All Common Hulu Error Codes and How to fix them (2023)

In addition to the popular subscription streaming services available around the world, Hulu is also a well-known American service. The Walt Disney Company owns Hulu, along with Comcast’s NBCUniversal holding, which was released in October 2007.

It basically offers thousands of TV shows, movies, and more. It is quite common to experience some issues with it. You can find all the Hulu Error Codes and how to fix them here.

It doesn’t matter which platform the users use or from where they access the content, most of the on-demand subscription-based streaming services do come with multiple bugs or errors.

Aside from the geo-restricted content streaming errors, subscribers may encounter other problems, such as server connectivity, not being able to play, no audio, content not loading, infinite buffering, etc. 

Hulu is a great service for watching TV shows and movies on your computer, phone, or streaming device. However, there are times when things don’t work as they should – and when that happens, you may need to know some Hulu error codes to fix the problem. In this article, we’ll go over the most common Hulu errors and how to fix them.

All Hulu Error Codes And How To Fix Them

hulu all error codes

Hulu error codes and error messages may seem unusual or too complex to some, but there are probably dozens of different ones. However, most of them require a couple of general troubleshooting methods before moving on to advanced troubleshooting.

In most cases, Hulu errors are caused by temporary glitches or internet connectivity issues, which can be fixed by updating or reinstalling the app.

Below we’ve listed all possible workarounds that may come in handy for general troubleshooting as well as specific errors. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

General Hulu Error Codes Troubleshooting Methods

Generally, Hulu problems are caused by poor internet connectivity, streaming device issues, or even problems with the Hulu app itself. Therefore, following the general workarounds will usually resolve the problem.


  • You should first restart or reset your Roku or other streaming device.
  • Now your Wi-Fi router needs to be restarted or power cycled.
  • Now do the same with your streaming device.
  • To check for the problem, switch from a wireless network to a wired network or vice versa. You can also use another network or even mobile data/hotspot.
  • Also keep your Hulu application updated on your device at all times.
  • Alternatively, you can reinstall the Hulu app on your streaming device.
  • Ensure that your streaming device (system software) is up-to-date as well. An outdated firmware version can also cause problems.

There are several ways to resolve Hulu problems, but sometimes any particular error message or error code indicates a different cause for the problem. Rather than simply performing general workarounds, you need to know why and follow the necessary steps.

Hulu Error Code P-EDU103

If you try to watch Hulu with Live TV on a streaming device or mobile phone that is actually connected to a non-residential or mobile internet connection, then Hulu Error Code P-EDU103 will appear.

You can fix it by following the steps below if you’re using a residential internet connection with faster speeds, such as ethernet or fiber/DSL.

  • As you stream content with Hulu, be sure to turn off all background downloads and uploads.
  • You should use a private Wi-Fi network or a wired Ethernet connection. Avoid mobile hotspots, VPNs, proxy servers, etc that may slow your internet speed.
  • Sometimes your Hulu home network may be set to the wrong network by mistake. You can ask your ISP for help.
  • Try using a different streaming device or another mobile or PC whatever you use.
  • If your IP address is dynamic, ask your provider to make it static or shift to a static IP address if it is dynamic.

Hulu Error Code 3 and 5

Several Hulu Error Code 3 errors appear when the Hulu application fails to load content due to internet problems. They usually appear as follows:

  • Error playing this video.
  • Sorry, we encountered an error playing this video. Please try restarting the video or select something else to watch.
  • Error code: 3(-996).
  • Please check your internet connection and try again. Error Code: -3: An unexpected problem (but not server timeout or HTTP error) has been detected.

The Hulu Error Code 5 also occurs due to internet-related issues. If you receive the following error messages, then it is the error code 5.

  • We’re having trouble loading this right now.
  • If this problem persists, try restarting your device.
  • Please check your internet connection and try again. Error Code: -5: malformed data.


