19 Websites and Apps to Sell Old Clothes Online in India

Who doesn’t desire some additional cash? Who wouldn’t appreciate a stream of money coming their way? Allow me to unveil an enticing possibility that is available to you right now, regardless of your identity—whether you’re a student, homemaker, professional, or artist.

Contained within this piece are the digital platforms and applications tailored specifically for the Indian market, facilitating the effortless buying and selling of pre-owned garments. These channels offer utmost convenience, making the process hassle-free.

Best Websites for Selling Pre-Owned Clothes in India


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Tradesy sets itself apart by offering a broad range of brands and designs, provided they meet the specified criteria. They even offer photo editing services for user-uploaded images. Once listed, sellers have the freedom to determine the pricing for their products. Tradesy operates on a 9% commission model and utilizes PayPal for transactions. Notably, this platform also facilitates replacements—a feature unique to a select few websites.

Tradesy serves as the premier luxury fashion resale marketplace, granting women the opportunity to obtain their desired designer fashion on their own terms. With millions of users leveraging the platform to sell items from their personal closets, they can finance their future shopping sprees while enjoying savings of up to 90% off retail prices. 

By extending the lifespan of luxury goods, Tradesy actively reduces the demand for new items and contributes to minimizing the detrimental impact of fashion waste—an industry notorious for its environmental footprint. Through their efforts, they promote affordable indulgence, allowing individuals to curate their wardrobes sustainably while decreasing the burden on landfills.



Discover the convenient and secure way to sell and purchase pre-owned clothing and accessories on the Spoyl marketplace. Gain access to the fashion-forward closets of individuals across India by simply downloading the Spoyl App. If you’re short on time, you can even opt for Spoyl’s concierge service to handle your listings. 

With the Spoyl App, you can effortlessly list your gently worn items (in good condition) and let Spoyl take care of the rest. Once someone expresses interest in your item and decides to make a purchase, you earn money. Experience the hassle-free world of selling and buying pre-owned fashion on Spoyl today!

Vintage Desi

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Vintage Desi has earned a prominent reputation among contemporary Indian women who appreciate the influence of technology in the fashion world. This online boutique offers a wide range of coveted designer garments and accessories at affordable prices, making it an ideal destination for fashion-savvy individuals. If you find yourself seeking a solution for decluttering your closet and giving your gently used designer clothes a new home, Vintage Desi is the answer.

To begin selling on Vintage Desi, all you need to do is fill out a simple form. Rest assured, it’s not an arduous job application process; rather, it’s a straightforward procedure that allows you to easily list your items for sale on the platform. Vintage Desi presents a convenient and user-friendly avenue for both buyers and sellers to indulge in their passion for fashion.



Poshmark stands out as a prominent social commerce marketplace dedicated to fashion. This platform offers a dynamic space where users can engage in buying, selling, and sharing their personal styles. With Poshmark, you have the opportunity to create your own unique profile or connect with fellow fashion enthusiasts, appreciating and drawing inspiration from their distinctive fashion choices. It allows you to list your items for sale and showcase captivating images of your products.

Poshmark extends beyond being a mere shopping destination; it thrives as a vibrant community propelled by countless Seller Stylists. These individuals not only sell their own personal styles but also curate curated looks tailored to the preferences of their buyers. As a result, Poshmark cultivates an interactive shopping experience unlike any other, where every purchase becomes a personalized and relevant endeavor within the realm of fashion.


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The ultimate app for selling your children’s outgrown clothing with ease. Create your own shop’s “storefront” and showcase a wide range of items from popular brands like Matilda Jane Clothing, Mini Boden, Tea, Petunia Pickle Bottom, and many more. Once your items are sold, simply ship them to the eager customers.

Kidizen operates on a fee structure where they deduct a nominal $0.50 for buying and selling, along with a 12% fee from the advertised price. But be warned: while browsing, it can be quite challenging to resist the temptation of purchasing adorable accessories, toys, and footwear for your little ones.


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OLX provides a convenient platform for individuals to exchange goods and services, catering to the preferences and needs of customers. In line with this trend, OLX offers a seamless process for listing and selling your old clothes to the vast Indian marketplace. When creating your item listing, it is crucial to craft an engaging ad title that captures the attention of potential buyers and entices them to explore your collection further.



Stylflip presents a prominent marketplace for individuals looking to sell their used or pre-owned clothes. It offers a platform where yesterday’s favorites can find new owners, creating a cycle of fashion sustainability. Stylflip operates within a highly competitive market, necessitating sellers to be attentive and provide exceptional customer service. Accurate and comprehensive item descriptions are crucial for success on this platform.

To maximize sales and establish a thriving online clothing business, it is important to identify items that are in high demand, have limited availability, and offer favorable profit margins. By focusing on such items, sellers can ensure a steady influx of buyers and enhance their profitability on Stylflip.

Facebook Marketplace

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For social media enthusiasts, there exists a unique opportunity to generate income through platforms like Facebook. One advantageous feature is the ability to create public listings that are visible to users both within and outside of the Facebook network.

Expanding the reach of your listing is made simple by leveraging your personal networks and relevant groups. When it comes to delivering your products, you have the flexibility to ship items, opt for self-delivery, or even utilize convenient drop-off and pickup services.

