ton of features with a user-friendly interface.

New Emoji Variants

Some people love the default WhatsApp emoji. Others love Apple or Facebook Emoji. It’s a really personal preference–so picking the right set is important. FMWA lets you select your own preferred set. You’ll be able to pick from popular sets like Facebook, Emoji One V3, Android P, Old Stock Emoji and many more.

Colors and Customizations

The main reasons people use various WhatsApp mods is because of the customizable features. With FMWhatsApp mods, you have the ability to change colors of WhatsApp’s status bar, navigation bar, background. Other customizations include changing chat screens and backgrounds.

Fonts and Other Mods

Changing fonts is one of the most popular choices to try. If you’re bored with the default WhatsApp font, try FMWA by Fouad Mods. It comes with many popular and attractive fonts – all compatible with your WhatsApp experience.

With this FMWhatsApp mod, you’ll also be able to quickly switch between your fonts as many times as you want in seconds.


The best thing about WhatsApp mods is that they come with plenty of advanced features. These specially designed apps can make the way you use and feel WhatsApp much more enjoyable.

I’m sure after reading all of their cool features, you’re going to look into downloading one of them at least once (which is well worth your time!). You’ll find them on the link above – just download and install the one that fits your phone!

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