  • Check for the issue by rebooting your streaming device.
  • Try switching from wired to Wi-Fi or vice versa to check your internet connection.
  • Refresh your Wi-Fi router’s network connectivity by power cycling it.

Hulu 500 Error

When you receive the following error messages on your screen, it indicates a Hulu 500 error. This error code is most commonly displayed on the Hulu website rather than on streaming devices.

  • There was an error on this page (500 error).
  • Sorry – We’ve encountered an unexpected error. We’ve been notified about this issue, and we’ll take a look at it shortly.


  • You may be able to fix a Hulu 500 error by refreshing the page to see if it loads.
  • Alternatively, you can use a different web browser on a different computer or even a different streaming device to stream your content.

Hulu Error Code 400

Usually the Hulu Error Code 400 indicates a problem with your Hulu account which prevents the app or service from working. It looks like this:

  • We’re having trouble loading this right now. Check your internet connection and try again.
  • Error code: 400.


  • Usually, such a problem can be fixed by reinstalling the Hulu app or removing the connected device from your account. To remove your device: Log in to your Hulu account > Click on your profile name > Go to Account > Enter your password, then click on Log In > Select Manage Devices > Click on Remove next to the device that is having trouble.
  • When you encounter an error code 400, Hulu recommends checking your internet connection.
  • You can try switching your internet connection from wireless to wired or vice versa to see if that solves the problem.
  • Remove all other devices from the Wi-Fi connection if the problem persists.

Hulu Error Code 16 and Invalid Region Messages

Hulu Error Code 16 indicates that Hulu is unavailable in your current location or region due to an invalid region code. This message means that you are trying to access Hulu content from outside of the USA. Otherwise, your device is using a VPN. The possible error messages are as follows:

  • If you’re inside the United States and believe you’ve received this message in error, please click here.
  • We’re sorry, currently, our video library can only be streamed within the United States. For more information on Hulu’s international availability, click here.


  • To stream Hulu content, turn off VPNs and proxy servers.
  • On your iOS device, delete Configuration Profiles.
  • Connect to a different Wi-Fi network.

Hulu Error Code 5003

In general, Hulu Error Code 5003 indicates that there is a problem with your device or the app itself. It looks like this:

  • We’re sorry, but there was an issue while playing this video.
  • Playback failure.
  • Please check your connection and try again. (5003)


  • Update your Hulu app.
  • Remove and Reinstall the Hulu app.
  • Update the streaming device itself to the latest version.
  • For further assistance, please submit a resolution ticket to Hulu Support if the error code 5003 persists.

Hulu Protected Content Errors

The Hulu-protected content can be found with a few error codes. These errors include Hulu error codes 3343, 3322, 3336, 3307, 2203, 3321, 0326, and more. If you try to stream protected content on a device that doesn’t support it, these errors can occur. They may also occur as a result of temporary glitches.

  • There was an error playing this protected content.
  • (Error code: 2203).


  • This error can also be caused by the wrong type of monitor/TV connection, such as a VGA cable or HDMI cable.
  • Try connecting to a different monitor or TV to see if the problem persists.
  • You may also experience such an error if you have multiple display devices connected at the same time. There is no issue with multiple devices streaming Hulu at the same time, but the error may appear. So, you will need to unplug and reconnect all the additional display devices.
  • Hulu streaming may not be supported until you update your web browser to the latest version. You can also try using a different browser to check for the same.
  • Your computer system may sometimes go into sleep mode, which may eventually pause background tasks to some extent. You may encounter such errors if your computer enters sleep mode while you are watching Hulu. You should try refreshing the page on Hulu and avoid letting the system go to sleep.

Hulu HDCP Errors

Hulu subscribers may also experience HDCP Errors, which are the next stage of protected content errors. Below are the HDCP error messages you may see.

  • HDCP isn’t supported by your HDMI connection.
  • This content requires HDCP for playback.

Note: This error may occur because of issues with the display device, HDMI cable, internet connection, VPN connection, etc. HDCP is an anti-piracy technology that communicates between the video source and the display device.