The RealReal


When it comes to refreshing your wardrobe and parting ways with outdated items, look no further than The RealReal. This exceptional website provides the perfect platform to sell your high-end fashion pieces from esteemed brands such as Chanel, Prada, Fendi, and more.

Renowned as the industry leader in luxury resale, The RealReal sets itself apart by meticulously verifying every item it offers for sale. This distinction makes it the go-to destination for those seeking a trusted marketplace for luxury goods.



Etashee serves as the fashion equivalent of OLX, providing a platform where you can sell your used clothes online at reasonable prices. Unlike general classified platforms, Etashee focuses solely on fashion items, allowing them to cater to a more targeted and niche audience.

If you find yourself facing the common problem of an overflowing closet, Etashee offers a convenient solution. On this website, you can not only buy new and pre-owned fashion items for both women and men but also sell your gently used clothes. It presents a streamlined marketplace specifically designed for fashion enthusiasts seeking quality pre-owned items.


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Founded by CEO James Reinhart, ThredUp.com has established itself as a prominent marketplace for buying and selling top-notch used clothing. When it’s time to declutter your wardrobe, ThredUp offers a convenient solution in the form of their Clear-Out Unit. This unit includes a pack that serves as your shipment bag, allowing you to fill it with any gently used, good-condition items ranging from kids’ and women’s clothing to shoes and accessories.


Coutlooot 1637752315

Coutloot, an Indian website and app, offers an enjoyable and user-friendly experience for selling old clothes. Not only can you sell your pre-loved items on this platform, but you can also discover a vibrant community of fashion bloggers who sell items from their personal closets, providing inspiration and unique fashion finds.

If you’re wondering where to sell used clothes for cash in India or seeking a platform that caters to both selling your old clothes and buying new ones, Coutloot is a must-try. It combines the convenience of selling your unwanted items with the excitement of exploring a diverse selection of fashion treasures.


eBayq4 EDIT

What may seem useless to one person can be a valuable find for another. That’s where eBay, the go-to destination for millions seeking secondhand treasures, comes into play.

For those looking to sell clothing products on eBay, the platform offers a streamlined pricing structure. The first 200 auction-style listings are free of charge, providing a cost-effective solution to showcase your items. Beyond that, additional listings require a nominal fee.


Meesho 1648023411457 1677320823126 1677320823126 (1)

Meesho has emerged as a vital platform for budding entrepreneurs. Developed by a pair of talented IIT graduates, this innovative application has already garnered an impressive 100 million downloads on Google Play. Meesho revolves around the concept of reselling, enabling individuals to earn commissions on each sale. With its attractive weekly cash rewards, Meesho has quickly climbed to the forefront of premier online platforms specializing in clothing sales.


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If you’re considering selling your pre-loved clothing, Etsy, the renowned online marketplace specializing in handmade and vintage items, is an excellent choice. Not only can you showcase and sell clothing for men, women, and children, but you can also explore the realm of bags and handbags.

When it comes to vintage apparel, it’s important to adhere to Etsy’s criteria, which state that the items must be at least 20 years old, ensuring that the antique pieces align with the platform’s guidelines.


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Refashioner offers a versatile platform for selling an array of fashion items, ranging from footwear and bags to accessories and garments. Renowned for being one of the premier destinations to sell designer clothes, Refashioner provides sellers with the opportunity to obtain fair and reasonable prices for their items. On the buyer’s side, this website boasts an exciting collection of clothing from various models, businesswomen, and others, each piece telling its own unique story.


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Zepo E-commerce Platform presents a seamless solution for individuals looking to establish their own online store quickly and effortlessly. In just five minutes, you can create an online fashion apparel store and expand your reach to customers worldwide. This user-friendly platform offers a simple yet powerful interface that allows you to showcase your products and start earning without any hassle.


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Depop, an app-based secondhand marketplace, embraces a unique setup reminiscent of Instagram, drawing users in with its familiar social media appeal. With grid-style images showcasing listings on user profiles, accompanied by update feeds and exploration pages, Depop offers an engaging and visually appealing platform.

The heart of Depop lies in its diverse range of categories, with a particular emphasis on vintage fashion, streetwear, and more. Every successful sale on Depop allows you to pocket a generous 90% of the profits, ensuring a rewarding selling experience.


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Since its establishment in 2014, Mercari has emerged as a renowned platform for buying and selling preloved items, with vendors earning a staggering $1 billion in compensation to date. With over 50 million downloads of its user-friendly application, Mercari stands as the go-to destination for individuals seeking a thriving online marketplace to resell their goods.

One of Mercari’s standout features is the ability for users to create their own listings, charging a fixed 10% fee upon successful sales. This means you have the freedom to sell virtually anything, ranging from fashion and beauty products to gadgets and more. It’s like a game, where your aim is to successfully sell items and achieve your desired goals.


Each platform comes with its unique advantages and specific selling criteria. It’s crucial to choose the right platform that aligns with your target customers. Feel free to explore multiple websites to determine which one works best for you.

Clearing space in your wardrobe for new collections is always beneficial, and what could be more rewarding than earning from your old clothing? Embrace the advancements in technology and leverage the power of online selling. If you have any concerns or questions, we encourage you to share your valuable thoughts in the comment section. Enjoy the journey of selling your clothes online and maximizing your earnings.

Himangi is passionate about keeping up with the ever-evolving landscape of technology. In her free time, she indulges her interests in neuroscience and art.


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