  • Reconnect the HDMI cable between your streaming device and display device after unplugging it.
  • You can power cycle your monitor/TV and streaming device by unplugging the power cable > Wait for a minute and reconnect the HDMI cable.

There are a few other things you can try if that doesn’t work:

  • You may want to try another HDMI cable.
  • Try connecting your streaming device directly to the monitor/TV if it is connected to an HDMI switcher or an audio/video receiver (AVR).
  • Your HDMI cable may need to be plugged into a different port on your TV or monitor.

Hulu Outages and Error Code BYA-403-007

In some cases, Hulu BYA error codes and messages may also mean that there is an issue with the service. Hulu BYA error codes and messages may look like the following:

  • Error playing this video
  • Error code: BYA-403-007
  • Sorry, we encountered an error playing this video. Please try restarting the video or select something else to watch.


  • When you get a Hulu error code like BYA-403-007, you should simply check if you can watch other videos on Hulu. If the same issue occurs, then Hulu is probably experiencing an outage.
  • If you see the error message on other videos and your internet connection or streaming device is working fine, you might be experiencing the same Hulu service outage.

For further updates, follow the official Hulu Twitter handle or visit the third-party DownDetector website to check real-time Hulu downtime.

Trouble Opening the Hulu app

Getting an error message like “Your login is invalid. Please try again” when trying to open or load Hulu means you’re experiencing login-related issues. You might experience the same problem as being stuck on the welcome screen, black screen, or app loading error.


  • You should check your internet network properly. Run a speed test and stream content from other services as well.
  • Go to the settings menu on your device and check for Hulu app and system updates.
  • To run content services properly on your respective streaming device, it’s quite necessary to clear the temporary cache data within a few weeks. To do this, follow these steps:
    • On Android, select Settings > Apps > Hulu > Storage > Clear Cache and Clear Data.
    • On Android TV, go to Settings > Applications > Hulu and select Clear Cache and Clear Data.
    • Using Apple TV, you will not be able to clear the cache. You can, however, uninstall and reinstall the app to do that. Highlight the Hulu app from the home menu > Click and hold the Touch surface to enter wiggle mode > Press the Play/Pause button on the remote > Highlight the Delete option, and click the Touch surface to > Go to the Apple Store and reinstall Hulu.
    • You can clear your web browser cache by navigating to the menu > Settings > Browsing Data or More > Clear Cache and Cookies.
    • To clear the cache and data on Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, go to Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications > Hulu.
    • On the Nintendo Switch, select System Settings > Data Management > Manage Save Data > Delete Save Data > select Hulu and confirm.
    • If you want to delete the Hulu data from your PlayStation 3, go to the Game tab from the XMB, scroll down to Game Data Utility, highlight Hulu and press the triangle button, then select Delete and confirm.
    • For PlayStation 4/5, open the Settings menu from the top of the dashboard > select Storage > System Storage > Saved Data > highlight Hulu and press Options > select Delete.
    • Press the Guide button > Settings > System Settings > Storage > Memory Unit > Games and Apps > Hulu > Delete > Yes to clear the Hulu data on your Xbox 360. To clear the system cache, press the Guide button on your controller and go to Settings > System Settings > Storage. Press Y on your controller to access Device Options, then select Clear System Cache from the Device Options screen. Highlight (but don’t select) a storage device.
    • On Xbox One, select My Games and Apps > Apps > highlight the Hulu tile > press Menu (three parallel lines) to bring up More options > select Manage App > clear the Saved data.
  • This kind of error can usually be fixed by reinstalling the Hulu app or by removing the connected device from your account. To remove your device: Sign into your Hulu account > Click on your profile > Go to Account > Enter your password if necessary, then click on Log In > Select Manage Devices > Click on Remove next to the device that is causing the problem.

Hulu Video Buffering, Connection errors, Freezing videos, Poor video quality, Skipping

Video streaming and playback issues are quite common among Hulu subscribers regardless of what device they are using and what internet connection they are using. You might have trouble with video buffering, connection errors, freezing videos, poor video quality, skipping issues, etc.


  • Close the Hulu app completely and reopen it.
  • Power cycle your streaming device and router.
  • Periodically check for app and system updates.
  • You can clear your device’s cache and data from the settings menu.
  • Make sure your internet connection is working.

Trouble Streaming on

Using the web version of Hulu and directly accessing the content without an app may result in buffering, connection errors, poor video quality, freezing video, skipping or being stuck on the welcome screen.


  • If your computer meets the following specifications, you can watch shows and movies on
    • Chrome OS, Microsoft Windows 10 and Mac OS X 10.13 or above.
    • It is recommended to enable HTML5.
    • Windows 10’s latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.
    • It is recommended that JavaScript and Cookies be enabled.
  • You can also switch from a wired internet connection to a wireless one.
  • Re-open the browser and open the webpage after closing the website and exiting the browser.
  • Power cycle your streaming device and router.
  • Keep webpage cache and cookies data out of your browser by using an incognito/private window.
  • To see if the problem persists, try using another web browser on another device with the same Hulu account and the same internet connection.
  • Contact Hulu Support if nothing works.

Ads Not Loading on

When streaming content on Hulu, some subscribers may experience ad loading problems, such as ads that don’t play, ads that don’t appear on a browser, or no ads at all. Following some of the possible workarounds mentioned below would be best in all three scenarios:


  • Hulu ads may not load properly if your internet connection is slow.
  • You can try using another web browser on the device if only one is having an issue. Otherwise, try these steps:
    • Any ad-blocking software running in the affected browser should be disabled.
    • After clearing your browser’s cache, force quit and restart it.
    • From More/Add-ons > Extensions, check for any extensions or add-ons that might be blocking ads.
  • Alternatively, you can disable antivirus software on your device and then try playing a video again on if all web browsers are experiencing the same issue.
  • It is also important that you check your Network/Firewall settings to see if there are any restrictions in place. If so, you should disable restrictions for your ongoing connections as well.

No Audio or Audio is Too Loud/Slow or It’s Out of Sync

If you are experiencing issues with Hulu streaming, such as No audio, Audio distorted, Audio/video out of sync, Volume too high or low, etc, please follow the steps below.


  • You can also try streaming a different service like Prime Video or Netflix to see if the problem persists.
  • If your TV is connected, make sure that Stereo (or Normal) audio is selected in the settings menu. The volume control is located in the lower corner of the video you’re watching, so you should make sure it’s not muted or set too low on a computer or mobile device.
  • Ensure the HDMI cable is properly connected to your TV or monitor to determine whether the problem has been resolved. You can also try connecting the HDMI cable to another port or simply reversing the ends of the HDMI cable to see if that fixes the issue. For troubleshooting, try using a different HDMI cable.
  • We recommend you check external speakers connected to your streaming device or TV properly on other devices. If you’re using internal speakers of your TV, connect an external speaker and cross-check.
  • Don’t muffle the sound on the streaming device or the TV, and make sure the volume is high on both.
  • Please contact Hulu Support if all videos are affected.

Audio is in a Different Language

Hulu users may encounter audio in a different language while streaming shows or movies. If that happens, we recommend going through the suggestions below.


  • When watching your video, click on the gear wheel icon to bring up the playback controls. If there are multiple language options, make sure the desired language is selected.
  • Your streaming device or TV’s language settings should also be checked. Go to your device’s settings menu and ensure that the language settings are set to your desired language.
  • Depending on the language, you should check which version or show is currently playing if a piece of content is available in different languages on Hulu.

Troubleshooting Captions/Subtitles

You can follow these steps if you encounter missing captions/subtitles or any other errors while streaming on Hulu:


    • Videos are missing captions/subtitles: There are captions and subtitles available for most of Hulu’s shows and movies. If you’re watching a video without captions or subtitles, then follow these steps.
      • You can check if Hulu captions or subtitles are enabled in the app. To do this: During playback, press or swipe down on your remote to pull up the playback bar > Press or swipe up again to open the Settings menu > Select On or Off under Captions & Subtitles.
      • Be sure to check the accessibility settings on your device as well.
      • Ensure that other videos are not affected by the issue. If other videos are affected, you can follow the playback-related troubleshooting steps mentioned above.
      • Contact Hulu Support if nothing works.
  • Captions/subtitles are incorrect: It’s important to keep these things in mind if you’re watching a show or movie on Hulu and notice that the captions or subtitles appear to be incorrect:
      • Older content might not have word-for-word captions since captions were often paraphrased prior to 2014.
      • Unlike scripted content, unscripted, live content (news, sports, etc.) is captioned in real-time.
      • If you need further assistance, please contact Hulu Support.
  • Captions/subtitles are out of sync: When captions or subtitles appear out of sync, there may have been an error when loading the video for the first time. If the problem persists, try restarting Hulu streaming.
      • Close Hulu and any other background apps or programs, then try again.
      • Check the problem with a different video on Hulu.
      • If nothing helps, contact Hulu Support.
  • Captions/subtitles are in a different language: A wide variety of shows and movies on Hulu’s streaming library are captioned in English. Generally, Hulu offers English subtitles for foreign-language content. Hulu may also offer Spanish subtitles in some cases. You can follow the steps below if there is a problem with subtitles/captions or they seem incorrect:
      • Verify that your subtitle language preferences are set correctly.
      • Closed captions should be disabled, then enabled again in the correct language.
      • Try changing the language (if available).
      • Make sure your device’s accessibility settings are set up correctly.
      • For testing purposes, try out other videos.
  • Can’t enable, disable, or format closed captions/subtitles: It’s possible that Hulu content you’re watching has captions/subtitles burned in. Since the text is superimposed on the video, you cannot remove or format it.
      • Close Hulu and all other apps or programs running in the background, and then try again.
      • Make sure your device’s accessibility settings are set correctly.
      • For testing purposes, try out other videos.
  • Can’t Change the Language of Closed Captions/Subtitles: We may only have one language option available (typically English) if you can’t change the language of closed captions/subtitles.
    • Enable closed captions/subtitles again after disabling them.
    • Close Hulu and any other background programs then try again.
    • Make sure your device’s accessibility settings are set correctly.
    • For testing purposes, check out other videos.

Hulu Error Code PLRUNK15

When Hulu’s app has problems obtaining data from the Hulu server, this error code occurs on Roku streaming devices. Streaming on-demand movies or TV shows can cause this error, as can watching recorded TV using your cloud DVR or streaming live TV. Connectivity issues and corrupted cache can also cause this. The error message might look like this:

  • Hulu Error Code: PLRUNK15.
  • We encountered an error playing this video. Please try restarting the video or select something else to watch.


  • Occasionally, reloading the content (movie or episode) on Hulu might work.
  • Check the issue with a different movie or episode.
  • Don’t forget to check other streaming devices and streaming services as well.
  • Hulu’s service may be down if you’re still experiencing the same issue.
  • Update your Hulu application to the latest version.
  • You should check your internet speed because an unstable or poor network can cause problems.
  • Your streaming device and Wi-Fi router should be rebooted.
  • Disable your device’s ad-blocker.
  • Your browser or device should be cleared of cache data.

Hulu Error Code PLAREQ17

Apparently, some Hulu subscribers are receiving the error message “We encountered an error playing this video. Please check your internet connection and try again.

If it persists, try restarting your device. Hulu Error Code: PLAREQ17”. You may encounter this error when you are trying to play content for the first time, when watching live TV, or when streaming.


  • Check your internet connection on Roku by pressing the Home button on your Roku remote > Select Settings > Network > Check connection.
  • To cross-check the issue, try using a different internet connection or switching from wireless to wired.
  • To resolve network connectivity issues, power cycle your Roku device and Wi-Fi router.
  • Keep your Roku device and Hulu app up to date at all times. You can check for updates on your Roku device by pressing the Home button on your remote, then selecting Settings > System > System Update, then clicking Check Now. Any available updates will be automatically downloaded and installed on your device.
  • To clear your Roku streaming device’s cache, press the Home button on your remote 5 times repeatedly, then the Up button once, the Rewind button twice, and the Fast Forward button twice to clear the cache. Your Roku device will automatically restart for around 30 seconds once it has been done.
  • Before reinstalling the Hulu app, uninstalling and reinstalling the Hulu channel may also help.
  • This link on Twitter will let you know if your Hulu server or service is down.

Hulu Error Code PLAUNK65

Hulu Error Code PLAUNK65 is one of the Hulu errors that only indicates a network connectivity issue. You can follow the steps below if you are experiencing issues with your home network, your internet service provider (ISP), or even Hulu’s own servers.

It is possible that this issue can be fixed by waiting a few hours and restarting your streaming device. You may also receive some other error messages related to PLAUNK65 such as:

  • Error playing video
  • Hmm. Something’s up.
  • Connection error
  • Playback failure


  • Try refreshing the Hulu webpage or reloading the streamed content.
  • If the problem persists, try using a different internet connection.
  • You can also try using a VPN service to cross-check your issue if you are using a VPN service.
  • Search #Huludown on Twitter to find out if Hulu is down.

Hulu Error Code RUNUNK13

There is an error code RUNUNK13 on the Hulu service that indicates that it cannot play content. It is quite common on Apple devices, such as the Apple TV and iPhone.

The error can also occur on other devices or the web player due to corrupted data, outdated Hulu apps, network connectivity issues, etc. Other error messages may appear, such as:

  • We encountered an error playing this video. Please try restarting the video or select something else to watch.
  • Error playing video.


  • Try refreshing the Hulu webpage or reloading the content you’re watching.
  • Check the issue with a different internet connection.
  • To stream Hulu content, you can also use another device or web browser.
  • You can find the steps above to clear the Hulu app cache and data on your device.
  • Update the Hulu app as well as the device’s system software.
  • If you wish to clear the web browser cache data, go to the browser menu > settings > Cache and Cookies.
  • To resolve the problem, reboot your networking device, such as a Wi-Fi router.

Hulu Error Code P-DEV323

This particular error may happen to subscribers trying to stream content on Hulu. The error message could look something like this: “We are having trouble playing this video.

Rest assured, we are working on it. In the meantime, you may want to restart the video. Hulu Error Code P-DEV323”. Here are all the steps to fix such an issue in detail. For your convenience, we’ve summarized the steps below.


  • You can check the Hulu outage or downtime status by searching #Huludown on Twitter or visiting the third-party DownDetectorHuluStatus webpage. If there is a server downtime, wait for at least two hours before trying again.
  • If the problem persists, try using incognito or private window mode in your web browser.
  • On the web browser, disable the ad-blocker extension.
  • To resolve glitches, clear the web browser’s cache and cookies.
  • If the problem persists, you can also try disabling VPNs and proxy servers.

Hulu Error Code DRMCDM78

You get the ‘Error playing video’ message when trying to stream Hulu content. It says something like “We’re having trouble playing this video right now.

If the problem persists, restart your device.” That means you’ve encountered the Hulu Error Code DRMCDM78. To fix it, follow the below steps.


  • You can check the Hulu outage or downtime status by searching #Huludown on Twitter or visiting the third-party DownDetectorHuluStatus webpage. If there is a server downtime, wait for at least two hours before trying again.
  • Make sure your web browser and device software are up to date.
  • Refresh the glitches by clearing the web browser’s cache and cookies.
  • To fix networking connectivity issues, power cycle your Wi-Fi router.

This concludes our guide. We hope it was helpful to you. Please feel free to comment below if you have any further questions.

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